Robert Goddard’s Rocket After Flight

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Robert Goddard’s Rocket After Flight
Image by NASA on The Commons
Dr. Robert H. Goddard’s rocket after flight in New Mexico on April 19, 1932. Those carrying the rocket are (left to right): Nils Ljungquist, machinist; most likely Charles Mansur, welder; Goddard’s brother-in-law and machinist Albert Kisk; and Goddard. The rocket had new guiding vanes controlled by a gyroscope which helped stabilization. In 1930, with a grant from the Guggenheim Foundation, Goddard and his crew moved from Massachusetts to Roswell, New Mexico, to conduct research and perform test flights away from the public eye. This rocket was one of many that he launched in Roswell from 1930-1932 and from 1934-1941. Dr. Goddard has been recognized as the father of American rocketry and as one of the pioneers in the theoretical exploration of space. His dream was the conquest of the upper atmosphere and ultimately space through the use of rocket propulsion. When the United States began to prepare for the conquest of space in the 1950’s, American rocket scientists began to recognize the debt owed to the New England professor. They discovered that it was virtually impossible to construct a rocket or launch a satellite without acknowledging the work of Dr. Goddard.

Image from page 296 of “St. Nicholas [serial]” (1873)
Image by Internet Archive Book Images
Identifier: stnicholasserial251dodg
Title: St. Nicholas [serial]
Year: 1873 (1870s)
Authors: Dodge, Mary Mapes, 1830-1905
Subjects: Children’s literature
Publisher: [New York : Scribner & Co.]
Contributing Library: Information and Library Science Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Digitizing Sponsor: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

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Text Appearing Before Image:
lling to buy every-thing which could be brought from Europe.They were fond of good wine, good groceries,good firearms and ammunition, fine cutlasses,and, very often, good clothes in which theycould disport themselves when on shore. Butthey had peculiar customs and manners; andalthough they were willing to buy as much asthe French traders had to sell, they could notbe prevailed upon to pay their bills: A pirateis not generally the sort of man who cares topay his bills. When he gets goods at a store,he wants them charged. That this was the state of feeling on the isl-and of Tortuga was discovered before very THE BUCCANEERS OF OUR COAST. 28l long by the French mercantile agents, whothen applied to the mother-country for assist-ance in collecting the debts due them; and abody of men, who might be called collectors, and after a time the work of endeavoring tocollect debts from pirates was given up, andas there was no profit in carrying on businessin this way, the mercantile agency was also

Text Appearing After Image:
in a small boat filled with some of his trusty men roc rowed quietly into the port. (see page 284.) or deputy sheriffs, was sent out to the island.But although these officers were armed withpistols and swords, as well as with authority,they could do nothing against the buccaneers;Vol. XXV.—36. given up, and its officials were ordered to sellout everything they had on hand, and to comehome. There was, therefore, a sale for whichcash payments were demanded, and there was 282 THE BUCCANEERS OF OUR COAST. [Feb. a great bargain-day on the island of Tortuga.Everything was disposed of: the stock of mer-chandise on hand, the tables, the desks, thestationery, the bookkeepers, the clerks, andthe errand-boys. The living items of the stockon hand were considered to be property andwere sold as slaves. John Esquemeling was bought by one ofthe French officials who had been left on theisland, and he described his new master as averitable fiend. He was worked hard, half fed,treated cruelly in many w

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Ottoman Public Debt Administration, Istanbul
Image by SALTOnline…

Osmanlı Devleti’nin dış borçlarını yönetmek amacıyla 1881’de kurulan Düyûn-ı Umûmiye İdaresi ilk olarak İstanbul, Bahçekapı’da bulunan Köprülü Han’da faaliyet gösterdi. Bir süre sonra hanın kapasitesinin yetersiz kalması nedeniyle kurum, mimar Alexandre Vallaury’ye Cağaloğlu’nda yaptırılan görkemli bir binaya taşındı. Dönemin mimarlık eğilimlerine uygun olarak Birinci Ulusal Mimarlık üslubunda tasarlanan bina, Düyûn-ı Umûmiye’nin yetkilerinin kaldırılması üzerine bir dönem boş kaldı. 1933’te Mustafa Kemal Atatürk’ün emriyle İstanbul Lisesi’nin kullanımına verildi. İstanbul Lisesi hâlen aynı binada eğitim-öğretime devam etmektedir.

SALT Araştırma, Fotoğraf Arşivi

7 Tips to a 720 credit history – Even after filing personal bankruptcy!

Kevin Heupel, section 7 lawyer, from Heupel Law talking about just how some body can rebuild their credit history to a 720 within one year of processing individual bankruptcy.

Step one to rebuilding your credit is to obtain away from debt. Chapter 7 personal bankruptcy is a superb way to get out of debt as it eliminates most debts except taxes from last 3 years, student loans, youngster support, alimony, and restitution. Otherwise, a Colorado part 7 personal bankruptcy will eliminate the debt you will need being rebuild your credit score to a 720.

Individual bankruptcy is not for everyone. Make sure to contact a Chapter 7 lawyer, eg Kevin Heupel at Heupel Law, to see if part 7 personal bankruptcy is an option for you. For more information on bankruptcy lawyers, see and then click here to watch this video once more:
Video Rating: / 5

This movie covers the quickest method to rebuild your credit after harming it through missed payments.
Video Rating: / 5

Marion County inmate mistakenly released after ID theft

Marion County inmate mistakenly released after ID theft
Authorities say a woman charged with drug offenses has escaped from the Marion County Jail by assuming the identity of another inmate who was scheduled to be released. According to court documents, the jail mistakenly released 34-year-old Jessica M.
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After T-Mobile breach, millennials may care about ID theft
Antoine has what one survey identifies as "millennial malaise" regarding the dangers of identity theft and the precautions consumers should take to prevent fraud. New data from security firm Intercede suggests that millennials in the United States and …
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The new reality of ID theft and social media
Instead, the new frontier of cyberextortion – where ID theft criminals and hackers threaten businesses by demanding cash in order for the “privilege” of not having their customer or employee information destroyed, manipulated, or shared publicly – is …

Rebuilding Bridges After You Cheat On Your Husband

Rebuilding Bridges After You Cheat On Your Husband

It shouldn’t come as a complete or total shock that your marriage is in a bit of trouble after you cheat on your husband. Once the truth comes out of that particular bag it isn’t exactly something you can pretend never happened. This is a problem in most marriages that is going to have to be dealt with.

The sooner it’s handled the better it will ultimately be, for the sake of the marriage. If you want to save your marriage from divorce now that the truth about your cheating is out there are a few things you’re going to have to do in order to rebuilding bridges that cheating most definitely burns.

How Do You Rebuild Those Bridges?

It’s hard to focus on long-term bridge building when you’re just trying to keep your marriage together for today and tomorrow. But you must begin to rebuild bridges while you are tearing down old hurdles and pitfalls that have led your marriage to the place it was when you made the decision to cheat on your husband.

You begin rebuilding the bridges with a simple apology. Don’t make it elaborate. Don’t try to buy his love. Don’t apologize for things that won’t matter at all to him. Apologize for hurting him, for making him feel unimportant, and for being disloyal to him and your marriage. For your husband, the perceived disloyalty might be the hardest part to move beyond and is definitely one you need to drive home.

Rebuilding takes place once you have the apology out of the way and are making an active effort to really win him over once again. Your husband is, in most cases, a rather simple man to understand. He wants to be admired and respected above almost anything else.

This means that if you are really interested in rebuilding those bridges that have been decimated by the affair, you’re going to have to start by taking great pains to show him just how much you admire and respect him today and always. This is essential if you really do want to save your marriage.

If you want to score a few extra points as you work towards rebuilding bridges after you cheat on your husband, you’re also going to have to convince your husband that you chose him over the other man because your husband is the better man. When you do this, your husband will be putty in your hands.


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Rebuilding Bonds and Healing After an Affair

Rebuilding Bonds and Healing After an Affair

Healing after an affair can be difficult on different levels. The injured party in a commitment will often experience feelings of resentment and betrayal once the emotional event is discovered. Activity should be taken to renew the bonds of the commitment. Since over half marriages will encounter this betrayal, people must work vigilantly in order to prevent this occurrence inside their marriage. If unfaithfulness occurs, there are several steps that may be taken to heal after the event.

how exactly to reconstruct the Bonds after an Affair

Spouses having taken a lover outside of marriage must very first recognize their blunder towards hurt partner. After the acknowledgment action is achieved, the hurt partner should be provided time to process the occurrence. The cheating partner must over come the emotions they’d for his or her lover. After that, tips must certanly be taken up to reconstruct trust and restore the bonds for the commitment. In situations of infidelity, the infidelity partner will frequently do or say things to result in the hurt partner withdraw literally. When this happens, emotions of trust should be renewed between partners. The partner must certanly be designed to believe that these are generally again desirable with their spouse. Professionals claim that healing after an affair might take 6 months to 2 yrs.

Rules for Healing after an Affair

During healing process, partners must stay away from carrying out any activity which will disturb their spouse. Couples must constantly communicate with their particular lover the thing that makes all of them happy and why is them upset both emotionally and literally. It is important never to neglect your lover whenever recovering after an affair. Partners will avoid their should talk to their lover. If you wish to be deeply in love with each other, you have to function with the emotions of resentment, dishonest interaction and selfish behavior. Each party must recognize as well as in some circumstances, physically create what annoys all of them and regulate how to love one another once more.

Healing after and event entails learning just how to protect the relationship from outside fans in the foreseeable future. Determine your triggers to cheat and instruct your lover to fill the wants that the lover filled during the affair. Discussion is important throughout the healing up process. Listen and nurture your spouse to be sure she or he will not develop desires for another spouse. Meet your lover’s psychological needs by showing affection and offering your undivided attention. Remember that your lover features 40 hours a day to develop a relationship with another person. Spend plenty of time together with your companion to stabilize the full time he or she uses making use of their colleague. Most importantly, be honest about your whereabouts, feelings and desires. This will assist to alleviate the temptation to cheat.

Home Sales Take Breather After 10 weeks Positive

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) June 13, 2014

Weekly home sales took a breather recently as reflected in Thursday’s “National Home Sales Snapshot” from Peoples Home Equity was not surprised in the stall as home sales had increased for 10 consecutive weeks.

As announced on Thursday, June 12th, home sales declined -0.9% week over week, meanwhile median home prices remained unchanged. Home sales are now just -3.4% below that of June 2013, when a fall from just -2.8% during the week prior. The average number of sales in the past 30 days, 227,956, remained -32.8% below its cycle high of 339,669 in June 2006. Median home prices remained 5.6% above their June 2013 level and 26.8% above June 2011. As for their cycle high median home prices are only -18.18% below their June 2006 high.

Peoples Home Equity thinks this small weekly decline is a simple rest before sales increase further over the next few weeks. The lender’s sentiment is the same regarding median home prices as inventories are still shy of demand.

Peoples Home Equity has been quite open about weekly home sale and price results from The lender finds’s “National Home Sales Snapshot” quite useful, especially as a leading indicator. Readers should routinely check this release to see where the housing market may be headed next when deciding with lock in or float a mortgage rate.

Of all home sales and price indicators, such as: new home sales, pending home sales, home prices indices,’s weekly snapshot is simply the best in terms of what is happening most up to date. Most housing indicators are lagging by at least a month. Peoples Home Equity prides itself on being the a leading lender in the mortgage market. Loan officers at any of Peoples Home Equity’s branches have good knowledge the housing market in their area which bodes confidence in prospective loan applicants.

If interested in securing a competitive, lower rate mortgage, consider speaking with a Peoples Home Equity loan officer today details at: 262-563-4026.

Mortgage Rates Slightly Higher after Release of FOMC Minutes

Mortgage Rates Slightly Higher after Release of FOMC Minutes

Blue Loan Services

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) February 20, 2014

California borrowers are looking at slightly higher rates, as mortgage lenders were prompted to reprice negatively after the Federal Open Market Committee released the minutes of its meeting held late this January. The fact that mortgage rates had been moderately lower than last week’s closing rates over the past two days shows that markets are still not really sure how the economy is faring. Blue Loan Services, a California full service mortgage company which has been helping borrowers to find the best rates and loan products for many years, weighs in on the situation and gives some advice for those who are not sure how to proceed with their home loan plans.

A February 19th report from Mortgage News Daily explains, “Mortgage rates began the day moderately lower compared to yesterday’s latest levels, but the improvements didn’t last. Bond markets including MBS (the ‘mortgage-backed-securities’ that most directly affect rates) began losing ground mid-morning and the weakness picked up steam after the afternoon’s release of Minutes from the late January FOMC meeting. This prompted most lenders to issue negative reprices. The net effect would be that a borrower who had been looking at slightly lower costs this morning is now back in line with Friday afternoon’s offerings. In some cases, that could affect the interest rate itself, but most scenarios would simply be looking at higher closing costs (or a lower lender credit, if applicable).”

Blue Loan Services explains that the rising rates are a sign that it might be best for most borrowers to lock in their loans as soon as they can. The predictions for 2014 all have mortgage rates rising, and while they have had a somewhat downward trend in February, the new increase is a reminder that any downward movement should be seen as a good opportunity to lock in a better rate, and is not necessarily the new state of things in the mortgage world.

Blue Loan Services can help those who wish to lock in today’s low mortgage rates to find the best possible loans for their situation and work quickly to get approved so that they can avoid higher rates down the line. Their fast online loan application and documentation portal makes it simple for clients to submit their application and keep track of their loan’s progress. With a reputation for fast, reliable and courteous service, the company’s team of experienced loan officers can be especially useful during this time of uncertainty.

For more information on how Blue Loan Services can help California home loan borrowers get approved for their home purchase loan or refinance quickly, please visit or call 1-888-929-BLUE (2583) to speak with an experienced mortgage professional.

CA Dept of Real Estate — Licensed Broker #01094374 NMLS #938365

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After Another Strong Year, IOU Central Poised for Significant Growth in 2014

After Another Strong Year, IOU Central Poised for Significant Growth in 2014

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) February 06, 2014

IOU Central, a leading online small business lender, announced today that it wrapped up 2013 with significant growth milestones that further illustrate the existing gap between small business owners and traditional banks. The company is well poised for future growth after it saw a significant increase last year in the dollars loaned to small businesses and, for the nine-month period ending September 30, 2013, its volume of loan originations rose 400 percent over the previous year.

“Such growth not only speaks to the success of IOU Central as an alternative lender, but also to the state of small business lending in our country via traditional sources,” said IOU Central President and COO Robert Gloer.

Risk-averse banks continue to be unable to justify the cost benefit of smaller loans, equating to tight credit standards for small business owners. This isn’t a new problem, however, but one that appears to be stagnating. FDIC data shows a 19.1 percent decrease in small business loans since the start of the Great Recession, while loans to midsize and large companies rose from a total of $ 1.5 trillion in 2007 to $ 1.9 trillion in 2012—a 12 percent increase, CNBC reports. As a result, more small businesses keep to turn to alternative lenders like IOU Central.

“We’ve seen firsthand that although the credit markets have thawed a bit, it’s still extremely difficult for small business owners to secure capital from banks,” said Gloer. “IOU Central is successful because small business owners trust and rely on us to help fund their growth at a time when banks are still unable to meet their needs. Our goal in 2014 is to continue enhancing the technology that drives our loan application and approval process to make it as efficient as possible. We can then pass the related savings on to borrowers and maintain our status as the lowest cost alternative lender.”

In addition to a bolstered sales force, IOU Central has also added experts to further its technology investment for delivering a simplified, 100 percent paperless process from start to finish. The company plans to announce some exciting new capabilities for borrowers and broker partners later this year.

About IOU Central
IOU Central is a conducting online lender specialized in helping small businesses with healthy cash flow. Typical customers include medical and dental practices, grocery and retail stores, restaurant and hotel franchisees and e-commerce companies. In an unique approach to bestowed, IOU Central’s advanced, automated application and approval system accurately assesses applicants’ financial realities, with an emphasis on day-to-day cash flow trends. It makes small business loaned of up to $ 100,000 to qualified applicants within a few business days, with affordable charges favorable to cash-flow management. IOU Central’s speed and transparency make it a trusted alternative to banks. Based in metro Atlanta, Georgia, IOU Central is a privately held subsidiary of IOU Financial (CNSX: IOU), which is headquartered in Montreal, Canada. For more information, visit

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What does a credit report look like after bankruptcy?

Question by Whitney: What does a credit report look like after bankruptcy?
I want to get information on what your credit report looks wishing after filing ch 7 bk. Does it still list all your accounts with the balances just with discharged on each, or is your credit report blank with just the bk on it?

Best answer:

Answer by Sparkles
Believe me, it is not blank.A Chapter 7 bankrutpcy may display on your credit for 10 years from the date of filing. Chapter 13 may stay for 10 yeas also, but it is customary for those to be removed after 7 years.Seven to ten years from the date of discharge. All discharged bankruptcies whether a state or federal filing remain on a CR for 10 years. A dismissed chapter 13 stayed for 7 years, a dismissed chapter 7 remains for 10 years. Chapt.7-11-12 will remain for ten years. A chapter 13 will remain for seven years if successfully completed, for 10 years if dismissed. Ten (10) years for a discharged chapter 7 or 13. Seven (7) years for a dismissed chapter 13, ten (10) years for a dismissed chapter 7. Although it is true that the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act does provide that bankruptcy entries will remain for 10 years, there are approximately creditors that will only leave a chapter 13 bankruptcy on your record for 7, rather than 10 years. They do this to encourage people to pay partly of their debts rather than discharge it all below a chapter 7. More importantly, the effect of bankruptcy on one’s ability to get credit is vastly overdrawing. The key to getting the credit you need has far more to do with the amount of present income you have rather than any negatives on your credit report. In poor, if you have good present income, the creditors will look past your credit report to your wallet in the sense that it is possible, even with a bankruptcy on one’s record, to get credit for cars and new credit cards as soon as you are discharged in a chapter 7 (about four months after you file), and after a year or so, you can even get a mortgage on a house. They may not give you the best rate, but if you have good present income, even a person with a bankruptcy on their record can get the credit they want in almost all cases. You will not qualify for a FHA until a chapter 7 has be discharged for 2 years. A chapter 13, you will only have to wait a minimum of 1 year from filing date.

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Tips for After a Car Accident: 10 Things to Note from

Tips for After a Car Accident: 10 Things to Note from

(PRWEB) July 20, 2013

There are some important things to note at the scene of an accident that tin make a difference in fault determination as well as the possibility of a traffic ticket or other charges. offers the top ten things to note after an accident.

1. Injuries to drivers and passengers. Not all injuries appear at the scene, and it is possible to have an injury manifest later, but taking note of how people are behaving and whether or not they appear injured can help prevent fraudulent claims. Of course, anyone who is injured needs medical attention; call for help immediately.

2. Signs and signals controlling the intersection. Look for stop signs, yield signs, and traffic lights and note how they may have impacted how the accident occurred, especially if the other drive may have violated one.

3. Damage to the cars. While no one can make an estimate at the scene with total accuracy, damage over $ 1000 requires a police report. “Eye the damage and call the police if you aren’t sure,” says Anne Marie Thomas of, “and take pictures if you can.”

4. Any potential witness. Witnesses can help determine fault in an accident. This includes surveillance cameras that might have catch what happened. Get names and contact information of anyone who saw the accident.

5. The other driver’s behaviour. Be alert for any sign of intoxication; if any signs of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol exist, call the police immediately – don’t confront the driver.

6. The other driver’s basic information. Write down the license plate number, driver’s license number and name and policy number for the insurance company. Be surely to write it mastered as memory is fallible, and share the same information with that driver as well.

7. Whether the cars are drivable. If the cars can be moved, they should be taken to safety and out of the way of other traffic. Don’t ever move cars if anyone is injured or if it is dangerous to do so, instead move people to safe distance and wait for the police.

8. The time, date, and precise location. Again, memory is fallible, so make a written note of what time the accident happened, where exactly it happened including cross streets and nearby businesses, and the date. These things will be asked by insurance companies.

9. Anything that contributed to the accident. That includes pedestrians, other cars, animals and more. Anything that was a part of the reason the accident happened should be noted and may help with fault determination.

10. Potential previous damage on the other car. Look for any burning that appears to be pre-been and could not have been caused by the accident, such as damage on the aggrieving side of the car. Pre-existing damage can’t be restoring on an accident claim, and trying to do so is fraud. Be aware of any signs of possible fraud in the other driver’s actions or behavior.

While taking note of all these things, remember to remain calm and not to get involved in fault discussions with the other driver. If at any time it seems necessary, call for police assistance even if it’s not required.

Remember that at-fault car accidents impact insurance quotes. Be certain to report all information and be co-operative with the insurance company to ensure all details are exact.

About is a digital marketplace dedicated to helping Canadians save money by providing the lowest insurance and mortgage rates, as well as credit card and holiday comparisons, from a network of over 40 providers. Launched by Insurance Hotline, has partnered with insurance companies and brokers, mortgage professionals, credit unions and other financial institutions to ensure consumers get a fast, free and easy-to-use service. is a division of Insurance Hotline.

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How come my credit score was Zero after Bankruptcy Discharge & how can i build my credit?

Question by Wendell: How come my credit score was Zero after Bankruptcy Discharge & how can i build my credit?
I filed bankruptcy in 2008 and discharged same year. My Credit Score is still Zero, How can i rebuild my credit score again. I got a 2 secured credit cards, 1 from USBank and the other from Golden1 Credit Union.

Best answer:

Answer by Judy
Go to your bank and ask them about a latched card.Make sure it reports to the credit bureaus – and you replace the money in full each month.Ask to see if this card will turn into a credit card after a year even with a bankruptcy on file.That is your scoop hope to rebuild credit.Once it turns into a credit tease – remember to pay in full each month.Not the minimum, not nigh to the minimal, but the entire equilibrating – no games.Carrying balances can destroy credit and in some cases ruin lives./

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