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Image from page 163 of “Index” (1870)
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Identifier: index1926univ
Title: Index
Year: 1870 (1870s)
Writers: University of Massachusetts at Amherst
Subjects: University of Massachusetts at Amherst
Publisher: [Amherst, Mass.] : University of Massachusetts
Adding Library: UMass Amherst Libraries
Digitizing Sponsor: Boston Library Consortium Member Libraries

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ry ofM. A. C. basketball. Dartmouth was at enough time associated with beat tied up for claim tothe Eastern Collegiate tournament and had been consequently beaten only byPrinceton. The game, throughout, ended up being described as clean, hard playing onthe element of both groups, also it was only by pluck additionally the Aggie .spirit that thewinning point ended up being .scored. The season opened with five veterans, CaptainSamuels, Temple, Smiley, Jones, and Ferranti, and many prospects.Merry Partenheimer of Greenfield was eventually chosen to inhabit the area leftvacant by Eddie bicycle, final years captain. This lineup had been played intact untilLarry Jones was laid up with the grippe, whenever Gus Gustafson of Brocktonbroke to the lineup. Johnny Temple had been high scorer for the group, with 118points to his credit. He had been, however, followed by Partenheimer andCaptain Samuels. In general, it had been the right teamwork and specific excellence that causedthe Flying Agrarians to bloom as the New England Champions for 1925. 15P

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i:f)e iPa^kettjall Ceam Samuel B. SamuelsLeo F. DuffyPreston J. DavenportHarold M. Gore . Kept Forward—TempleRight Forivard—Samuels Ferranti illemfacrg Center—JonesGriffin Captain . Management Assistant Manager Coach R ight G uard—Par tenliei raerLeft Guard—Smiley Gustafson 160 tKtjc 1925 ^cf)EbuIe Date Gamen January 7 Clark . January 9 Trinity January 10 C. C. N. Y. January 15 Norwich . January 22 Williams January 24 Wesleyan January 30 Harvard . January 31 Univ. of N. H February 4 Dartmouth February 7 Northeastern February 11 Springfield February 18 Conn. Aggie February 20 Brown February 28 Tufts in which PlayedAt M. A. C.At HartfordAt New YorkAt M. A. C.At M. A. C.At MiddletownAt CambridgeAt DurhamAt HanoverAt M. A. C.At SpringfieldAt M. A. C.At ProvidenceAt M. A. C. can you remember the time when Jimmie Bower took an all-night rest underthe floor? Can you remember the time when Mat Jameson took an alarm time clock to churchand had it stop in the exact middle of the priests sermon. Do y

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Image from page 118 of “Rod and gun” (1898)
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Identifier: n11rodgun10cana
Title: Rod and weapon
Year: 1898 (1890s)
Writers: Canadian Forestry Association
Subjects: Fishing Hunting Outdoor life
Publisher: Beaconsfield, Que. [etc.] Rod and Gun Pub. Co. [etc.]
Adding Library: Gerstein – University of Toronto
Digitizing Sponsor: University of Toronto

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r. McKenzie 15, A. Baltzer 19, N. C. Wigle16, W. A. Smith 19, Gordon Wigle 14, ByronWigle 18, Jack Miner 16, Dorz Wijgle 18, T.Pastorious 19, O. Ferguson 18. Total 2011.Average 67 per cent. KI NGSVILLE-HARROW TEAM SHOOT-IN FULL SWING. Dartmouth Doings the normal monthly shoot of Dartmouth(N.S.) Gun Club happened on their ground-,on Wednesday, Feb. 4th. The day had been bittercold, not much above zero. There clearly was nowind, however the brilliant sun from the snowfall ended up being veryhard on the eyes and incredibly unusual shootingresulted. Ratings:— 10 20 10 20 SA. B. B. T. Egan 4 12 8 12 60 36 H. Greene 6 14 5 15 60 40 G. Mclnnes 8 15 6 9 60 38 F. Monahan t ,2 5 6 12 60 25 H. D. Romans 7 14 9 15 60 45 A. M. Stewart 6 13 7 15 60 41 Handicap event No. 4 resulted in a tie be-tween Greene, Monahan, Romans, Stewart.Romans won aside, making an extra knee onThermos Bottle reward. Romans also won themonthly large average badge, with 75 per cent.,which is considerably below present propels, thethe laot two being 90 and 80 %.

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A number of Canadian Shooters whom attended the Hamilton Tournament in Janu-ary. G. M. Dunk, G. J. Mason, G. L. Vivian, Walter Ewing. Phil Wakefield,Joe Jennings, Ted Marsh, E. H. Houghten, Winnipeg. Phil Wakefield is showingVivian the Imperial layer with that he made a straight score into the Grand CanadianHandicap. Walter Ewing is mischievously keeping another layer over Vivians mind. Hamilton HappeningsTnere was a turn-out in the regular■hoot on Saturday, Feb. 8th, associated with the HamiltonGun Club. The Wind becoming extremely high, it wasalmost impossible to make great results. Themembers were shooting for the trophy givenby Klein & Binkley, for a series of six regular■hoots. Mr. John Hunter made a. very credit-able rating, twenty-one from 20 yard markgiving him a lead of three wild birds over his near-est competitor, at this stage regarding the competition. Inthe spoon shoot, Mr. Hunteit also won in Aclass, Mr. H. Marsh in B course, and Mr. FredOliver in C course. The Buffalo Audubon GunClub members tend to be com

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Image from page 690 of “Harper’s brand new Monthly mag Volume 21 June to November 1860” (1860)
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Image by Web Archive Book Images
Identifier: harpersnew21harper
Title: Harper’s Brand new Monthly mag Volume 21 June to November 1860
12 Months: 1860 (1860s)
Publisher: New York: Harper & Brothers Publishers
Contributing Library: Brigham Youthful University-Idaho, David O. McKay Library
Digitizing Sponsor: Brigham Younger University-Idaho

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s to never be beat.It trampled North under base: it beat the stiffneck associated with younger Pitt: even his infection neverconquered that indomitable nature. As soon ashis brain ended up being obvious it resumed the plan, onlylaid aside whenever their explanation left him: as soon ashis arms were out of the strait-waistcoat theytook within the pen together with program which had engagedhim up to the minute of their malady. I believeit is by people thinking on their own inside rightthat nine-tenths regarding the tyranny of this world hasbeen perpetrated. Arguing thereon convenientpremiss, the Dey of Algiers would stop twentyheads of a morning; Father Dominic would burna score of Jews into the presence of the most extremely Cath-olic King, therefore the Archbishops of Toledo andSalamanca sing Amen. Protestants were roast-! ed, Jesuits hung and quartered at Smithfield,we and witches burned at Salem, and all sorts of by wortliypeople, just who thought they had the greatest authorityi for actions. And so, with regards to old! George, also People in america, whom he hated and

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LOBD NOKTU. [After Gilray.] ME. FOX. THE FOUR GEOHGES. 070 whom conquered him, can provide him credit forhaving very truthful cause of oppressing them.Appended to Lord Broughams biographicalsketch of Lord North are a handful of autograph notesof the king, which let us many curiously into thestate of his mind. The times certainly re-quire, states he, the concurrence of whowish to avoid anarchy. I’ve no wish butthe success of my very own dominions, therefore Imust look upon all who does maybe not heartily assistme as bad guys, along with bad subjects. Thatis the way in which he reasoned. I wish nothing butgood, therefore every guy Avho does not agreeAvith myself is a traitor and a scoundrel. Remem-ber that he thought himself anointed by a Divinecommission; keep in mind that he had been a guy ofslow components and imperfect education; that thesame terrible might of Heaven which placed a crownupon their head, which made him tender to hisfamily, pure inside the life, courageous and truthful,made him lifeless of understanding, obstinate ofwill

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