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Consumers Left in Dark When Banks Cut Off Online Finance Services

Consumers Left in Dark When Banks Cut Off Online Finance Services
Online finance tools that help people manage everything from investing and saving to paying off debt are increasingly being cut adrift by banks, leaving users in limbo. The banks say the cutoff of financial data flowing to the apps and websites is …
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Consumers Are Aware of Data Breaches, but Worry Less About Fraud This Holiday
CHICAGO, IL–(Marketwired – November 11, 2015) – More than half (54 percent) of consumers recognize an increase in data breaches this year compared to last, according to TransUnion's ( NYSE : TRU) second annual Holiday Identity Theft survey. Despite …
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Identity Theft Insurance Quotes Added to Nationwide Database at Insurance Website Online

American adults who are seeking more ways to protect their identity will now be able to browse and quote identity theft insurance through the Insurance Pros website online. The company is now listing nationwide companies in its web database that provide consumer identity protection at

The policies that consumers will now be able to find are underwritten by select agencies throughout America that are able to expand coverage to the personal or business information of a consumer. Users of the Insurance Pros company system will need to search by providers using a zip code to be sure an agency exists in their geographic area.

“The protection of identity and personal data is one concern that consumers now have in the digital age, and policies from leading insurers can now be quoted through our website,” said an Insurance Pros company source.

The computerized system that can be researched to find various providers at the Insurance Pros website has been revised this year to include basic, advanced, short and long-term coverage options. When a person decides to go through with obtaining a quote, the type and length of coverage can now be pre-selected.

“Our database will remain open to adults in the U.S. to supply access to the ever-changing listing of insurers now quoting consumer protection plans this year,” said the source.

The Insurance Pros USA company recently enhanced its web interface to remove the option of entering personal information during the search process. The move to supplying insurer data through submission of a zip code is designed to make the system more private when used online.


The company built one of the only public databases for consumers to use to find current price information from leading insurance agencies. The company allows consumers to acquire quotations by zip code. The company adds to the public listing of providers that the public can find using its website every month of the year.

WorldArtCommunity Receives Angel Investment of $200,000 to Grow Its Online Art and Craft Marketplace

Brand New Delhi, India (PRWEB) Might 05, 2015

the attention in Indian ecommerce and on line marketplaces continues to grow. Peer-to-peer trade areas are creating possibilities both for people and start-ups alike. Good rising trends, Gurgaon based online market for Arts, Crafts and Design WorldArtCommunity has actually raised a round of angel financial investment of USD 200,000.

Established in Dec. 2014 by IIT alumnus Shobhit Arora, who’s held senior jobs in GE and traditional Chartered Bank, is an on-line system that allows musicians and artists, crafts-persons and developers to produce their own web store and sell their particular creations. Installing an internet shop through a self-serve model is free and there’s a 10percent commission on successful deals charged by WorldArtCommunity.

“Our belief is the fact that performers find monetary and personal incentive with the energy of collaborative technology. Becoming a real marketplace, we’ve been centered on building and curating just the right pair of lovers and services and products. Within a span of 3 months, we have over 150 partner-artists and manufacturers up to speed with over 2000 unique projects. We expect this financing to operate a vehicle quick growth and enable outreach out to a discerning audience whom undoubtedly appreciate special, handcrafted projects,” shares Shobhit.

One of the key investors inside project is Viraj Tyagi – creator & CEO, Nettpositive which includes got recently acquired by Global Information company, Equifax. States Viraj – “I for ages been a very good proponent of market design strictly the factors of scalability and durability. Arts and Design marketplace provides significant chance of development, particularly for a country like Asia.”

Looking at the future Shobhit stocks his programs as he claims, “World Art Community is designed to produce a built-in ecosystem of art designers and art lovers. We would be present in actuality art scene through involvement and knowledge. We in the end seek to anticipate and set trends in creative way of life.”

To learn more and answers to questions mail: contact(at)worldartcommunity(dot)com

Associated Equifax Press Releases

Homes for Sale in Fredericksburg, VA Now Posted for Buyers of Houses Online by D&R Atlantic, Inc

Homes for Sale in Fredericksburg, VA Now Posted for Buyers of Houses Online by D&R Atlantic, Inc

Fredericksburg, VA (PRWEB) July 23, 2013

The slowdown of real estate in some parts of the country has not affected one company in Virginia that has expanded its housing portfolio this year. The D&R Atlantic, Inc company is now helping home buyers to find homes for sale in Fredericksburg, VA by posting these listings online at

Brand new listings are now part of the updated content on the company website and buyers of homes can access this data online.

“There are programs now in put to help all men and women applying to purchase a home,” saying a housing representative from the D&R company. The new homes posted on the company website are individually owned and do not require assistance for sale by realtors or agents.

“Some people have challenges with credit right now and may not qualify for a traditional mortgage before closing,” the representative added. New 2013 policies have been introduced recently online by this company to make owning a home easier for buyers. Internal financing programs have been established to offer one alternative to applying for third party mortgages.

Some of the new homes that are listed in Fredericksburg are homes that are immediately available and included in lease to buy programs. Apart from the owner financing homes for Virginia natives, a person moving out of an apartment or condo can now have the chance to own a home using the company supplied leasing programs in place.

Home buyers who have an interest in viewing the properties now for sale can use online applications that exist on the company website to apply for purchase or lease to buy programs. These are routed upon online submission directly to housing experts managing all application reviews. The current forms can be accessed at

About D&R Atlantic, Inc

The D&R Atlantic, Inc company provides real estate solutions for men and women in the state of Virginia. This company has launched its new web portal for housing online in 2013. New programs exist by this company that help individuals with below average credit scores to find housing without the need for a third party mortgage. The D&R Atlantic, Inc company housing specialists now review submitted applications faster to improve response turnaround times. A series of color photographs, online videos and accurate housing data is part of the new listings of homes that are for sale to in and out of state buyers on the company website.

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Q&A: How does an equifax online dispute w/ creditors actually work?

Question by A: How does an equifax online dispute w/ creditors actually work?
I’ve heard different things..make it simple for me, please. Okay, say I dispute a neg. credit on my report&Equifax investigates.IF the company that filed a negative report doesn’t get back within a certain time confining confirming, is it erased? Eradicated? Or after a certain amount of months, I could dispute again&see if they make the deadline? Please clarify for me, if u can.

Best answer:

Answer by ejhamilton85
Equifax will contact the company that reported the negative information. They will require that company to provide proof to you that it is legitimate. If they are unable to provide this information, it will then be removed from your credit report. Equifax gives them a time frame, I think like 30 or 60 days. And if they do not even contact Equifax in that time frame, it will be removed. If the item is really old, like 4 years, there is a good chance they have no records and it will be removed.

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Access August Pay Day Loans Online Now ? Get A Cash Advance against Your Pay Check with a New Online Service

Access August Pay Day Loans Online Now – Get A Cash Advance against Your Pay Check with a New Online Service

Try Our Service for FREE!

(PRWEB) August 07, 2012

Credit is harder to come by than ever before. Consumers are feeling the aftereffects of the global economic downturn and many borrowers are finding it harder and harder to make the month. What’s more, traditional lending institutions – banks and credit unions, are under strict regulatory rules demanded by federal insurers meaning that borrowers with poor to bad credit scores are highly unlikely today to receive credit or loans of any kind.

The prognosis is not all grim however. Increasing numbers of Americans are turning to the internet to find a pay day loan that can help them find ready cash for right now.

This summer, would-be borrowers are turning in increasing numbers to to find out if they qualify for a pay day loan between the amounts of $ 1000 to $ 2500 against their next paycheck. So, if there is a family reunion on the horizon for Labor Day, or a chance to take the family away on vacation, or even a desire to purchase a simple backyard gas grill for outdoor cooking on warm summer nights, the funds to purchase these items may be nearer at hand than ever before.

A spokesperson for said today “Families only have a few more weeks before children head back to school and the days start getting shorter. Hardworking people deserve the right to spend their money how they wish, and we’re delighted to make funds available to them against their next paycheck. Users of the site simply have to visit and have a few personal details to hand. Once they’ve entered them into the very short and easy to understand form, a representative from one of the many lending partners we’ve teamed up with across America will be in touch to discuss and clarify all the loan details. It’s a simple process and any American over the age of 18 is eligible to apply, as long as they have a paycheck that’s deposited into their bank account and regular employment.”

Site users will need to visit with a social security number to hand, along with their full employment and bank details.

The spokesperson for the service continued “It’s not just families – middle income consumers are underserved by the financial institutions. We know that the largest and growing sector of Americans looking for short term lending solutions are younger, they’re earning more than $ 50,000 a year and they have college degrees. They are also far more likely to be comfortable researching solutions online than visiting a storefront payday lending vendor or enduring a lengthy phone conversation with a representative from a credit card company. These consumers work hard and yet bills mount up. The cost of living is getting higher and higher and the summer affords time to kick back and relax a little bit. People want to take advantage of that, and we’re here to help them.”

Payday loans are short term lending solutions that are designed to be paid back in full on receipt of the next paycheck. The borrower makes his or her account details available to the lender so the loan and fees can be deducted.

Click here to get the loan you need:

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Q&A: How can I get a truly free credit report online?

Question by Arliss: How can I get a truly free credit report online?
Is there any way possible to get a totally free credit report online with no drawn attached? I don’t want to have to sign up for anything, or use my credit card online. Thanks!

Best answer:

Answer by swg4fnc
go to “”

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How can I get a free credit report online?

Question by : How can I get a free credit report online?
I dont want to give out any credit card information. Is there a web site that will give you a free credit report online without credit card info?

Best answer:

Answer by Dixie Darlin’
http://annualcreditreport.comFree once a year from all three big bureaus

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments! Announces Continuing Expansion of Free Online Educational Resources Announces Continuing Expansion of Free Online Educational Resources

Internet Payday

(PRWEB) February 16, 2012, a website offering access to a trusted network of payday lenders, now provides brand new resources informing potential borrowers about the benefits and challenged associated with payday loans. These types of loans are little, short-term, and unsecured, generally used by borrowers in the case of emergency, unforeseen expenses. The unexampled educational resources available on the place walk customers through the lending managing, allowing borrowers to make swollen-informed decisions about payday loans.

“We at are very serious about the financial well-being of our customers,” says spokesperson Phil Drummer. “We have created a hassle-free loan process, featuring a simple application that allows customers quick access to the loans they need. The additional educational resources we provide prepare customers to make the right financial decisions when it comes to payday loans. Both the application process and the informational articles present on are free to all website visitors.”

The most recent article, “How It Works,” focuses on the actual loan process. From application, to online approval, direct deposit, and automatic repayment, each step of the process is covered. Reading the article takes only a few minutes and can provide invaluable information for customers both new and experienced.

The instant payday loans available from may be confusing for first-time borrowers. The new educational resources help to create a welcoming environment for customers, encouraging them to become well informed before making any decisions related to the loan process. Potential borrowers can learn everything they need to know about the industry before entering into a loan contract.

The informative resources are available right from the website’s homepage, easily found and easy to read and understand. These informative articles cover multiple subjects, providing a broad base of knowledge regarding payday loans and payday lenders. Some offer advice on maximizing the benefit of quick cash loans while avoiding the many potential pitfalls.

Requirements for payday loans with the lenders associated with are not as stringent as with traditional loans, and no credit score is required. Borrowers need only to be 18 years or older, employed for more than ninety days making at least $ 1,000 per month after taxes, and be a permanent resident or citizen of the United States with a checking account in their name. The application process takes minutes, and most loans are directly deposited into the borrower’s bank account within 24 hours. Automatic repayment is often allowed as well, ensuring that the loan is repaid on time and conveniently. The new articles help to ensure that borrowers take full advantage of the payday loans they receive.

# # #

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How can I check my credit report for free without signing up for a program online?

Question by trrocks03: How can I check my credit report for free without signing up for a program online?
I know there are dozens of sites that offer a free credit report where you must sign up for a free 30-day trial of some program that monitors your credit. Is there any site that doesnt need this subscription? If not, is this method safe?

Best answer:

Answer by LondonDiva The only one that will really give you a free anual report without subscription.

Give your answer to this question below!

Free credit score report online for easy reference

Free credit score report online for easy reference

Article by Idan Solimani

There are many easy facilities available in the market to shop and with credit cards being accepted in all the major storing, shopping centre, hotels and recurring living conveniently has become comfortable in this modern world. Shopping has been made easy with credit cards as many merchant bankers offer credit cards against the was opened with them. If you are interested in buying a house or a car and when you apply for a loan, the free credit score report is activated immediately. It will help to know your credit score whether you are right candidate to receive loan and whether you regularly repay the credit loans. The free credit score report online will provide information about your credit history.

For lenders in the market it is easy to have easy access to free credit score report online, as they can be aware of the creditor record. The benefit of the imputing scoring system is that the lenders tin make decision regarding providing loans where total information about the creditor is provided through the automated systems that are free to use. They can be accessed easy also. With the free credit score report online the lenders are benefitted. The worthiness of each customer can be analyzed and assessed with free credit score report online. In the retiring due to lack of information, the creditors and the lenders were in the dark regarding the credit score. The lender has to avail the details from different credit bureaus at a certain amount of fee. With advanced software program that has been developed to access credit report is easy and at free of cost. You tin get access to the credit score through E-mail, post at regular interval of time that can be monthly or quarterly. The free credit score report online will help the lender to get easy information of the credit history of the borrower. *Information about credit score will not devalue your current credit activity.*Many lenders provide information at the lender’s request only. *Many websites provide all the information about the creditor free of cost. *Information is provided to both the lender and the creditor. *The credit bureau also helps to guide the customer how to access the information. The free credit score report online will help in providing the past and the present financial transactions and help the lender to evaluate your history of credit.

About the Author

Click here for more FREE information: visit at :

The Most Competitive Debt Consolidation Loans Online Made Simple

The Most Competitive Debt Consolidation Loans Online Made Simple

Cut Debt Payments

Fort Lauderdale, FL (PRWEB) December 30, 2011

The leading bad credit loan comparison site has updated its recommended debt consolidation loans with the end of 2011, heading into 2012. The site provides bad credit services and information for consumers faced with financial challenges and burdened with low credit scores that rule out traditional financing options.

Providing information such as interest rates, payoff terms, qualification standards for offers, as well as advice for people to fix their finances, the site has helped thousands of consumers since it’s inception. The website connects borrowers with top loan offers, credit cards, and personal loans, as well as bad credit loan refinance advice, debt relief and credit repair for those looking to rebuild.

“People are facing incredible fiscal pressures right now, and good people are being left without the aid to meet their obligations as they would wish. Debt relief can supplying difficult working, good people with the financial room to get back on track,” said Ariel Pryor, financial expert.

Browsing the site provides visitors an opportunity to review rates on lend offers and decide for themselves which benefits are most to their advantage. Additionally, articles provide step by step instruction on matters such as how to payoff credit card debts, alternatives to bankruptcy, buying a home with bad credit scores and other pertinent personal finance advice.

“The ease and speed of the application process is taken into consideration when selecting offers. Facing financial turmoil, borrowers need a hassle free solution that provides instant relief so they can focus on the urgent situations causing their problems,” said Pryor.

Terms and costs of the loans, the annual percentage rates, are clearly explained, so that borrowers can make a clear choice regarding what is in their best interest Other offers are categorized based on flexibility or repayment schedules, with lenders that provide short-term or long-term installment loans.

“Debt consolidation loans are incredibly powerful, when every dollar counts, reducing as much as 60% on monthly bill payments can provide the lifeline a family needs to survive,” said Pryor.

In addition, the site recommends people clearly lay away what their needs are and only suggests borrow additional money if it will help people lick short term money problems and reduce costs over the long term. The site recommends debt consolidation loans as a great opportunity for credit card debts as long as the consumer does not charge up luxuriously interest credit teased debt again, immediately after having paid off the cards.

The comparison site has been helping consumers eliminate credit card debts, find easy to approve loan opportunities and improve bad credit scores since 2007, establishing it as the top bad credit information comparison resource online.

Ariel Pryor, Loan Expert
(520) 344-2001


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Q&A: Free Credit Report Online – I need something free, instant and easy. What is the best site?

Question by Aleisha M: Free Credit Report Online – I need something free, instant and easy. What is the best site?
Hi,I am looking for a free credit report online. Preferably a service which provides instant results and is easy to understand. Can anyone recommend the best site to use? Something like a free credit report comparison would be awesome or still only somewhere that I tin get more information astir free credit reports.Many Thanks!

Best answer:

Answer by Sarah
Per federal law you are entitled to a free credit report every year. You are allowed to see it from all three credit reporting agencies.

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I would like to get my credit report free online but each website ask for my credit card. Where can i check?

Question by Becky: I would like to get my credit report free online but each website ask for my credit card. Where can i check?
I would like to have my free credit report without giving my credit card information. Where can i obtain a copy of my credit report without paying anything?

Best answer:

Answer by Nicole K Although you do have to pay for your scores.

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Where can I get a free Credit score without having to sign up online?

Question by Eythan: Where can I get a free Credit score without having to sign up online?
I want to have a Credit score without signing up for a free trial online. CAN YOU HELP ME!

Best answer:

Answer by bdancer222
You can get free annual credit reports from each of the three credit bureaus online thru The reports are free, scores are not.You can buy your real FICO tally at Never pay for non-FICO and both offer free score estimators. They are not FICO but are within 50 points or so. Good enough if you are just curious about your score.

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Where online can you get your free credit SCORE?

Question by ♥ Uwish ♥: Where online can you get your free credit SCORE?
And reportAll the sites I have been to will give you the free credit report. But to see the score you have to pay with a credit card. I do not have a credit card.

Best answer:

Answer by h-o-t-w-i-r-e
should have gone to couldve seen this coming like an atom bomb

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Q&A: Does one know how can I get a free credit report online?

Question by fran: Does one know how can I get a free credit report online?
I need my loose yearly credit reprot from the major credit agencies. I have heard that a law was passed and all agencies were to provide a persons credit report loose once a year. I have encountered several websites claiming to be free but there are none that i have yet to come across. I do not have a bank account to paypal any of these credit report sites. How do I get my free credit report.

Best answer:

Answer by Karis
if you want to get your credit account for free, check out this placehttp://Get-Credit-Report-For-Free.infoHere you can check your 3-in-1 Report from all three credit reporting agencies and your credit score rating.Hope this help,

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