CREDIT REPAIR COMPANIES: Can They Improve Credit Score Better Than You?

CreditSecretsBible asked: Credit Repair Companies Can They Improve Credit Score Better Than You? Do you believe an Attorney who can earn $250 an hour will actually work on your credit report for $49 a month? Or, do you think the whole process is automated and boiler plate letters are spit out on their behalf? For $49 a month do you feel they are going to “drag out” the process to make more money? Or, do you feel they just want to help the masses by making it affordable? Will they disclose what they are actually doing? Show you the letters they are sending? Will they dispute with more than one bureau at a time per a month? Are they just sending dumb letters over and over claiming the account is not yours? Or, are they actually doing factual disputes against the items on your credit report. Are they going to go over each detail of your report and the EXACT errors on each item? Or, are they just going to shotgun dispute everything and anything that is negative on your free credit report? Lexington Law is well known for doing credit repair and some people swear by them… but others have complaints. Why so many complaints? Complaints on and ? Some people are happy and others are not. Other credit repair lawyers and law firms like and use the clout of being a law firm to make consumers feel more attracted to them. In reality, you don’t need an attorney to provide you with credit help or legal