Equifax Credit Report – Get Your Free Credit Report From Equifax!

Abhishek Agarwal asked:

Equifax has been compiling credit reports since 1899. You can now get your own free credit report every year from Equifax. Your credit report is what banks, mortgage and credit card companies use when they are deciding whether to grant you credit. It is a record of every credit transaction you have ever made.

Until recently you had to pay to get your credit report. But now thanks to the FACT Act which was passed in 2003 every American can see their own credit report. Previously, only companies had access to this information. Now you can see for yourself the information on which lenders base their decisions.

Equifax is a global company with 4,600 employees in 13 countries. With $1.4 billion in revenue it has a proven track record in the field of credit reports.

All you have to do to get your free credit report is to go to the Equifax website. Follow the simple instructions and your report will appear on your computer. You can download it or print it.

You must establish your identity by providing some information such as date of birth, social security number, name and address. Equifax needs to verify who you are before it hands out this sensitive information. But the whole process only takes a few key strokes.

Once you’ve got your credit report you can check it against your own records. If there are any inaccuracies you can report them to Equifax. When you provide the documentary evidence that a mistake has been made you can have the report corrected.

Then lenders will get an accurate picture of your credit history. If you have been the victim of identity theft and someone has used your name to get credit then you can have those transactions removed from your report.

Any inaccuracies in the credit report may have been lowering your credit score. Lenders may have refused you credit because they thought you were a bad risk.

There are two other companies that compile credit reports. You can also get free credit reports from them. But Equifax is one of the giants of the industry and a company that is well trusted by lenders. Equifax has been providing credit reports for over a century. So take advantage of the FACT Act and get your free credit report from Equifax today. Your credit score need no longer be a mystery to you.