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Image from page 285 of “Our College days” (1913)
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Identifier: ourcollegetimes1119131914
Title: Our University Times
12 Months: 1913 (1910s)
Writers: Elizabethtown University
Subjects: Elizabethtown University book
Publisher: Elizabethtown College
Adding Library: Elizabethtown University, The High Library
Digitizing Sponsor: LYRASIS Users and Sloan Foundation

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without charge, while atother Colleges entry is charged.Remember pupils, we ar,- pleadingfor better help and higher interestin this type of sport. Base-ball also 24 OUR COLLEGE CIRCUMSTANCES has its own price, equally well as playing tennis.Why not then take advantage of itand come to be a wider minded and awell-proportioned guy? On i an extremely interesting gamewas played between your Herrites andthe Hersheyites. Just a few errorswere credited every single infield, becauseour base-ball diamond features recently re-ceived a finishing touch. The follow-ing had been the line-up and rating: Hersheyites. Herrites Rose, 2b. Engle, 3b Sheetz, ss. Musselman, p, ss. Reber, A. L., lb Herr,ss.,pKreider, 3b. Geyer, c. Hershey, p Zug, ib. Falkenstein, c. Reber, J. D., 2b. Royer, If. Hess, rf. Smart, rf. Becker, If. Herrites 000023 2—7 Hersheyites 201050 x—8 works scored: ,Rose i, Sheetz i, Re-ber, A. L. 2, Hershey 2, Falkenstein i,Royer i, Engle i, Herr 2, Geyer i,Zug 2, Reber J. D. i Two base hits—Herr 2. Engle, A. L.Reber.

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In the last i&sue we stated that AmosGeib, 09, ended up being quickly to believe their du-ties as pastor of Brooklyn chapel.We desire to correct this mistake. Eld. J.Kurtz Miller, that has been pastor forthe past fourteen many years remains thepresent pastor and elder responsible.However. Eld. Miller is giving Mr.,Geib the chance to get valuableexperience in chapel work in basic,along with his studies at ColumbiaUniversity. Skip Irene Sheetz, 13, ended up being marriedto Harry Shank of Quarryville, Pa.Mr. Shank in addition had been a student hereseveral years back. Holmes Falkenstein, 10, filled a va-cancy in a western Pennsylvania highschool for several months. Mr. Falken-stein also called at university severaldays ago. Merton Crouthamel, 11, is finishingan unexpired term, as teacher in agraded school. He can finish the A.B. training course this springtime at Juniata Col-lege. Ray Gruber, 10, had been recently marriedto Miss Violet Shank of researching, Pa.He today lives near Bachmansville, Pa.,where he’s got already been training since hisgraduation. KA

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Image from web page 1118 of “Programme” (1881)
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Image by online Archive Book Images
Identifier: programme2122bost
Title: Programme
12 Months: 1881 (1880s)
Writers: Boston Symphony Orchestra
Subjects: Boston Symphony Orchestra Concert programs
Publisher: Boston, Mass. : Boston Symphony Orchestra
Adding Library: Boston Public Library
Digitizing Sponsor: Boston Symphony Orchestra

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stra on November 20, 1875. This note is imprinted in the fly-leaf associated with orchestral score:— the topic of this symphonic-poem is feminine seductiveness, the trium-phant striiggle of weakness against strengtli. The spinning-wheel is apretext; it really is chosen merely from the view-point of rhythm therefore the generalaspect regarding the piece. Individuals who will be contemplating looking up details might find on page 19 (letterJ) Hercules groaning within the bonds he cannot break, as well as on page 32 (page L)Omphale mocking the vain attempts associated with hero. The songs is free in kind; it really is an example of tone-painting and Massaclmsetls Trust business (ASSOCIATE FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM) UPTOWN WORKPLACE SITUATED DIAGONALLY ACROSSFROM SYMPHONY HALL Cordially provides you with every facility in line with sound banking. Commodious Safe-deposit Boxes. Space for storing for Valuables. Largest Electrified Burglar Proof Secure in the World, Adequate Parking Space. DOWNTOWN BANK Massachusetts Trust Building Corner Federal • and Franklin Streets

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c^– iin (■!]■■) Accounts The conveniences of a ChargeAccount with brand new EnglandsGreatest shop are manifold. Thetime it saves for each individualpurchase is worth addressing. AnAccount relieves you of theresponsibility of carrying anyconsiderable amount of moneyin your bag. Its a service ofaccommodation which we gladlyextend to our patrons and aboutwhich the Credit Department,fifth flooring, Main Store, will givevou full information. Jordan Marsh Organization

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Image from web page 1531 of “Moving Picture Information (1911)” (1911)
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Image by online Archive Book Images
Identifier: movingpicturenew04unse
Title: Moving Picture Information (1911)
Year: 1911 (1910s)
Topics: motion images
Publisher: Cinematograph Publishing Business
Contributing Library: Library of Congress, MBRS, Going Image Area
Digitizing Sponsor: Library of Congress, Movie, Broadcasting and Recorded Sound Division

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all of them because it’s to-day, free from the bias and con-tamination of the malicious tongue, the motion picture is theeducational, the morally useful—or toward this end its pro-gressing—and the artistic rolled into one. LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD The Majestic business has clearly scored successful in theirrelease for Sunday, December 10, Little Red Riding Hood.It is a masterpiece from beginning to end. The photography,for which Mr. J. E. Revoire is responsible, is quite good, in-deed. From a photographic viewpoint the scene in which Lit-tle Red Riding Hood sits from the edge of the pond feed-ing the ducks could scarcely be exceeded. A really uniquefeature regarding the photo overall is the scene introductory tothis second, where in actuality the little girl together with her container of goodiesfor granny is wandering along the side of the pond, wherethe picture encompasses only the lower part of the childsform, but reflects the total figure while the overhanging shrub-bery at first glance associated with the liquid. You can find but seven

Text Appearing After Image:
folks taking part in this photo. The element of minimal RedRiding Hood is taken by Miss Mary Pickford (LittleMary). The smoothness of father is well portrayed byMr. Broderick; mom, by skip Kelso, plus the component ofthe dear Old Granny by skip Gilman, a Broadway star.It is needless to create comment on the work among these capablepeople. To state that the work of action is superfine seemsalmost a superfluous discourse on music artists very well knownand so well-known. In addition great credit reflects in the in a position di-rector of Majestic Film business, Mr. Owen Moore.The settings regarding the scenes are beautifully plumped for and theshade regarding the woodland wonderfully portrayed. The keynote ofthe photo where the subject is borrowed could be the dreamof the tiny woman as she sits right down to sleep in woodland onher option to bring goodies to Grandma whenever she dreamsthat the wolf employs the lady, and taking a short slice to Grannys,devours the old woman before minimal Red riding-hood reachesher home finding in her own spot only the w

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