Free Credit Reports Deliver at the Pumps

Terry Price asked:

It does not matter where you turn. All gas stations and companies have their own form of gas credit cards. Gas credit cards have made life a great deal easier for many people. It is a great way to budget your fuel needs each month and control the amount you spend on gas, which is particularly helpful with the high gas prices of today. The problem is that in order to get a gas credit card, you will need to have good credit, which is where free credit reports come in really handy.

Gas credit cards are very similar to traditional credit cards in that they present many different incentives and deals. These might include various discounts, reward points, cash rebates, and numerous other rewards that you may be offered just for using their credit. However, none of these discounts, rewards, or rebates will be yours unless you have good credit.

Only your free credit reports can tell you if you have good credit and where you stand. One good thing about free credit reports is that they are easy to obtain and you can get three of them free each year, one from each of the three major credit reporting agencies, including Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax.

Viewing your free credit reports is the best indicator as to where your credit stands and if you have a good chance of getting approved for gas credit cards. Of course, not only can you see where your credit stands right now, but you can also check for any fraudulent activities, any indication of identity theft, as well as any errors that might be there. If you do find these instances, you must write to the credit bureau and correct the errors, which will then benefit your credit score and improve your overall credit rating.

Remember, you can obtain your free credit reports each and every year. In other words, if you obtain one from each credit bureau this year, next year at the same time, you will qualify for another free report. It is ideal that you do this each year and carefully monitor your credit history. Then you can also determine if you stand a chance at obtaining gas credit cards or any type of credit for that matter, year after year.

At the same time, there are many companies on the internet that give you the opportunity to continually monitor your credit report. These services are great, however, make sure that you understand just how the process works and any fees that may apply. There are some companies that sneak fees up on unsuspecting customers because they did not read the fine print.

However, these credit report monitoring services are ideal for any person who wants to make sure they always understand where their credit stands. They will alert you when there is a change in either direction, good or bad, on your credit report and this gives you the opportunity to analyze the change and know what is going on.

Gas credit cards can save you a great deal of time, money, and hassles, but so can free credit reports. Make sure that you take advantage of both.


Credit Reports – Get Them For Free Now

Terro White asked:

There are so many different ways in which you can get credit reports today, but the number of ways in which you might be able to get them for free is limited. Hence, you might want to be familiar with these and know how to not get cheated in the process. You should be familiar with all the different ways in which you might be able to gain from these credit reports so that you can get the reports on time as well as be in a position to implement the information that you gain from the report to try and improve your credit rating.

Getting know cause of deduction

One of the most important things that you might be able to learn from your credit reports is the cause for a decrease in your credit score. Hence, when you know why your credit score is falling down, you might be able to better understand how to stop this from happening and perhaps even fix it if possible. In this way, you should be able to improve your credit score over a period of time. For many people out there, it is important to know about these parameters so that they can be in a better position with their finances.

Use for planning your finances

Another suitable application of the credit reports would probably be in planning your financial future and deciding on what you would be spending your money on. In many cases, people land up in trouble because they spend for unimportant commodities. Don’t end up in such a position and keep your money for the necessary expenses. Remember to read your report thoroughly before you plan out any expense so that you don’t end up losing money in the long run.

To determine mistakes in your credit record

Another extremely useful application of these reports is in determining any mistakes that might be there in your credit score details. In this way, you can try and point out these mistakes before your score is utilized for determining interest rates on your credit cards or any loans that you might be applying for. Hence, this is something that you can think about if you haven’t yet made up your mind regarding whether or not to go in for your report. Since mistakes occur every now and then, it is your duty to identify them and then correct them if necessary with the use of your credit reports.

Hence, it is quite clear that you would want to make use of annual credit report as much as possible in order to get your finances in line and ensure that you don’t end up spending too much of your money. For many cases, it has been established that these reports are required if you want to plan your expenses and have a decent amount in your savings account. There are some reputed websites on the internet that provide you with the option to get these reports for free. Hence, you would want to check it out if you want to plan well for your finances.


Free Credit Reports – How to Get Them

Tanya Caliban asked:

Especially in times like these, many people are striving to get themselves into a better financial situation. Getting there really starts with one simple thing, and that is knowing where you are right now financially. Knowing your credit score and keeping track of it can go a long way, and there are a number of things you can do to get a free credit report.

As more time has gone by, people have become more aware of the notion that when you get something for free, it isn’t really free at all. Sometimes these free things have other hidden terms that you have to agree too, or are only really free if you buy something first.

Credit Importance
When considering finances, it is important to have a high level of reputation when you’re looking into to utilizing your own finances. Everything from buying a car or house to obtaining a great credit card deal is reliant on your credit rating. If your credit is high, you’ll generally have that ability to receive credit extensions such as these.

One thing many people forget is that your actual credit rating depends on more than just making your payments on time or off. You also need to consider things like how much debt you have presently and the terms by which you’ve paid off past debts. All of these factors will decide what kind of credit you can be approved for.

The “Free” Part
When looking into something that claims to offer a free credit report, this is usually something required by law, so it’s something you are entitled to, and are going to, receive. Most institutions trying to sell something to you actually offer you a detailed report from the three major bureaus: Equifax, Trans-union, and Experian.

There is going to be a form of cost that factors in, yes, but remember- don’t get upset when you hear about it, because it’s going to be there nonetheless. Don’t get upset when offered a free credit report, as it is one of the many online services that go along with major credit industries. Think of this as the way they are able to offset some of the cost of their other expenses.

Getting The Info You Need
Once you’ve actually ruled out somewhere to receive this information, you need to consider your package options. Depending on the extent of the information you desire, costs will vary. You may end up paying just a few dollars or as much as a hundred dollars.

If you do go through with the purchase, always use some form of credit charge that you can pay off immediately. It isn’t going to help to forget something like this, as you will be facing the possibility of more interest, and therefore debt, occurring.

Affordable credit information may be tough to come by, although it will inevitably be a huge help when it comes time to actually put it to work.


Free Printable Online Credit Report – Why You Should Obtain One?

Ann Born asked:

If you are like the many users, you are getting your personal credit report via the internet. If you have not and are considering doing so, there may be a few things you should know. Were you aware that you could get a free printable online credit report through the many places that offer credit reports online? Most of the web sites that offer credit reports will offer a printable version as well.

Getting your free printable online credit report can help you save a good deal of time and prevent the need to constantly go back and forth reading and re-reading the report repeatedly. By using the option to get a free printable online credit report, you will be able to go over it thoroughly right at your desk, table or anywhere. This could give you a better insight into what is on the credit report that you may not be able to get from the computer screen.

Your personal credit report may contain some items you need to carefully investigate and understand that may be hurting your credit rating. Having the free printable online credit report right in front of you can help you come up with a plan to report errors and improve your credit rating.

Many of the web sites on the internet offering credit reports online, offer a free 30 day trial. Take advantage of this trial and receive a free printable online credit report. After you receive this, you can then cancel the membership to that web site if you think you will no longer need to use their services.

It is important that you understand that as a free member, you may not be entitled to a free printable online credit report on every web site. As their popularity increases, most reporting companies are putting an end to the free printable online credit reports. You may have to pay a small fee on some for the printable version.

There are many advantages to having a free printable online credit report. For example, if you find yourself turned down for credit, you have the option of taking them the report and giving them a first hand look at what is contained in your credit report. If this does not influence their decision, take your very detailed plan on improving your credit. By showing them your determination and ability to make each payment every month, you may find them more accepting of your credit application.


Free Credit Reports – How to Get Them

Jay Brahmanheimer asked:

Many people that are currently suffering in the financial straits of our failing economy are looking for ways to better their money situation. One of the ways that people can get a handle on their finances is to know exactly where they stand in regard to their credit rating. Here are a few suggestions on what to do when looking for a free credit report.

We have been conditioned over the years to understand that when something is offered at no cost, typically there is a catch. Perhaps it is a way of getting you to stay at a hotel that requires you to buy a timeshare. Other times, free gifts are offered if you purchase a certain amount of merchandise from their corporation.

In regard to our finances, we need to be careful in regard to how we look on paper, especially when we are trying to do something large such as purchase a house or become more economically stable. It is important that our rating is high in order for us to receive the additional credit that we need.

One of the things to watch out for in regard to understanding your overall rating is that it is based upon certain criteria. Not only is it based upon how many payments you have made on time, but the overall amount that you have access to in total.

So when looking at an offer that provide you with a free credit report, always remember that they must do this by law and that they have something that they are trying to sell. Most of them offer a more detailed report which examines all three of the major credit bureaus.

Although the cost is nominal, you simply need to be aware that it exists and not to be upset if they offer you one of their services. They are online which cost them money and therefore to offset those costs, they need to provide a service or a product to compensate not only their employees but their presence on the World Wide Web.

Once you have decided which company to choose, there will be many packages. Choose the one that best fits your needs and use that one. The prices will range anywhere from a few dollars to over $100 depending upon the information that comes with the package.

If you decide to choose one of the packages, always sure to use a credit card that you can pay off immediately. One of the greatest difficulties in our society today is having a charge and forget mentality. Therefore, regardless of how much it is, make a note to yourself to pay it off so that interest does not accrue.

Finding credit help or information that is affordable can sometimes be a challenge. However, once you have it, you will have a road map or guideline of what you need to do to improve your rating. Get your free credit report today.


Getting Free Credit Scores and Reports

Mark Alison asked:

In difficult economic times and with the credit market getting tighter and tighter, it is important to manage your credit and finances very carefully.

Obtain Your Absolutely Free Credit Report, No Trial!

Ann Born asked:

You have an abundance of alternatives when looking for an absolutely free credit report, no trial. Within the United States, Americans have the ability to receive one absolutely free credit report, no trial from each of the three major reporting companies, yearly. Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian all provide you one free credit report on a yearly basis. The only requirement from you is that you contact any one of them and request your absolutely free credit report, no trial.

You will be required to provide them with proof of identification and current address. This is a necessary step to prove that you are the person shown on the credit report. After you have requested the absolutely free credit report, no trial, you will find your credit report sitting in your mailbox in as little as two weeks. If you are not willing to write these companies to request your free credit report, you can contact them by telephone as well. Depending upon the company you are going with, you may be able to find your credit rating right over the phone. However, you will still need to provide them with some identifying information.

Receiving an absolutely free credit report, no trial, is suitable for most people. There is really no reason you need to have constant review of your credit report. It does not generally change overnight, unless you have many different credit issues to deal with. The internet provides you with a multitude of methods in obtaining a free credit report; however, this will not be an absolutely free credit report, no trial. You will be required to provide credit card information and have to go through a 30-day free trial. There is no reason to risk your money or information online, when you can get a yearly, absolutely free credit report, no trial.


The Secret To Good Credit Score Ratings

Jack Harmon asked:

Bad credit is a huge problem in the world today, as it lands some people in jail behind bars and other people in more debt paying off interest for the rest of their lives.

If you have a low credit score rating you will essentially pay about 4 percent more interest on everything you buy on credit. Having a good credit score and maintaining it is easier said than done, and not many people practice what they preach either.

The truth is that more and more everyday people around the world fall victim to the tempting sale adverts in shop windows and on TV and in turn these people fall victim to maxing out their credit cards. This is not always a good thing, unless someone else pays their bills for them on a monthly basis.

Maintaining a good credit score is a must, it is easier said than done but it is not impossible, the trick is to take a look at your credit score rating every few months, so you know if you are going wrong and how you will be able to fix it.

For a good credit score rating finance experts say that you must try at least to make a payment on every credit account you have every month. This will keep you in the good books and your credit score rating stable at all times, which his the way you want it and the way you need it.

Credit Score Ratings Kept High

If you want to keep up with your credit score rating and if you want to maintain a good credit score it will be a good idea to know how credit score ratings work. You will also need to know what credit score could land you on the bad credit list and the black list, and which credit score rating will see you paying less interest when you buy on credit.

According to finance experts every American needs to have a credit score rating between 600 and 800, where the total average range for credit score rating is 300 to 900.

Looking at statistics taken from a recent survey the average credit score rating for the United States of America is around 650.

It is said that you will pay almost 4 percent more interest for purchases made on credit if you have a lower credit score rating and you will pay much less if you rate around 900. It is also said that the very minimum if 550, which is still said to be pushing you luck a tiny bit.

So to perfectly manage your credit and debt you need to take a look at where you credit score rating stands every few months.

This way you will know what to do, whether it is a bit low or high enough, which enable you to spend a bit more, just remember to now over do it or you will end up on the bad credit list, or even worse, you will end up on the black list, which mean you will not be able to get credit for at least five years.


Do Credit Inquires Hurt Your Credit Score?

Mike Clover asked:

A credit inquiry is an item on your credit report that shows with permission a creditor requested your free credit score report.

Not all credit inquiries affect your credit score:

You may notice when you pull your credit report there are inquiries on there from a business you are not familiar with. The only inquiry that affects your credit score is the one where you are applying for credit. This is considered a hard pull on your report.

Inquiries that affect your credit score:

There is only one type of inquiry that affects your score. This type of inquiry is applications for a mortgage, auto loan and other credit, by you authorizing these creditors to access your credit report. This type of inquiry prompted by your own actions ends up on your personal credit report and affects your score.

An inquiry that does not affect your credit score: Checking your own personal credit report or any business that offers goods and services that requests your report. A business that you already have a account with that requests a check. A potential employer that does credit checks. Some of these types of inquiries might show up on your report but do not affect your credit score.

Checking your credit report does not affect your score:

Checking your credit report on a regular basis to ensure it is accurate and error free is recommended by Fair Isaac the inventor of the FICO Score. Maintaining a error free report is part of credit management which will improve your credit rating over time. Ordering your credit report at does not hurt your credit score.

How credit inquiries are factored in your Credit Score:

There are five types of information used to calculate your credit score. Each category accounts towards a percentage of your score.

Payment History – 35%

Amounts Owed – 30%

Length of Credit History – 15%

Types of Credit in use – 10%

New Credit – 10%

Don’t let inquires scare you. There is nothing wrong with shopping for a better rate, or better terms on a loan. As you can see in the about chart, payment history is the biggest factor in calculation process of your credit score. The second biggest factor is how much of your approved credit limits are charged up. But of course you don’t want to go out and start applying for every credit offer out there either. Be responsible and have a good mix of credit, but stay away from too much credit as well You really on need 3 lines of credit reporting on your report.


1. credit card

2. car note

3. installment loan

This type of credit mix accounts for 10% of your score.


Credit Repair -How to-Repair Credit – Improve Credit Score

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For More Info Call Me: Penelope or Mychael 760-585-9258 (206) 495-1705 For More Info Call Me: Penelope or Mychael 760-585-9258 (206) 495-1705 How To Fix, Repair Bad (credit report)Rating | How to Fix, Repair…


What FICO 08 Means to Your Credit Score

CambridgeCredit asked:

Several decades ago, Fair Isaac and Company (FICO) revolutionized the credit rating system with the introduction of their FICO Score a three-digit number representing an individuals creditworthiness. In 2007, FICO began the process of overhauling its scoring model to better predict the risk represented by consumers. Roughly two years later, FICO 08 was released. This weeks episode of Cambridge Credit Counseling Corp.s Your Money 2.0 reviews these changes and explains how FICO 08 will impact your credit profile.


Does Debt Settlement Affect Your Credit Score

Marie Megge asked:

If you’re buried deep in credit card debt, you probably shouldn’t be asking if debt settlement affects your credit score. Instead, you may want to consider if you should really care what your score is. Think about your situation very seriously for a moment. You’re losing sleep and can barely make the minimum payments due on your credit cards. This situation is making you nervous and you can’t shake the sick feeling in the pit of your stomach because you’re always thinking about the money you owe and how you’ll be able to pay it back. Should you be worried? Probably, because this is a legitimate concern, and one that has the potential to remain for several years if you continue making minimum payments.

Now, jump over to the other side for a moment. Let’s say you’ve struggled and sacrificed to make your credit card payments each and every month. Because of this, your credit score is relatively high. So what? Is it worth feeling stressed out just to have a good credit rating? If you should enter a debt settlement program and your credit score is lower than you’d like it to be for a year or two, would you be awake at night thinking about your credit rating? It’s doubtful. If you’re like most people you’ll probably be so relieved to be debt-free, your credit score will be about as significant as your neighbor’s sister’s dog’s puppies.

Entering into a debt settlement program may or may not affect your credit score, depending on what your current situation is. Chances are, if you’ve made some late payments already and/or your credit cards are carrying high balances, your score is probably not as high as you may think it is. Negotiating reduced settlements with your creditors, through debt settlement, however, can save you thousands of dollars, help you avoid bankruptcy and finally get you to the point of being debt-free and stress-free in less than two years – very possibly even sooner.

If you should decide that debt settlement is your best option, be sure to hire a company you trust. If the first representative with whom you speak sounds like a salesperson and not really interested in your concerns regarding your current financial situation, there’s a good chance you’re not going to get the customer service you desire and deserve once you become a client with this particular firm. While going through the process of debt settlement, you’ll want assurance that your questions and/or concerns will be addressed promptly by the company you’ve chosen.

In summary, you should probably take a good look at what matters most to you – a lifestyle free of debt and concern, or a high credit score. When it comes right down to it, the choice really is yours, so be sure to make the decision you’re most comfortable with.


How Your FICA Score Effects Your Personal Credit History

Gerald Washam asked:

Understand Your Credit

Trying to understand how credit works can be frustrating. Most people do not even know where to begin when trying to identify their personal credit rating. There are three major credit bureaus that report your credit status. These three credit bureaus are Equifax, Experian and TransUnion. All three also keep your FICA or credit score. This score can give you the best idea of how your credit ranks.

FICA…What Is It?

FICA scores range from 375 to 900. In general, the higher your credit score the better you will be able to obtain credit. A FICA score under 620 makes obtaining credit difficult. You should identify what your score is and if it isn’t a good number you should then work on making it better. Creditors use your FICA score to determine whether to give you credit and sometimes base interest rates on this score. It is a very important number to know.

Your FICA Score

To determine your credit score you should request your credit report from the three major credit bureaus. The new legislation passed that allows you one free credit report every twelve months does not require the credit bureau to give you your FICA score, so you will probably have to pay for these reports. The contact information for each bureau is as follows:
Equifax 800-685-1111

Experian 888-397-3742

TransUnion 800-916-8800

You should receive a copy of your personal credit report that includes your FICA score. Your FICA score is listed along with a comparison to the general population. This lets you know where you fall on the scale from excellent to poor. The credit bureau may include information as to why your score is not higher. Once you have your score you can then determine what you need to do to make it higher.

Raising Your Score

Some simple things can be done to help raise your FICA score. Paying your bills on time, keeping a small amount of unused credit available, keeping your debt low, and avoid inquires to your credit report can all help improve your credit score. Some things like, length of credit history, length of time on your job, and length of time at residence are things you can do nothing about, but that will also affect your FICA score. Practicing good credit methods will help you to obtain a better FICA score.

If you are worried about your personal credit you should really check out your FICA score. Then work to improve it. It may take time, but everyone has the ability to have good credit.


What Does Your Credit Score Mean?

Mike Singh asked:

You may find yourself asking what does your credit score mean exactly? This is a valid question, many people ask themselves what does a credit rating mean. It is a score that determines how responsible you have been in handling your credit and debts. When asking about credit score, it signifies you should also know it helps in getting accepted for a loan or a credit card so it is important to keep it in good standing. Also when looking at your credit rating means you should do everything you can to improve it if need be.

Not only should you know what does your credit mark mean, but you should also know the parts that it is made up of. This is because there are many numbers and names all over it. It is important in determining what your credit mark mean to look at it at least once a year in order to avoid any problems and to resolve any that do arise as quickly as possible. This will mean you must look at it carefully and make sure everything is correct from your address to the balances on each account.

Something else that you need to do when trying to figure out what does your credit score signify is making sure you are ready to dispute anything that is wrong on it. You should also be aware of how to go about this. There are ways and the creditors must oblige within a certain amount of time.

A good thing to do before attempting to find out about your credit rating is to get a free copy of it for your records. This can be done online and at least once a year needs to be done. If it is too low for your own comfort you can work on improving it by curbing spending, paying on time and transferring balances. Do not buy anything you really cannot afford.

When trying to figure out your credit rating mean you should look at the interest rates of different credit cards. These interest rates can greatly affect your credit score and your ability to pay credit cards off. Get rid of any cards with high interest rates as soon as possible and you will be better off.

Most of the time when you are looking at what does your credit score mean, you are trying to figure out if something is wrong with it and looking for a way to improve it. By following these simple suggestions you can be on your way to doing a lot better financially. As long as you understand your credit mark mean, you are well on your way to being debt free.