Exactly how do I get free credit reports from the 3 major credit reporting companies?

sylvia1943 asked:

I’m trying to help my step-daughter get the free credit reports which the 3 major credit reporting companies are suppose to provide. She can not find a phone number for any of the companies which is answered by a human. What must she do?
Write them? If it can be done through the Internet, exactly which are the real websites?. Any and all help or suggestions are greatly appreciated.
Thank you

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  1. #1 by imisidro on August 10, 2009 - 6:02 pm


    The easiest way is through Annualcreditreport.com

    This is the government mandated website where you can get ABSOLUTELY FREE credit report (won’t even ask for your credit card number) from the 3 credit report agencies. You can get 1 free credit report per year (but you can’t get credit score)

  2. #2 by sfcmert10 on August 13, 2009 - 4:17 am


    The 3 credit reporting agencies have to give you a free credit report once a year (without disaproval of credit extended). You can write a letter to each requesting this or there are many sites (recommend Google) that you can go to and get them for free.

  3. #3 by beauty s on August 15, 2009 - 7:08 pm

  4. #4 by halestrm on August 15, 2009 - 7:39 pm


    imisidro is correct. That is the only site that all three use. It was created so that the bureaus could meet the gov’t requirements for notification. Do not use any site that requires a credit card.

  5. #5 by Cricket on August 18, 2009 - 9:53 am


    Here is the website.

    You will be asked to choose a company. You get one free credit report per year from each company, but if you do all 3 you have to do them separately.

    This will not give you your credit score. If you want that you have to pay extra.

    Everyone should check theirs at least once a year, because of erroneus information sometimes entered and also because Identity Theft is so prevalent. The sooner you catch it the better you are.

  6. #6 by SmartA$$ on August 21, 2009 - 8:15 am


    go to

    this is the only site approved by the federal trade commision for retrieving your credit reports. All others are potentially scams.

    You can also go to the federal trade commision’s website for more information about protecting your credit and how to get credit checks

    The phone number listed on their website for getting your free credit reports is:
    I’m not sure if it gets you a live person but its the number they reccomend for getting your reports if you don’t want to do it online.

    You are only allowed a free copy of your credit report, this will not include your credit score, if you want to see your score it will cost extra for each site.

  7. #7 by Megan B on August 23, 2009 - 5:34 am



    they give you your credit report, but it does not include your credit score, you have to pay for that.

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