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Image from web page 200 of “Annual report” (1891)
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Identifier: annualreport191901onta
Title: Annual report
Year: 1891 (1890s)
Writers: Ontario. Dept. of Mines
Topics: Mines and mineral sources
Publisher: Toronto
Contributing Library: Gerstein – University of Toronto
Digitizing Sponsor: University of Toronto

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ccupations, provision must certanly be designed for the changingof wet and dirty clothing, and also the donning of comfortable and warm attire for Btreet wear. Four change homes were built, with an overall total of GOO lockers and with hot ami cold showersand lavatory accommodations. The Port Colborne refinery began operations final June, as soon as at full capability willbe with the capacity of a yearly production of about 15,000,000 lbs. of nickel and 8,000,000 pounds. efcopper. The engineers responsible for the installation have actually provided special focus on the designand construction for the plant and also to the possibilities of development, and have organized theequipment in a way that improvements to machinery and gear may be manufactured in anefficient way. The plant was built a1 a COSl of over ,000,000. The end result impresses visitors andmakes him believe not just is Canada—and Ontario in particular—to be congratulated onthe introduction of nickel refining upon a permanent basis, but that credit can also be as a result of the

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[nternational Nickel business of Canada, Port Colborne—Main power household, showing turboblowers operating at 8,500 r.p.m., providing atmosphere on copper converters. Foundation Co., of Montreal and ny, as main contractor in charge of the con-struction, and The Overseas Nickel Co. when it comes to broad and liber:,] attitude shown inhaving this plant built undei the worries of war conditions. A description of this turbo-blower had been published by W. Wotherspoon in theEngineering and Minimi Journal of May seventeenth, 1919, and is as follow The turbo-blowei is s pan regarding the mechanical equipment of the Overseas Nickel Co.snew plant at Port Colborne, Ontario, Canada. The unit, which was furnished because of the Bateau Battu-Smoot business, brand new Fork, has actually acapacity of 15,000 eu. ft. of free-air per min., delivered at 15 pounds. determine stress. The speedof 8,500 r.p.m. where it operates is believed become the greatest attempted or obtained for amachine of the ability and kind. The outside proportions of

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Image from page 22 of “Annual catalogue of Saint Anselm’s College” (1893)
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Identifier: annualcatalogueo1906sain
Title: Yearly catalogue of Saint Anselm’s University
12 Months: 1893 (1890s)
Authors: Saint Anselm University (Manchester, N.H.)
Topics: Saint Anselm College (Manchester, N.H.)
Publisher: Manchester, N.H. : The Faculty
Contributing Library: University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Digitizing Sponsor: University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

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ll the courses tend to be examined before xmas and Eastervacation and also at the close of collegiate year. Reports aresent toparents or guardians 3 x during the 12 months toinform all of them of conduct and improvements of their sonsor wards. Candidates that have attended another university will bestrictly obliged to forward their particular final report and testimonialsof their good standing. Upon entering, the pupil is ex-amined in the primary limbs selected, and placed in theclass for which he could be discovered competent. Non-Catholic pupils will likely be exempt from spiritual in-struction; still, with regard to proper surveillance, theymust appear in the oratory for early morning and evening devo-tions. Wednesday and Saturday afternoons tend to be half-holidays. In order that all pupils may have similar writer andthe same version, the text-books should-be acquired at thecollege. If students features held his text-books neat and free frommarks, he might get back them, and stay credited in accordance tothe condition for the publications. 16

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SPECIAL GUIDELINES. Every student should always be provided with at the least three suitsof clothes, two for everyday use and one for Sunday, an over-coat, three suits of light undies, three suits of heavyunderwear, six pair of clothes, one dozen handkerchiefs, sixshirts, collars, ties, four napkins, one napkin ring (initials),one tumbler, two pairs of hefty boots or footwear, one set ofhigh rubberized footwear (plastic boots better), clothing brush,shoe brush and blacking, six towels, hot gloves, two hats,one wintertime limit, one pair wintertime blankets, hairbrush, mirror,comb, brush and bathroom soap. Pupils have to have light shoes for indoor wearexclusively. We’d request students to deliver a toilet box, or asmall tin upper body, for minor bathroom articles. • AH articles that may be delivered to the washing are to be dis-tinctly marked with name and surname of owner. Studentsmissing any article should apply immediately towards Pre-fect or even the Disciplinarian. Phone and telegraph communicatio

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Image from page 328 of “Men and women of deep piety” (1920)
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Identifier: menwomenofdeeppi00mcle
Title: Guys and females of deep piety
Year: 1920 (1920s)
Writers: McLeister, Clara Shelhamer, E.E., ed
Publisher: Syracuse, N.Y., Wesleyan Methodist publishing relationship
Adding Library: The Library of Congress
Digitizing Sponsor: The Library of Congress

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, also to bring forth fruits meetfor repentance. The bustling, wilful, rollicking man, who had been the sixthchild in family of nine young ones, reared by their widowedmother, offered guarantee to be most certainly not a preacher.The daddy died whenever Dwight was simply four years old, butthe courageous, powerful mom kept the girl many brood together,aided because of the advice and meager help for the parson and herbrothers. The little home regarding mountain part at Northfield,Mass., with its few acres of land plus some debts, ended up being allshe had, but patiently and ideally she lifted the woman burden oftoil and attention until the woman children expanded able to fill the woman handswith plenty and her heart with delight and comfort. Whenever Godwants to help make a good guy, he starts by simply making a greatwoman. All just who came across Mrs. Moody were not at a loss toknow in which he got his vim, courage, and tough common sense.inside shadow of any great guy walks his mama. Herheroism, pluck and nerve to strike hard propositions weretransmitted to the woman child. 324

Text Appearing After-image:
DwiGHT Lyman Moody DwiGHT Lyman Moody 327 Her spouse had died abruptly, on their knees in prayer.She, too, lived a lifetime of commitment and practical piety, and washer childrens chief trainer in religion. Until he had been about seventeen this strenuous, committed,strong-willed youth attended the region school. But what-ever information he obtained had been mainly accidentally, while he vol-untarily provided his attention to most such a thing in place of publications.About enough time he previously to stop school which he might more largelyaid in assistance of household, he awakened toward realiza-tion of his lost possibility, and frequently in later life regretted thewaste of his school days. But, as always, their pluck helpedhim out, and his prepared wit spared him from despair. He started off to find his fortune, but initially lot of money didnot seem to favor him. There is a lot more of the united states in hisappearance and manners than Boston had been familiar with. Abig boil on his neck couldn’t improve his leads. He wastoo independent to inquire about em

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Image from web page 410 of “living of James W. Grimes : governor of Iowa, 1854-1858; a senator regarding the United States, 1859-1869” (1876)
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Image by Web Archive Book Images
Identifier: lifeofjameswgrim00salt
Title: The lifetime of James W. Grimes : governor of Iowa, 1854-1858; a senator for the usa, 1859-1869
Year: 1876 (1870s)
Writers: Salter, William, 1821-1910
Subjects: Grimes, James W. (James Wilson), 1816-1872
Publisher: New York : D. Appleton & Co.
Adding Library: Lincoln Financial Foundation Collection
Digitizing Sponsor: State of Indiana through the Indiana State Library

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Text Appearing Before Image:
rote: i am hoping you may let me show for your requirements my sympathy for your needs,and my respect and admiration for Senator Grimes. Besides myown sensation obtainable, I have constantly linked both of you with myhusband, and I also like to genuinely believe that i will be sending you his sympathywith personal. I wish the complete nation could feel, as I do, thatSenator Grimes has given their life for the country, because certainly as thosedid whom passed away when you look at the war, and how deep a debt we owe him for hissteadfast clinging to what he knew had been right, when the strugglewas so hard a one. Exactly what a blessing it must be for your requirements to feel thatthrough all his community life you have got helped and upheld him ! A companion of this later portion of his general public life said: I feel much more indebted to Mr. Grimes than any one for the littlesuccess We have accomplished. Their very early friendly recognition of me personally atWashington provided me with a situation and companionship that wouldotherwise have actually required many years of patient labor. To savor hisfriendship would be to secure the confidence of truest and greatest men

Text Appearing After-image:
THE TOMB IN ASPEN-GROVE CEMETERY, 1872.] TEIBUTES TO their MEMORY. 339 associated with country. The inducements to urge and folly tend to be sogreat at Washington that, but for his friendly counsel and guid-ance, I might have yielded for them. In his demise the State andthe nation have suffered an excellent reduction, together with teenagers just who en-joyed his self-confidence, and looked to him for assistance as time goes by,will look in vain discover one suitable for just take their place. Hon. H. B. Anthony, of Khode Island, whom sat next to himin the Senate, and was with him upon the Committee on NavalAffairs, says: Mr. Grimess capability, sterling common-sense, convenience of busi-ness, and unquestioned and simple integrity, offered himgreat influence within the Senate. He was not a frequent presenter,never a dull one. He spoke only if he had some thing to state,and constantly with an understanding associated with subject; constantly for result inthe Senate, never ever for Buncombe. I have rarely seen a man whohad these types of comprehensive contempt for humbug. In this, as with

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