Free Credit Reports Are Not Always Free

Christopher Luck asked:

According to an amendment to the Fair Credit Reporting Act, you can obtain a free credit report on yourself for free one time every year. However, just like with any new law or service, there are people out there looking to take advantage of you. So be aware of what you see when looking for your credit report; not every service claiming to offer you a free credit report is actually offering one.

To get your free credit report, you really only need to go to the annual credit report website. If you go to the Federal Trade Commission’s website, you will find all the information you really need to get your free credit report. You only need your name, social security number, date of birth, and address to get the free report. As easy as it is, there are still many companies out there who want to get the business of people like you who are seeking their free credit report.

One way these companies take advantage of people is by establishing a web address that is very similar to the legitimate government websites for obtaining a free credit report. They will harvest your social security number, address, and other personal information under the claim that you will get a free credit report. Remember, you can get one by going through the Federal Trade Commission. Be aware that you should never have to supply a credit card number or telephone number to obtain your free credit report. Your address, name, social security number, and date of birth are all you need.

You should never respond to an email to get your free credit report. Remember that that getting the report is a right you have. Some companies, in an effort to get your personal information, will send spam emails advertising access to your free credit report. These companies are usually just Phishing for your personal information. Never respond to emails to get your credit report. Instead, the information is easy to obtain through the proper government channels that are readily available to you.

Congress has given you the right to obtain a free credit report on yourself once every year. The government has given you access to the free report through the Federal Trade Commission website so that you do not have to worry. You will get emails, see on line advertising, and even get pop up ads that advertise free credit reports. Keep in mind, though, that many of these companies are not interested in getting you your report as much as they are getting a hold of your information. There is no reason to use these companies, legitimate or not, to obtain your free credit report when you can do it through the Federal Trade Commission. Your information is vital to your financial well being and in the wrong hands could do a lot of damage to your credit. In order to avoid these pitfalls, the best thing to do to get your free credit report is to go through the government.


Government Free Credit Reports – You Can Take Advantage of Finances

Hector Milla asked:

Free government credit report is obtainable for every single American citizen with a social security number and any form of borrowing history. Instead of having to pay for it from the reporting bureaus, you can take the advantage of the government free credit reports since the congress passed the Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act that gave credit overview access to the credit information.

A soiled credit report can ruin your chances of getting a mortgage, chance of owning a car, student loan, or even a job opportunity. When seeking a loan of any sort, it is important that you first get a report. Having a credit report will allow you to know the state of your credit score and you will be able to determine your chances of getting the loan.

Some people have never shown any concern for identity theft, and therefore never sought to get credit reports. A free and mandated government one will help you do just that. You will be able to monitor regularly your credit status and note any unscrupulous dealings that may have taken place.

Credit reports have been the best-known method to catch identity thieves. It allows you to monitor your credit information and you will be able to report of any disputable item that you witness in your credit files. Obtaining regular credit reports is necessary especially to persons who have been past victims of identity theft or those who think that they are at a high risk of identity theft.

After ordering and receiving the free government credit report many people may not understand the information. There are websites that assist a person to understand the language and codes used in it. Simply type “understanding credit report” on your web browser and you will be able to get the information that you need. You can also get help from friends and relatives who are familiar with the codes and language used in the credit reports.

Since free credit reports are available, everyone should take advantage of them to protect their identity theft.


Many Places To Get Your Free Credit Report

Andy Zain asked:

Free credit reports are so easy to obtain. They can be accessed online at numerous websites, or they are available by calling or requesting by mail. People need access to their credit reports all of the time, and these companies provide a great service.

To apply online for a free credit report, several pieces of information are needed. They will, of course, need a name and address. They will want more confidential information like social security number. They also need security questions answered like former addresses and telephone numbers to verify your identity.

There are so many different websites who offer free credit reports. The free credit report is offered through a free trial membership. They may offer 30-days of a free trial where the person can view their credit report and get their credit score. However, a credit card number will be needed because they in turn hope you choose to continue service with them. They will charge your card at the end of the trial if it is not cancelled. It is recommended to cancel this free trial before it expires to avoid charges.

The free credit report will include information from three credit bureaus including Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax. This will have your full credit history, and they will give you your credit score.

If the person decides to keep the membership, they are allowed access to other services provided by the company. The person can view their credit at any time. They can set alerts concerning their credit report such as if any company views their credit report, they can be notified by email. Identity theft protection is a common feature.

People sign up for free credit reports for many reasons. Usually they want to know how their credit is doing. If a person has good credit then a viewing once a year suffices. They know they are in good standing. Some people may have the opportunity for a free credit report if they are turned down for a credit application like a loan or credit card. Lastly, people who want to improve their credit can use it to check their credit history and to monitor it. This might require a regular membership so they can see the improvements they make.

Obtaining a free credit report is recommended for all people periodically. It is good information one needs to know for certain circumstances like applying for a home loan. It is very simple because countless website offer a free trial to obtain the free credit report. The free trial is usually one month.


Does anyone know the site for free credit reports when the gov. messed up?

♥countrygal♥ asked:

The gov. sent out mailings with peoples social security numbers typed on the front. They then sent out letters to everyone giving them a free site to check their credit because of identity theft. I can’t find the letter and need the web site. Also was there a specific code or anything you needed to use so they knew you were one of the people to receive the error mailings?


Does anyone know the site for free credit reports when the gov. messed up?

♥countrygal♥ asked:

The gov. sent out mailings with peoples social security numbers typed on the front. They then sent out letters to everyone giving them a free site to check their credit because of identity theft. I can’t find the letter and need the web site. Also was there a specific code or anything you needed to use so they knew you were one of the people to receive the error mailings?


Where Can I Get My Free Credit Report and Other Questions Answered

Steve Evans asked:

et your free online Experian Credit Report at the FreeCreditReport web site when you sign up for a free trial of Triple AdvantageSM Credit Monitoring. Simply fill out your information for identification purposes, answer a few questions and your credit report will be available to you on-line, in no time at all, once your identity has been confirmed.

Your Username and Password will enable you to view your credit report on some of these services for 30 days over the Internet in the most secure environment that they can provide. You will also have access to an array of benefits located in services like – My Credit Center.

Getting your free Credit Report and Credit Score is the first step in knowing your credit. Monitoring your credit report allows you to stay on top of your credit on a daily basis.

You should do this to take the guesswork out of what/\’s happening with your credit.

Your credit is one of your most important assets. Having good credit means you should have more options to borrow money at the lowest cost and from the best lenders. It also means that others who look at your credit such as landlords, insurance companies, or even prospective employers re less likely to turn you away or penalize you because you have poor credit.

Your personal credit report contains such information as your name, current and previous addresses, phone number, Social Security number, date of birth, and current and previous employers. Your spouse/\’s name may appear on your version of the credit report, but it will not appear on the version that is provided to others. This information comes from your credit applications, so its accuracy depends on your filling out the forms clearly, completely and consistently each time you apply for credit. is worth a try. Many people say they have used it to monitor their credit and some have said that they also cleaned off some bad items from their credit report. You can apply for a free initial plan and get your scores and reports for free.

In all your thoughts about credit reporting do keep in mind there are 3 reporting agencies. If you keep track of when you pull each of the three then you can spread it out to one every 4 months. That would be ideal if you could do that., Experian, Transunion, Equifax are all in it to make some money from providing these reports. So many people are asking where they can get a genuine free credit report without having to give up my credit card information and sign up for some monthly membership or a dumb “identity theft monitoring alert” service?

Unfortunately, in order to get your credit report a lot of the websites ask for your credit card information. They do that so when you sign up for a free trial if you don/\’t cancel within that time they can charge your account. is one of the best ones out there. I understand that users have reported that they signed up for there free 30 day trial and also cancelled it before the 30 days was up and indeed didn/\’t get charged anything.

What is a free credit report?

The answer lies in the last three words of your question and is self-explanatory. A free credit report is when a credit bureau provides an individual a copy of their credit report without a charge.

It/\’s exactly what it says it is. A free credit report.. in other words, you don/\’t have to pay for it.

Am I entitled for a free credit report?

I am not sure whether this is correct, but I have been told that residents of Colorado, Massachusetts, Maryland, New Jersey, and Vermont are entitled under state law to one free report per year from a credit reporting agency. If you are a resident of Georgia, you are even entitled to more reports at two each year.

This is very useful especially if you have been denied credit on the basis of information in a credit report.

Who is eligible?

I am not a legal expert but I did find a statement on the web that said that based on the Fair Credit Reporting Act, sections 612 (b), (c), and (d), you are entitled to one free credit report per year directly from a credit reporting agency only if you certify that you are unemployed and seeking employment in the next 60 days, you are receiving public assistance, or you believe there are inaccuracies in your report due to fraud or have been denied credit because of information on your credit report. To get your free credit report, go directly to a credit reporting bureau and have proof of the criteria that entitles you to receive your free credit report.

Information here should not be construed as advice and it is offered without legal responsibility or liability. It must be emphasised that you should consult a professionally qualified individual or company (such as an accountant, financial adviser or solicitor for example) should you need advice on your financial situation, as they will be able to tailor their advice to your situation accordingly.


Free Credit Report: Avail Credit Reports for Free

Sophie Wilson asked:

The importance of a credit report cannot be overlooked as far as the financial world is concerned. It is what financial agencies examine to assess your credit worthiness. You can get yours made with a good reporting agency. But nowadays, it is even possible to get free credit report which won’t charge you a penny for the services rendered to you.

Your credit report is a record that contains your credit history and shows your financial status. Free credit report contains information regarding the following aspects:

• Your personal details such as your name, sex, age, address, social security number and marital status

• Your credit history focusing on your credit card accounts, bank accounts, current balance and also loans taken by you

• The public records related to your financial life such as cases of bankruptcy, CCJ concerning financial judgments, arrears, defaults and tax liens, if any

• The inquiries made by any third party to your credit report.

All these information give an indication of what kind of a financial client you would make. With a free credit report in hand, you will know what to expect when you go into the market. Also you can’t be duped when you know where you stand in terms of credit.

Having a credit report is not enough. You need to get it updated from time to time. According to surveys, up to 90% of credit reports are inaccurate. You obviously do not want to lose out on any opportunities for no fault of yours. If any incorrect data is found on the report, then you will face a lot of hassle. Moreover, records of recent credit and payment histories must be included. This is where getting a free credit report acts in your favor. As it is free of cost, you will not have to pay any extra for the updates. It is also possible to prevent fraudulent crimes such as theft of identities and fake applications.

Free credit report is being provided with a lot of credit reporting agencies. You can browse the internet and shop online for such offers easily and swiftly.