Image from page 44 of “Africa and its own residents” (1899)

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Image from page 44 of “Africa and its inhabitants” (1899)
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Identifier: africaitsinhabit02recl
Title: Africa and its inhabitants
12 Months: 1899 (1890s)
Writers: Reclus, Elisée, 1830-1905 Keane, A. H. (Augustus Henry), 1833-1912
Subjects: Ethnology
Publisher: London : J.S. Virtue
Contributing Library: University of California Libraries
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centuries created by the emigrants and people engagedin the whale fisheries. Thousands have previously checked out Portugal, Brazil, theWest Indies, the Sandwich isles, in addition to Arctic Seas, with no various other insularpopulation most likely includes therefore big a proportion of men that have made the I>:nABITANTS OF THIS AZOEES. 31 trip of the world. Amongst the rural courses wedding is almost constantly an affairof pure convenience and interest. Various traces however survive associated with the formerseclusion of the ladies, noticeable in building for the houses and especiallvin the outfit. Enveloped in their large hooded cloaks, the Azorian ladies seemto flit about like phantoms. Several hoods are still so contrived concerning meetin front side, making just a narrow orifice when it comes to wearer ^nth which to see withoutbeing seen. Within the district of San Miguel the partner, whenever spending a call or goingto size, may not go by the part of the woman husband, just who struts majestically a few Fijj. 12.—WoiiEx OP Deadly axd Sax-Miguzl. S-W-jJ.JV .J

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paces in front. Formerly the ladies in the towns cannot even go overseas tomake their expenditures, but had to do-all their particular shopping home, never leaving thefemale flats except to consult with the church. At approach of a man it waseven etiquette to show to the wall surface to prevent a profane glance. The people increases quickly by all-natural more than births throughout the mortality,families being extremely nimierous, plus the death-rate amongst young ones relativelyextremely low. In addition the survival also of weaker offspring tendsapparently to result in a general degradation associated with the race, and men are no 32 ^EST AFRICA. I longer noticed in the archipelago at all comparable to the durable peasantry of NorthPortugal. Epidemics sporadically break out, as well as the old chroniclers speak of pestilence, which in combo aided by the Moorish corsairs laid waste the risingsettlements. At the moment gastric and tj-phoid fevers are endemic, although theirnridencc is much diminished by the topogr

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Image from web page 206 of “United states ornithology when it comes to home and college” (1901)
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Identifier: americanornithol11901reed
Title: United States ornithology the house and school
12 Months: 1901 (1900s)
Writers: Reed, Chester A. (Chester Albert), 1876-1912
Subjects: Birds
Publisher: Worcester, Mass. : C.K. Reed
Adding Library: Smithsonian Libraries
Digitizing Sponsor: Smithsonian Libraries

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■a-u-ii-u-a-<»-a-u-cA-i*-u-{*-a-< ci=»ncH<Ci»ciHHcincnnn=j3B=- Vol. I. September, IDOl. JVo, 9 UNITED STATES OSTRICH FARMS. one thousand Os- Nearly triches, the descendents ofAfrican imports, are vege-tating in CaHfornia and Ar-izona only at that writing. Apair of the animals havebeen known in Californiato hatch thirty-seven chicksin 12 months; a brief reflec-tion upon these numbers with-out a vibrant imagination willin a rather limited time showlarge potential profits inthe culture regarding the AmericanOstrich; experience, thebest instructor, shows thatthis price cannot by anymeans be depended upon,but that various localitieseven in the same districtaffect very seriously thehealth of this strange spec-imen of bird creation.Cold winds and wantof green meals are often fatalto the Ostrich youthful; eventhe embryo is not free of

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the CORRESPONDENT. i6o UNITED STATES ORNITHOLOGY. threat of destruction by the moms and dad, either caused by fright on component ofthe hen Ostrich, causing breaking the eggs within the nest, or bythe irregular desire for food of the male, that will in many cases get a habitof consuming the fresh laid eggs of their companion. The Ostrich business has al-ready gained proportions of adequate dimensions to interest money; and todaynot just one Ostrich are available for love or cash uncontrolled by thecompetitive demand with this Ostrich trust. For purposes of income mostof the Ostrich facilities of America are influenced by the item of interestwhich these odd bipeds tend to be on tourists from north; whom annual-ly visitthe warmer climates with this nation, in which just can the AfricanOstrich thrive. Events are constructed of the birds at Northern expositions,but these exhibits tend to be in no way Ostrich facilities inside true feeling of that

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