All 6 Free Credit Report.Com Commercials

nuttymick2 asked:

EDIT 4: Uploaded “All 9 FreeCreditReport.Com Commercials.” So go watch it with the 3 new commercials added to the collection. Now. EDIT 3: You know, you don’t have to remind me that there are new commercials out. In fact I uploaded them, so I think I would know. I’m waiting for all the new commercials to come out BEFORE I make another collaberation. So yeah. Shut up about the new commercials. EDIT 2: Added the lyrics as annotations on the video. Now you don’t have to look in the description for the lyrics!!! Be careful though, the annotations jump around the video a lot so keep your eyes open! EDIT: Oh my God!!! Fine!!! Here are the freakin lyrics! Now stop spamming me with the constant comments and messages to put the lyrics!!! New Job/Pirate Restaurant Commercial: They say a man should always dress For the job he wants, so Why’m I dressed up like a pirate In this restaurant? It’s all because some hacker Stole my identity Now I’m in here every evening Serving chowder and iced tea Shoulda gone to: Free credit report dot com Yee-haa! I coulda seen this coming at me like an atom bomb They monitor your credit and send you email alerts So you don’t end up selling fish to tourists in T-shirts Offer applies with enrollment in Triple Advantage. Dream Girl: Well I married my dream girl I married my dream girl But she didn’t tell me her credit was bad So now instead of living in a pleasant suburb We’re living in the basement at her mom and dad’s. No we can’t get a