Many Places To Get Your Free Credit Report

Andy Zain asked:

Free credit reports are so easy to obtain. They can be accessed online at numerous websites, or they are available by calling or requesting by mail. People need access to their credit reports all of the time, and these companies provide a great service.

To apply online for a free credit report, several pieces of information are needed. They will, of course, need a name and address. They will want more confidential information like social security number. They also need security questions answered like former addresses and telephone numbers to verify your identity.

There are so many different websites who offer free credit reports. The free credit report is offered through a free trial membership. They may offer 30-days of a free trial where the person can view their credit report and get their credit score. However, a credit card number will be needed because they in turn hope you choose to continue service with them. They will charge your card at the end of the trial if it is not cancelled. It is recommended to cancel this free trial before it expires to avoid charges.

The free credit report will include information from three credit bureaus including Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax. This will have your full credit history, and they will give you your credit score.

If the person decides to keep the membership, they are allowed access to other services provided by the company. The person can view their credit at any time. They can set alerts concerning their credit report such as if any company views their credit report, they can be notified by email. Identity theft protection is a common feature.

People sign up for free credit reports for many reasons. Usually they want to know how their credit is doing. If a person has good credit then a viewing once a year suffices. They know they are in good standing. Some people may have the opportunity for a free credit report if they are turned down for a credit application like a loan or credit card. Lastly, people who want to improve their credit can use it to check their credit history and to monitor it. This might require a regular membership so they can see the improvements they make.

Obtaining a free credit report is recommended for all people periodically. It is good information one needs to know for certain circumstances like applying for a home loan. It is very simple because countless website offer a free trial to obtain the free credit report. The free trial is usually one month.