How Do Lenders View Credit Counseling Services?

How Do Lenders View Credit Counseling Services?

Typically consumers that have overwhelming debt have two options, either enter into a Consumer Credit Counseling Program or declare Bankruptcy. While the two options may have a lot of similarities, most will opt to enrolling into a Consumer Credit Counseling program for such reasons as it is more cost effective and easier to implement.

Many credit card companies and creditors realize that it would be more beneficial to actually work with debtors and make affordable payment arrangements than to pursue typical collection activities. Instead they work with each of the individual’s creditors to come to some agreement that will result into a reduced single payment plan, a consolidation of their debt, and or a reduction of interest rates and late fees – thus making it possible for the debtor to repay his or her debts over a period of 3 – 5 years. Once enrolled, the debtor will make a single payment to the consumer credit counseling service, and then the counseling service will make all the payments to the creditors.

One of the advantages of credit counseling services is to educate their client about debt management and budgeting.

The main disadvantage of enrolling into consumer credit counseling services is that many creditors will make a notation on the debtor’s credit report indicating that the debt is being managed by consumer credit counseling agency.

Another major issue that a client may experience is, even though they are making their monthly payments to the credit counseling service on time, the credit counseling service doesn’t make the payments to the creditors on time. Now this will reflect on the client’s credit report as late payments.

And to add fuel to the fire, it is not uncommon for the credit counseling service to make the payments on time, while the creditors are not accepting the reduced payment amounts. This, too, would negatively affect the consumer’s credit report.

However, if you are in the market to purchase a home or refinance, it is important to find a mortgage expert that specializes in helping individuals that have been enrolled or that are currently enrolled in consumer credit counseling services. The lender will request from the credit counseling agency a copy of the agreement which will indicating the date the consumer entered into the program, all the creditors involved, and the payment history of the consumer’s payments. From this information, the lender will then determine if the client qualifies for a mortgage loan. FHA LENDER’S understand that if the consumer has been making their payments on time to the consumer credit counseling agency, but the creditors have been getting their payments late, then that’s not the fault of the consumer and shouldn’t penalize them from purchasing a home or refinancing their home.

It is important to note that many lenders view credit counseling services as similar to a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, because both can entail a payment plan and re-negotiation of debt payments. (And, in fact, some people who are using a credit counseling service do end up filing bankruptcy because they still don’t have the income or money management skills to handle the payments.) So, in some cases use of such a service can be a negative.

However, many FHA Lenders recognize that if a person is attempting to handle debt responsibly by enrolling in these types of services, then that person probably takes their financial commitments seriously. In general, in order to get a mortgage the borrower must have a 12-month history of paying on time and a letter from the counseling service stating that purchasing a home or refinancing will not interfere with the repayment plan. Thanks to FHA Loans, consumer credit counseling services will not restrict the borrower from obtaining a low interest rate mortgage loan.

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Protect Yourself With Id theft security Services

Protect Yourself With Id theft security Services

Have we ever been aware of identity theft plus been thus paranoid concerning it? If that’s the case, please confabulate utilizing the specialists that have superior standard id theft security services. If you feel you’re followed or there are many suspicious people online that continue asking with reference to the individual info, mostly a accounts plus passwords, then you are a topic or victim of id theft. Identity is actually a kind of scam which impersonates or steals info utilizing their firm people to access their private information is a lot like charge cards plus accounts. This misdeed is happening inside numerous areas of the world. Through id theft, the victim will suffer fantastic consequences, particularly financial losses. To avoid these terrible items from developing, secure oneself utilizing the fine security service.

In choosing an perfect service, you ought to consider its actions that may definitely safeguard we and provide we enable with restoring the identity which were robbed. Such services are carried out to protect plus serve more plus more folks who’ve be a casualty and to folks that is a victim. Lessening plus preventing id theft from developing is what these services do. If you’re somebody whom create big money, you’ll be possibly victimized by identity thieves. That you really need to be secured plus become less worried regarding others stealing the identity, you ought to choose a name security business which monitors a identity plus prevents id theft from happening. In so doing, now you are able to become more assured which the identity is protected plus from identity thieves. However don’t be too positive regarding wherein we do away with documents that contain tidbits regarding we or the ones which hand out private info. Identity thieves happen to be recorded to undergo documents which lend the information needed for these to understand their illegal works.

To become simpler whenever selecting that id theft security services you ought to take, bring additional thoughts to comparing the different firms plus services that have the greatest goals concerning id theft. Such service should have trickery detection, database monitoring, credit monitoring (for the credits), financial reduction recovered, charge card monitoring, address affirmation, children’s services (for the kids identity safety), plus including wallet security. These services ought to be proven plus tested. By doing this, the belief might be together. Additionally it allows you to let those to handle what is important to complete to keep the identity secure all of the time. Be sure to catch id theft security services reviews to locate out more about the companies which offer them.

Your Identity Is protected All the time With Id theft security services

With 1 of these services, both we plus the identity will be reserved protected within the different techniques which identity thieves turn to to be capable to commit their crime. But whether or not you’re frequently monitored by these services, you need to remember which you ought to not supply the individual info of login credentials to people we never recognize which looks suspicious. A number of ways of stealing a identity will include stealing factors inside the car, homes, by choose pocketing, snatching bags or really utilizing the Internet. Don’t be misled by Internet anonymous plus never be thoughtless inside providing the information stupidly. By carrying this out, you can aid inside preventing oneself from to be a victim.

Your stress degrees might decrease with all the help of id theft security services. This actually is plainly due to the mere proven truth which these services will do all which is needed to complete to ensure we which the identity is protected plus it’s afar to be corrupted by identity hackers. To prevent id theft from happening, be stricter about sharing the private information. Only give a information whenever which it’s very required. Be secure utilizing the services that are certain to provide we security.

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Flagship Merchant Services Named Best Mobile Processing Service by for June 2014

(PRWEB) June 27, 2014, the independent authority about payment processors, has called Flagship Merchant Services the number one mobile processing business for June 2014. Every month, the independent analysis team at reviews thousands of businesses to determine that firms provide the many great solutions. The reviews are up-to-date about a monthly basis to account for the newest successes in the credit card processing industry.

These agencies are judged inside purchase to find that make the greatest total agencies. This really is accomplished from the utilization of the set of analysis criteria consisting of five verticals of evaluation utilized to measure plus compare mobile processing agencies based found on the many important aspects. The five verticals of analysis selected throughout this procedure include about customer help, competitive rates, dependability, efficiency, plus difference.

In purchase to get a more in-depth view of the agency, the analysis team moreover contacts customer references. Competing agencies supply at minimum 3 customer references to provide the analysis team the chance to get opinions straight from clients. In several situations customers contact direct to voice their opinions. investigates plus selects the best mobile processing services inside the industry. Based found on the thorough examination procedure Flagship Merchant Services was called because the best operating service. Those looking for a service with strong customer reassurance along with a rigid history of performance must consider Flagship Merchant Services.

About Flagship Merchant Services:

Flagship Merchant Services is an industry leader inside providing credit card processing services to many company kinds. By partnering with industry leaders, all merchants get concern customer help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, plus among the biggest credit card scam, reduction prevention plus chargeback departments inside the credit card processing industry.

About is a well-known independent authority about credit card processors. The main cause of is to find plus declare those people or companies providing the number one payment processing solutions all over the globe. A specialized team of experts analyze thousands of candidates every month that are looking to be rated because a top payment processing product or service by the independent authority.

To understand more info on Flagship Merchant Services, visit:

For the positioning of the greatest mobile processing firms, visit:

American Real Estate Investors Academy Now Offers Tenant Screening Services

American Real Estate Investors Academy Now Offers Tenant Screening Services

American REIA Logo

Boston MA (PRWEB) December 02, 2013

The American Real Estate Investors Academy now offers tenant screening services to the public. The academy is looking to expand services to real estate investors.

The American Real Estate Investors Academy is a web based learning and service platform dedicated to the advancement of real estate investors. The goal of the academy is to offer education and services that will benefit any real estate investor, in any stage of their career, and in any state. The online club has taken the functions of the traditional real estate investors association or REIA group and placed those resources online where all real estate investors can benefit.

The new program is a service to landlords across America. Buy and hold real estate investors, can now do complete customizable tenant screening all in one place. Among the tenant checks offered on the club’s website are: Detailed Credit Reports, Tenant Credit Scorecard, State Criminal Record, National Criminal Record, County Criminal Record, State Eviction Record, National Eviction Record, Income Verification, Address History, Employment Verification, Social Security Number Check, Sex Offender Search, Prior Landlord Check, Tenant Debt Collection, Business Credit Report, Canada Credit Report, Driving Record, Tax Return Verification, Global Criminal Check, Tenant Screening Bundles. This comprehensive list of background checks should meet the needs of landlords in any market.

One of the greatest challenges that landlords and property managers face is screening tenants. One bad tenant can cause problems for an entire apartment complex. For single family real estate investors, the choice of tenants is extremely critical. A failure in tenant screening can cost the landlord several months of rent, court costs, damage bills, and unmeasurable stress.

The American Real Estate Investors Academy is a leader in real estate investor education. The club blends technology and quality content to help real estate investors learn how to make money. The goal of the club is to help as many people to become financially free as possible. Membership in the academy is free, and will remain so for the foreseeable future. The only requirement for membership is a desire to learn how to make money as a real estate investor. Managing Director Josh Caldwell explains the academy’s philosophy, “We built a dynamic web based learning portal so that real estate investors all across American could access the latest education in our field. We package real estate education in a way that anyone can learn how to make money. We send out our content as email, video, and even podcasts. We are a team of successful real estate professionals with a passion for helping others. I personally invite you to visit our website, and see if we can help you to quit your day job.”

Every investor wants success. Successful investors turn education into action. The American Real Estate Investors Academy is here provide the education. Click this like to visit the Academy’s Main Website.

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TitleMasters Announces Stone Mountain, Georgia Services

TitleMasters Announces Stone Mountain, Georgia Services

Title Masters

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) May 14, 2012

Regional title loan/pawn experts TitleMasters are now providing urgently needed loan services to the people of Stone Mountain, GA. TitleMasters highlights convenience with its new Stone Mountain title loans / pawns, which are designed to make it easier for area residents to qualify for quick easy cash even if they have low credit scores or no credit history at all.

Stone Mountain, a smaller community located just east of the Atlanta metro area, is one of many small towns to face particularly difficult circumstances under the current economic recession. With soaring unemployment rates and little federal aid, Stone Mountain residents find it increasingly difficult to secure the credit they need for necessities like medical procedures, rent, important bills and unexpected expenses. TitleMasters aims to address this problem by offering fast title loans/pawns to those who hold the title to their own car or truck. No credit check is performed, and anyone with a valid driver’s license can apply. Funds can be provided up to $ 5,000, and if approved, the money is issued the same day.

“We are thrilled to be working with the people of Stone Mountain,” notes Robert Gaspard, Vice President of TitleMasters, of the expansion. “Our business is built on a cornerstone of making our title pawns accessible to as many people as possible, and expanding outside the metro area is the logical next step.” Indeed, the company has developed quite a reputation for convenience. Unlike other quick loan companies, TitleMasters will meet with applicants at any place of their choosing. This allows the company to see the customer’s vehicle and quickly approve lending without requiring the customer to drive to the office to do it.

Title loan/pawns have become popular in recent years because they do not require any past credit conditions. Title loans/soaked are securedare secured against a vehicle, and recipients can continue to use and drive their vehicle after receiving the money and during the entire clocking they’re making payments. It’s hassle free compared to other types of loans.

About TitleMasters:

TitleMasters is a leading title loan/pawn company that serves customers in Georgia and Texas. Atlanta based, TitleMasters offers quick cash without consideration of income train or attribute history. To learn more call TitleMasters at 866-512-2629 or visit

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V-Rooms Offers Free Services to Plaintiff?s Law Firm in IntraLinks Class Action Lawsuit

V-Rooms Offers Free Services to Plaintiff’s Law Firm in IntraLinks Class Action Lawsuit


Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) February 07, 2012

V-Rooms is offering to provide free Legal Client Portals to Rigrodsky & Long, P.A., a Delaware law firm representing investors in Thaler v. IntraLinks Holdings, Inc., C.A. No. 11-CV-9528 (S.D.N.Y.), a security class action lawsuit against IntraLinks Holdings, Inc. who endured a big fiscal loss resulting from the purchase of shares of IntraLinks. IntraLinks shares folded at $ 6.93 on Friday, (2/3/12) having fallen from a 52-week eminent of $ 32.25. Additionally, V-Rooms is offering a 10% discount on unexampled V-Rooms accounts to past IntraLinks clients and current IntraLinks clients upon the expiration of their current agreement with IntraLinks.

V-Rooms continues to achieve high marks for customer service, having recently received an A+ rating in a survey of their current and past clients using the Net Promoter Score methodology developed by Fred Reichheld, author of The Ultimate Question. This method is based upon how likely a customer is to refer your company’s service to a colleague or friend.

“We are proud of the response that we received from our customer satisfaction survey as we provide an affordable, feature rich virtual data room platform which may be used to meet the needs of our clients for a range of client portal, vendor portal and board portal requirements.” said Dan Bradbary, CEO of V-Rooms,” Also, we continue to be impressed with how popular our automatic credit card monthly payment program has become. Along with no set-up fee, our clients enjoy and often select this flexibility due to the fact that there is no long term commitment.”

What people are labeling as cloud computing is the ability and convenience of storing, accessing and sharing information outside their organizational firewalls. Especially in the legal business, sharing documents in a safe, secure, auditable manner outside a firm’s firewall is mission critical. The unsecure transfer of information the old way – email, courier, and fax – is being replaced by innovative solutions, like V-Rooms, that securely deliver information instantly to one or many recipients by using a centralized document repository, an important feature especially for class action lawsuits.

About V-Rooms:
V-Rooms provides a cloud-based, customizable virtual data room (VDR) solution that is designed to streamline document management, collaboration, exchange and archiving for financial, legal and corporate professionals. The V-Rooms Software-As-A-Service (SAAS) secure record portal facilitates the secure changing of sensitive information providing compliant and auditable transactions. V-Rooms enable the acceleration of complex, information-intensive processes while reducing the time and expenses associated with data distribution, courier, printing and travel. Additional information can be found at


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Glenn Beck Endorses Tax Resolution Services Co. As Best Firm to Relieve IRS Stress

Glenn Beck Endorses Tax Resolution Services Co. As Best Firm to Relieve IRS Stress

Encino, CA (PRWEB) November 02, 2011

From the man known for standing on his principles, nationally syndicated media personality Glenn Beck, recently gave a video endorsement on (GBTV) for Tax Resolution Services, Co. (TRS) as being the best in the business for settling back tax issues. TRS negotiates directly with the IRS on behalf of consumers and can help them resolve their tax problems, including: Audits, IRS (partial) payment plans, Offers in Compromise, Innocent Spouse Defense, Penalty Abatement and lifting/modifying bank levies and wage garnishments. TRS can also request that your Federal Tax Lien that shows up on your credit report be erased, if you qualify.

Glenn Beck TV (GBTV), Beck’s new HD Video Network, showcases original Glenn Beck programs including news, documentaries, and reality and behind the scenes shows and represents the most recent vehicle for Beck’s signature commentary where he took a moment to acknowledge the difficulties in dealing with the IRS alone. No fan of IRS policies and its often intrusive audit and aggressive collection practices, Beck admits it’s simply one’s duty to pay their taxes.  “The IRS is a brutal collection agency and no matter what the excuse, you have to give them what you legally owe. You have to honor and be a honorable person, you have to do it,” stated Beck on GBTV.

According to Tax Resolution Services’ Founder and CEO Michael Rozbruch, many consumers with tax problems start expose by trying to handle their IRS case on their own (or with ineffective representation) but end up with negative results. The TRS team of tax attorneys, CPAs, and Certified Tax Resolution Specialists (as certified by the American Society of Tax Problem Solvers); have successfully resolved thousands of cases since 1998, saving their clients well o’er $ 86 million, and established itself as the premier national firm providing reliable and expert tax relief services and exceptional customer experience.

Beck stated that because of their sound reputation, the professionals at TRS are the most trusty in handling cases direct with the IRS on the client’s behalf. If a taxpayer or little business owner owes $ 20,000 or more in backwards payroll or income taxes, Beck suggests they partner with a Certified Tax Resolution Specialist or a tax attorney such as Tax Resolution Services, Co. “These guys are good; they’re the best at what they do. They’re pioneers of this industry, let Tax Resolution Services help you – there is a way out.”

Tax Resolution Services, Co.®, the nation’s leading experts in excising negotiation and mediation®, is dedicated to providing affordable solutions to businesses and individuals alike who find themselves in upset with the IRS. Their work caters to consumers who owe over $ 20k in back taxes. TRS is a member of the Tax Problem Resolution Services Coalition (TPRSC), based out of Washington, D.C. For more information or to receive a FREE tax relief consultation, visit or call 888-851-5894.

# # #


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ARMORPOINT™ Offers Free Identity Theft Insurance and Free 3-in-1 Credit Reports with Active Membership of ARMORPOINT’s Total Credit Management Services

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Norwalk, CT (PRWEB) October 28, 2009 has added a new site, At the site, visitors have access to customer reviews about the FreeScore credit reports and credit scores service, plus they can compare and contrast against five other services.

FreeScore, LLC is a leading provider of credit scores, reports and consumer credit information, along with identity theft protection services.

FreeScore Customer Reviews

Visitors can read reviews of the program from customers coast-to-coast. For example, Jamie from New York, New York states, “FreeScore worked exactly as advertised. I signed up for the service, identified an inaccuracy on my report, called the bank in question and the bank immediately offered to resolve the issue. Thanks.” While Deborah in Azusa, California said, “(FreeScore) gave me a quick response to my inquiry for a credit report for all 3 bureaus and my credit score(s).”

Discover Benefits explains the advantages of a account. For instance, members get reports from all three major credit bureaus – TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian. Additionally, there is a 7-day free credit report and score trial period during which customers have unlimited online access to their three credit scores and 3-in-1 Triple Bureau Credit Report. Customers can check each report against their own financial records for discrepancies. Plus, if any of the 3 credit reports change,’s monitoring service sends an e-mail notification, allowing the member to screen for credit fraud and identity theft.    

Compare Credit Reports and Score Services

Using a comparison chart, consumers can consider along with five other credit reporting sites:,, Equifax, CreditCheck Total, and With the chart, an user can quickly see which websites offer scores from all three credit bureaus or whether a credit service includes an identity theft restoration feature.

About FreeScore, LLC

FreeScore, LLC is a service that provides consumers with access to their ascribing scores, reports and monitor. For more information, go to


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