Image from web page 155 of “the truly amazing western: a vast kingdom. An extensive history of the trans-Mississippi states and regions. Containing step-by-step statistics alongside information in support of the action for deep harbors regarding Texas-Gulf coast /by F.

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Image from page 155 of “the fantastic western: a massive empire. An extensive history of the trans-Mississippi says and regions. Containing detailed data along with other information to get the activity for deep harbors from the Texas-Gulf coastline /by F.
loan prices
Image by Web Archive Book Images
Identifier: greatwestvastemp01dana
Title: The great western: a huge empire. A comprehensive reputation for the trans-Mississippi says and territories. Containing detail by detail data alongside information meant for the action for deep harbors on Texas-Gulf coast /by F.L. Dana
Year: 1889 (1880s)
Writers: Dana, F. L
Subjects: United States, western — information and vacation Utah Description and travel Utah Record
Publisher: Denver, Colo: Great West Publishing Co, Excelsior Printing Co.
Contributing Library: Church Record Library, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Digitizing Sponsor: Corporation of the Presiding Bishop, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

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l be invested in Colorado. Every public enterprise that’s been done in Denver since1871, has received Colonel Spragues assistance. He had been one of theoriginal people in the Denver Chamber of Commerce, and of theReal Estate Exchange, both in businesses he is a valued member.he could be a thorough operator in real estate and is the owner of valuable propertyin Denver and for the condition. He’s got made a specialty of loan-ing cash, having control of large amounts of money of Denver and non-resident capitalists, besides their own big lot of money. Colonel Sprague had been active in getting for Denver its very first roll-ing mill, and was for some time president of that issue. He had been adelegate from the Real Estate Exchange towards the initial deep harbor con-vention, held at Fort Worth, Tx, in. July 1888, and subsequentlyto the Inter-State Deep Harbor Convention, held in Denver, Augustfollowing. Throughout enterprises impacting the passions of Colorado, wefind Col. Sprague an earnest worker and important recommend.

Text Appearing After Image:
IRA R. HOLMES,President Inter-State Town and Land Company, Denver, ColoradcSee Sketch on next page. I, R. HOLMES. THE portrait on the other side of the leaf is a life like engraving ofI. It. Holmes, President for the Inter-state Land and Town Com-pany. JIr. Holmes the most active and enterprising males inthe country, being among those indomitable spirits this one rinds onlyin the western. The business which he is the top is an incorpora-tion with a capital of ,000,000, the officers and leading stockholdersbeing, like Mr. Holmes, guys of push and power. The company tend to be large holders of real-estate in lots of associated with the west-ern says and territories, but currently they have been offering almost all of theirattention for their residential property in Ogden, Utah, which, after searching overthe entire industry, they have determined will be the fantastic town regarding the western. Obtained been successful in enabling suprisingly low rates to Ogden and return,and are running excursions there about every thirty days. Their particular initialtrip ended up being made o

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Image from web page 6 of “Ogden City Director” (1895)
loan prices
Image by online Archive Book Images
Identifier: ogdencitydirecto01unse
Title: Ogden City Director
Year: 1895 (1890s)
Topics: Utah–Directories Utah–Weber–Directories Utah–Weber–Ogden–Directories
Publisher: Ogden, Utah Kansas City, Mo. Leo Haefeli and Frank J. Cannon R.L. Polk and Co.
Contributing Library: Church History Library, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Digitizing Sponsor: Corporation of the Presiding Bishop, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

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Editor and Proprietor. A Semi-Weekly Peoples Celebration Report. The Ogden rtrTWN- 13 a» »we /**?percent T Advertise into the Evaluation should you want to cultivate the patronage ^ iWCVlCvV. of this professional. We are able to would you just as much great, rates UTAH. *-^^_ considered, as any report in Utah. The state Organ of thePopulist Party of Utah. Evaluation Publishing Company, Proprietors, 411 Twenty-Fourth Street. The only real Day Paper in Ogden. TL ¥^:i-T A r1«r^«*4ir> ^«< independent in Politics. Jltf 1)^ A^VCrtlSCr. The best marketing medium in Utah. __ Matt. E. Edsall, Publisher and Mgr. All of the finest commercial Art Printing is completed only at that office. 411 Twenty-Fourth. St. SILVER KING RESTAURANT. J. H. TRUSTY, PROP. DISHES SUPPORTED AT ALL HOURS. FINEST INTO THE CITY.FISH AND GAME IN SEASON. One Block From Union Depot, consume AS YOU WAIT. LOUIS J. BUCHER, Gontractor § Brick Manufacturer DEALER IX Mantels, Grates and Tiling, FIRE BRICK, FIRE CLAY AND PORTLANDCEMENT. Salesroom 2430 Qraiit .Ave. OGDEN, UTAH.

Text Appearing After-image:
ernest e. Stevens & organization, Fire, Lifeand Accident Insurance. WASHINGTON AVENUE. REAL ESTATE AND DEBTS. Law Reporter,Notary Public andTeacher of Shorthand and Typewriting;. GEO. GATRELL, STENOGRAPHER. oj([ General Copying. Workplace 41* Utah Loan and Trust Company Building, OGDEN TRANSFER BUSINESS. We move Pianos, Organs, Safes, Office Fixtures, home- p FORD management hold items. In addition store exact same. e» . … rN^i^. r>/kAl Give Full-weight so we Deliver COAL. Bottom Rates. FeSS^iST**- 373 Twenty-Fourth Street. THE BON-TON RESTAURANT HELPS OPEN THROUGH THE NIGHT. Additional Dinner on Sunday from 12 to 8 p. m., Including Wine, 25 cents.We Offer a Lunch from 12 until 4 oclock for 25 cents. Furnished Booms. Brief instructions after all Hours.Fresh Oysters and all forms of Eastern Fish in Season. TON & JIM, Supervisors. 252 Twenty-fifth St., Ogden, Utah. Roentgen L. POLK & COS OGDEN CITY DIRECTORS / 1895-6. EMBRACING A COMPLETE ALPHABETICAL RANGE OF BUSINESS FIRMS AND PRIVATECITIZENS; A CLASSIFIED LIST OF each TRA

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Image from page 10 of “Polk’s Indianapolis (Marion County, Ind.) city directory site, 1883” (1883)
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Image by Web Archive Book Images
Identifier: polksindianapoli1883unse
Title: Polk’s Indianapolis (Marion County, Ind.) town directory, 1883
12 Months: 1883 (1880s)
Topics: Indianapolis, Ind. Business businesses Residential streets Official residences People Government facilities Churches Schools Streets Cities
Publisher: R.L. Polk
Adding Library: Indianapolis City Directory Collection
Digitizing Sponsor: LYRASIS People and Sloan Foundation

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lCemeteries for this and adjoining States. I actually do not only profess, butpractice creativity in design. PLEASE GIVE ME A CALL, FACE-TO-FACE otherwise BY MAIL. Yours Respectfully, W. C. WHITEHEAD, 161 Massachusetts Ave. J. E. Shover. W. F. Christian. SHOYER & CHRISTIAN, CONTRACTORS The BUILDERS Architects and Superintendents. HOUSE, SIGN AND DECORATIVE PAINTERS. MIRRORS, FRENCH PLATE, PIECE, CUT, EM-BOSSED AND CATHEDRAL GLASS. HAMMERED and RIBBED GLASS fop SKYLIGHTS. 124 East Vermont Street, Phone. INDIANAPOLIS, IND. u< 1867. 1883, C.E. COFFIN & CO., REALESTATE HOME MORTGAGES, ^fcFIRE INSURANCE,*^ * No. 90 East Market St., Have constantly on hand, obtainable or trade, a sizable set of HOUSES AND LOTS, BUILDING PLENTY, FARMS AMD LANDS. ITMORTGAGE EOANS NEGOTIATED AND FIRE INSURANCE WRITTEN ON EOWEST COSTS. Particular interest provided to the collection of rents, pay-ment of taxes and care of city property and farms. Reference the banking institutions and company males usually of Indianapolis* MONUMENTS!

Text Appearing After-image:
Importer of Scotch Granite, -MANUFACTURER OF — ITALIAN and AMERICAN MARBLE MONUMENTS, TABLETS, etcetera. New Resigns Continuously Executed by the Many Ex-perienced Designers. No. 70 East Market Street, Opposite Postoffice. X1TI5IAXTAFOI.IS, ZND, 10 MINNESOTA CHIEF SEPARATOR.

Note About Images
Please be aware these photos are obtained from scanned web page pictures which could have been digitally enhanced for readability – color and appearance of those illustrations might not completely look like the original work. Survey Identifies the 10 Best and Worst States for Credit Conditions Survey Identifies the 10 Best and Worst States for Credit Conditions

Foster City, Calif. (PRWEB) August 15, 2012

In an exclusive analysis, looked at credit conditions in each of the 50 states and found a considerable difference in the credit profiles of the best and worst states. While some states in the U.S. are struggling to provide jobs and financial support to their residents, there are states that are far exceeding national averages. When state residency translates into extra income, better rates or superior employment opportunities, state lines become game-changers.

“Coverage of the poor economy tends to imply that things are bad all over the country, but the truth is that there is a striking difference between states where conditions are good and those where conditions are bad,” says Richard Barrington, CFA, fourth-year financial analyst at and contributor. “Anyone looking to relocate or, especially, start a business may do well to consider the list of the 10 best states for credit conditions.”

This analysis rated the strength or weakness of credit conditions in each state according to foreclosure rates, unemployment rates, average credit scores, credit card delinquency rates and bankruptcy rates. Tied scores were resolved based on which state in the tie ranked high or lowest in the most categories.

According to’s best and worst states for credit conditions, the 10 best states for credit conditions are:
1. North Dakota
2. Vermont
3. South Dakota
4. Montana
5. Iowa
6. Nebraska
7. Wyoming
8. Hawaii
9. Minnesota
10. Alaska

The 10 worst states for credit conditions according to the survey are:
1. Nevada
2. Georgia
3. Florida
4. Arizona
5. California
6. Alabama
7. Mississippi
8. Illinois
9. Indiana
10. Tennessee

“It’s very interesting to look at credit conditions at a state level. I think states in the lower credit tier could learn quite a bit from what states in the upper tier are doing right,” said founder Curtis Arnold. “While we’ve made significant progress as a nation since the credit crunch a few years back, there is still more progress that needs to be made. This survey underscores the fact that the need is greater in certain areas of the country.”

The list of the 10 worst states not only reflects the harsh economic climate in those states, it could serve as a wake-up call to other states on the fringes. The road to economic recovery looks much longer for those states, and for the people who reside in them.

Meanwhile, the 10 best states could benefit from the positive recognition on this list; as it stands now, some of these states cannot fill all of the jobs they have available. Attracting people from more depressed areas could further strengthen the economies of the toptenstates – and ultimately help the national economy by better matching job seekers with opportunities.
For the full analysis, please see’s 2012 10 Best and Worst States for Credit Conditions.

To determine state rankings, analyzed indicators directly related to individual credit usage and repayment behavior as well as broad economic health indicators. The five categories analyzed were unemployment (Bureau of Labor Statistics, May 2012), personal bankruptcy rates (American Bankruptcy Institute), average credit score (Experian National Score Index), credit card delinquency rates (TransUnion) and home foreclosure ratted (RealtyTrac). Tied total scores were resolved based on which state in the tie ranked high in the most categories, and lowest in the fewest.

About is the leading comprehensive free source for comparing credit card offers and has been educating consumers on credit cards since 1998. The site regularly reports on consumer credit and debt issues and publishes editor and consumer reviews of balance transfer cards, student credit cards, gas credit cards and more. These resources allow consumers to compare and identify the credit cards best suited to their needs, get the best rates available and effectively lower their debt. The site was recently ranked the No. 1 credit card comparison site in Bing Editor’s Picks. is owned and operated by QuinStreet, Inc. (NASDAQ: QNST), one of the largest Internet marketing and media companies in the world. QuinStreet is committed to providing consumers and businesses with the information they need to research, find and prize the products, services and brands that best meet their needs. The company is a leader in visitor-friendly marketing practices. For more information, please visit

Press Contact:
Andrew Heilman

Vocus©Copyright 1997-

, Vocus PRW Holdings, LLC. Vocus, PRWeb, and Publicity Wire are trademarks or registered trademarks of Vocus, Inc. or Vocus PRW Holdings, LLC.

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Penn State?s World Campus Reports 22 Percent Growth

Penn State’s World Campus Reports 22 Percent Growth


(PRWEB) June 08, 2012 — The number of students learning online through Penn State’s World Campus grew 22 percent, from 9,380 to 11,420, from academic year 2010–11 to 2011–12. Enrollments in online courses also increased 19 percent, from 39,219 to 46,693.

“Penn State’s enrollment growth in online programs is more than double the home average of 10 percent reported in the latest Sloan Consortium appraised,” said Wayne Smutz, executive director of Penn State World Campus and associate vice president for Academic Outreach. “Credit for this success is shared with Penn State’s academic colleges and campus partners. They collaborate with the World Campus to deliver their programs online.”

Established in 1998, the World Campus delivers more than 80 graduate, undergraduate and professional education programs online to students in every state and many countries worldwide.

The top five online academic programs are:

    Psychology (B.A. and B.S.), College of the Liberal Arts     Geographic information systems graduate programs, College of Earth and Mineral Sciences     Information sciences and technology undergraduate and graduate programs, College of Information Sciences and Technology     Intercollege MBA (iMBA), Smeal College of Business, Penn State Erie Black School of Business, Penn State Great Valley School of Graduate Professional Studies and Penn State Harrisburg School of Business Administration     Human resources and employment relations master’s degree, College of the Liberal Arts

Offering Penn State degrees and certificates online through the World Campus can be beneficial for students, because several programs include faculty members across multiple academic colleges and campuses. In the iMBA, for example, faculty members from four schools of business are educating students.

As Ashutosh Deshmukh, iMBA program chair and professor of accounting and MIS at the Penn State Erie Black School of Business, explains, the program has many advantages: “Only the graduate faculty members who are effective teachers and have strong publication records teach in the program. The iMBA also offers the Penn State brand name, AACSB accreditation, a program with a specific mission and vision, and a strong practical component to the education.”

Another component helping to increase online enrollments is the World Campus’ coordinated national advertising/marketing campaign and redesign of the website, which since last July have resulted in nearly 1.8 million website visits; more than 53,500 requests for information (RFIs) about academic programs, including 6,200 RFIs from the mobile website; and a 19 percent increase in mobile site traffic.

Visit to learn more about Penn State’s online programs.

Penn State World Campus specializes in adult online education, delivering more than 80 of Penn State’s most highly regarded graduate, undergraduate and professional education programs through convenient online formats. World Campus is part of Penn State Outreach, which serves more than 5 million people each year, in all 67 Pennsylvania counties, all 50 states and more than 100 countries worldwide.

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FTC Completes Rollout of Free Credit Reports Across Eastern States and All U.S. Territories

FTC Completes Rollout of Free Credit Reports Across Eastern States and All U.S. Territories

Lancaster, CA (PRWEB) September 3, 2005

Residents of the eastern states and all U.S. territories joined the rest of the nation on September 1st, 2005 in obtaining easy access to their credit reports as allowed by federal law.

The people of Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, Virginia, U.S. territories and possessions, and Puerto Rico were granted a right the FTC fought years for — the right for every US resident to have access to copies of their credit report for free every 12 months.

Consumers worried about identity theft, concerned about loan rejection, or simply curious about what their report says can go online to There, within 15 minutes they will be able to view or download their credit report, the document that defines their credit-worthiness, for once without being asked for a credit card.

The rollout of free credit report eligibility that the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act mandated started with the western states in December 2004. There has since been a rush of orders as the rollout continued across the Midwestern and southern states, delaying credit report processing for the first few days of regional eligibility.

Many people are unfamiliar with the implications of the growing speed and ways in which their credit information is used. Some even question the urgency of staying on top of their personal credit reports.

Why the need for a current credit report?

Errors on your credit report – “Your credit report has information that affects whether you can get a loan – and how much you will have to pay to borrow money,” states the Federal Trade Commission. That means that employers, insurers, mortgage lenders, car loan lenders, and landlords all use your credit report to decide whether to accept or reject you. “79 percent of the credit reports surveyed contained either serious errors or other mistook of some kind,” states the U.S. Public Interest Research Group, who did a major study on the accuracy of credit reports. “Twenty-five percent (25 percent) of the credit reports surveyed contained serious errors that could result in the denial of assigned, such as false delinquencies or accounts that did not belong to the consumer.”

Identity theft – Identity theft has become a rising problem in both the public and private sector. Consumers can become victims without flushing realizing it. Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Canada has put impart a Public Advisory Special Report warning consumers, “One reason for the increase in identity theft may be that consumers often become victims of identity theft without having any direct contact with the identity thieves who acquire their personal data. Simply by doing things that are part of everyday routine — charging dinner at a restaurant, using payment cards to purchase gasoline or rent a car, or submitting personal information to employers and various levels of government – consumers may be leaving or exposing their personal data where identity thieves can access and use it without the consumers’ knowledge or permission.” Thieves gain personal credit information through theft of payment cards and documents, shoulder surfing, skimming, e-mail and website spoofing and theft from company or government databases.

The site was set up specifically to handle requests for free credit reports from the three major credit reporting agencies: TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax, as mandated by the new law. Reports from each of the three credit bureaus vary because not all creditors report to each of the agencies. Consumers are advised to order their free credit reports from all three of these credit reporting agencies. Credit reports can be ordered by phone toll-free at (877) 322-8228, or by mail at P.O. Box 105281, Atlanta, GA, 30348-5281.

Because some consumers have been misled into signing up for costly ($ 79.95) credit monitoring services by alluring promises of free credit reports, the FTC recently penalized Experian $ 950,000 for using deceptive practices at the website They have warned the public to stay away from ordering any services in exchange for free credit reports. Beware also of pop-up ads that claim to be from or a soundalike website.

TransUnion, Experian and Equifax all charge fees from $ 9.50 on up to order additional credit reports, but some states have set caps on the fees these agencies are allowed to charge. Thanks to the FTC you are eligible to get free credit reports if:

You have not already ordered a credit report in the previous 12 months A person has taken adverse action against you because of information in your credit report You are the victim of identify theft and place a fraud alert in your file Your file contains inaccurate information as a result of fraud You are on public assistance You are unemployed but expect to apply for employment within 60 days

Those who are concerned about their social security numbers getting into the wrong hands can order their free credit report by mail and request that their social security numbers be truncated on the report. When you go to order your credit report, have the following information handy:

Name Address Social Security number Date of birth Your previous address(es), if you have moved in the last two years

The FTC championed several rights for consumers regarding their attributed reports:

You have the right to dispute incomplete or inaccurate information Consumer reporting agencies must correct or delete inaccurate, incomplete, or unverifiable information, within 30 days Consumer reporting agencies may not report outdated negative information more than seven years old and bankruptcies more than ten years old Access to your file is limited to those specified by the FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act) and you must give your consent for reports to be provided to employers You may limit “prescreened” offers of credit and insurance you get based on information in your credit report; you may seek damages from violators Identity theft victims and active duty military personnel have additional rights. (More information can be found at and

Order your free credit report from today. If you’ve done anything financial: given permission to an employer or landlord to run an assign check on you; applied for credit cards, a line of credit, a home equity loan, or mortgage; or you think you might do so in the next 6 months to a year, you are going to need it. You might also want to order your credit score, otherwise known as a FICO hitting. While it’s not free, it is an useful bottom line number to know. It will be what a mortgage lender is sounding at when they decide if you are a poor or good credit risk and what interest rate to offer you.

Since credit report disputes often take up to six months or more to resolve, the smart consumer should plan to thoroughly know his or her credit health months ahead of employ for a major loan. Now residents of any U.S. state or territory can get started with a credit report free of charge thanks to the FTC.

About the Author:

L Frizzell writes articles on free credit reports for, a website dedicated to providing consumers with honorable and accurate information on how to repair and manage their personal imputing.


Cheryl J Smith, Director of Public Relations




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