Free Credit Score Report – Government Mandates Free Credit Reports For All Consumers

Hector Milla asked:

The federal government is currently offering all consumers the option of obtaining a free credit report once every year. This free credit report allows consumers the chance to become aware of their credit history, possible identity thefts, and areas to improve in, once every twelve months. While this is a great resource for all consumers, many will find that viewing only one credit report per year does not give consumers ample information to stay up-to-date on their financial standing.

Three Reasons Why Receiving One Credit Report A Year Is Simply Not Enough:

1. While receiving one free credit report a year is better than never viewing one’s report at all, it is almost impossible to improve one’s financial standing without viewing more than one credit report per year. Most people should consider using this free report as a starting point in repairing their financial history. Even those that have a good score may still benefit from making a few simple changes. This free report may be used to view any negative aspects in one’s financial history, whether those may be a debt in collections or credit cards that are nearing their limit. Once the negative factors influencing one’s score has been determined, one can then begin to work towards fixing any imperfections.

2. A person that regularly checks their report is at a much reduced risk of becoming a victim of identity theft. While those that regularly check their credit report may also become victims of identity theft, they are at a much greater advantage of catching a theft early and rectifying the situation before it spirals out of control. A great deal of damage can be done to one’s financial standing within the span of a year. In fact, someone that has a good score can easily find themselves with several fraudulent credit cards and/or loans that total thousands of dollars. However, someone that frequently checks their report will be able to spot a fraudulent debt and notify the proper authorities before their situation becomes dire.

3. People that frequently check their report tend to be more financially responsible. In terms of financial standing, ignorance is not bliss. Ignorance, many times, leads to one not being aware of how their debts, occasional late payments, and credit cards are truly affecting their financial history and credibility. As most people would agree, it is much easier to be aware of one’s standing and make efforts to improve their score over time, than to find yourself in a difficult situation when attempting to obtain a home or other important loan.


Getting Free Credit Reports and Scores

Andrew Curry asked:

Credit reports are documents which contain all of the transactions you were able to incur. These reports are like a log system and it shows all the things you used your credit for, loans you applied and even mortgages. This document reflects who you really are as a financial character. It would explain to the agencies you are applying for all of your paying behaviours and spending pattern. This report may seem like pieces of paper with figures on it, but to your dismay it is generally taken as a basis for judging you in a lot ways you could ever think of.

The federal government has ordered all financing corporations and agencies to report to the three biggest credit bureaus in America. This event would facilitate consumer advocacy and protection of consumers’ rights. The main reason why credit reports are given for free is to provide chances for all credit consumers to look into their records and defend or verify its contents.

Aside from a credit report, credit scores are also issued. You would ask what this is all about. Now, this score is like a rating of your behaviour as financial character. The way you spend, how much you owe banks, missed payments, on time payments for credit and even the length of time you have been using the credit. This credit rating summarizes all of your credibility. Usually, a poor credit rating will consequently reflect a bad credit line. This will greatly affect a lot of aspects in your life like employment and financial assistance.

Try to be aware of all your transactions and limit yourself from expenses that you cannot cover completely. To be aware of your transactions, monitor the reporting of your credit and take the opportunity the government has bestowed. Get a free copy of it once a year and have it recopied so that the original document will not be in jeopardy.