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Image from page 112 of “Travels inside main areas of Indo-China (Siam), Cambodia, and Laos : throughout the many years 1858, 1859, and 1860” (1864)
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Image by Web Archive Book Images
Identifier: travelsincentral01mouh
Title: Travels within the central elements of Indo-China (Siam), Cambodia, and Laos : throughout the years 1858, 1859, and 1860
Year: 1864 (1860s)
Authors: Mouhot, Henri, 1826-1861 Mouhot, Charles
Subjects: Mouhot, Henri, 1826-1861
Publisher: London : John Murray
Adding Library: University of Connecticut Libraries
Digitizing Sponsor: Boston Library Consortium Member Libraries

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casions wear a rich,suit, comprising compartments, vest, gear, and a sizable tunic.each goes barefoot, hardly ever having even sandals. They arenot of a migratory nature, but have their particular fixed habita-tions, and they are fond of beauty and deluxe. Yery imi-tative inside their ways, they feel a pride in putting on aEuropean gown; many of these made after thefashion of Louis XIV.s reign are nevertheless maintained, espe-cially on the list of descendants associated with the Portuguese, whoare numerous. The unifornis for the troops are copiedfrom those of European countries; while the Avhole nation features a greattaste for the Parisian furnishings, cotton fiber, silk, and woollenfabrics, porcelain, china, cup, bronzes, cutlery, iron-mongery, and toys. Various other articles in much esteem withthem, and exported by united states, are fire-arms, side-arms,saddlery, quilts, carpets, clocks, and windows. Ourchampagne, brandy, gin, and kirsch, would find in Siama certain and ready sale in exchange for the produce ofthe country. The attempts for the Americans to have from the

Text Appearing After Image:
Attracted by M, Bocourt, from an image. SIAMESE ROPE-DANCER. Chap. II. PACT WITH AMERICA. 103 Siamese national favorable regards to commerce werefor a period fruitless, however in 1833 a treaty had been concludedwith the usa, which proved of but little materialbenefit. An extra embassy from the Western Eepublicfailed completely. Balestier, the envoy, cannot evenobtain an audience from the master, and consequently wasunable to produce his letters of credit. The Americanshad been unfortunate in their selection of Balestier as theirrepresentative, he having formerly held it’s place in a mercantilehouse at Singapore, plus no favor either with theking or his ministers. A treaty was, but eventuallyconcluded involving the two nations. Sir James Brooke, the English ambassador at Bangkok,found their improvements coldly got. Most likely the Com-tfelt aggrieved by the mindset thought by that gentle-man ; but, whatever was why, mattersnearly approaclied to an open rupture. In September,1

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Image from web page 220 of “A history associated with United States” (1913)
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Image by Internet Archive Book Images
Identifier: historyofuniteds02bour
Title: A history of the usa
Year: 1913 (1910s)
Writers: Bourne, Henry Eldridge, 1862- Benton, Elbert Jay, 1871-1946, shared writer
Publisher: Boston, Nyc [etc.] D.C. Heath and business
Adding Library: The Library of Congress
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Text Appearing Before Image:
need of products, sent to Bennington, Vermont.This army had been nearly totally destroyed by John StarksNew Hampshire minute-men and their particular next-door neighbors, the GreenMountain Boys. On October 17, 1777, near Saratoga, Burgoyne surrendered,though perhaps not until he’d made several desperate attempts tofight their way out for the trap. His military, which 6,000 menremained, 50 % of them Germans, became prisoners. Allsorts of materials in addition dropped in to the fingers for the colonial troops.The capture of a complete British army loaded the colonistswith passionate hopes. It encouraged the opponents ofGreat Britain in Europe. The credit of success belongedto General Schuyler, however it was handed to General Gates,whom Congress had put into demand before the campaignended. Capture of Philadelphia. — Meanwhile General Howe hadsucceeded inside the promotion against Philadelphia. He hadbegun their march through the mind of Chesapeake Bay about thefirst of September. Washington experimented with check him at CAPTURE OF PHILADELPHIA 20I

Text Appearing After-image:
Brandywine Creek, but ended up being defectively beaten. Nevertheless,he afterwards managed their military so well so it took Howetwo months to march the last twenty-six miles. Philadelphiawas occupied September 26. It was now far too late going toBurgoynes relief. In 1777 the Britishtook a city and lost an army. CONCERNS 1. Exactly what did the colonists thinlc in 1775 aboutseparation from The united kingdomt? Just what things changedtheir minds by 1776? 2. whom composed the Declaration of Independence?What made it happen say? Which opposed freedom?the reason why did they oppose self-reliance? Were theremany of these? 3. the reason why performed the colonists need make overtheir governments? Why performed individuals of Connect-icut and Rhode Island need to make a lot fewer changesin federal government? 4. What did the colonists invest their consti-tutions? Why did they take many abilities far from their particular governors andgive all of them towards legislatures? The reason why performed they fix brief terms for theirlegislators? Just how else performed they guard against overbearing or tyrannicalofficers? What old-world customs did

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Image from web page 1541 of “The Post-Office yearly Glasgow directory” (1828)
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Image by online Archive Book Images
Identifier: postofficeannual189394gla
Title: The Post-Office annual Glasgow directory site
Year: 1828 (1820s)
Publisher: Glasgow : imprinted by J. Graham for the letter-carriers of Post-Office
Contributing Library: National Library of Scotland
Digitizing Sponsor: National Library of Scotland

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Text Appearing Before Image:
SERVE rUND, £30,000. MIND OFFICE-43 THREADNEEDLE STREET, LONDON, E.C. DIRECTORS. Chairman—William Fowler. Deputy-Chairman—Colonel John T. North. Francis James Eck. | George Fleming. Richard Robertson Lockett. General Manager—John Dawson. Secretary—William H. Beeet. Bankers—Messrs. Barclay, Bevan, Teitton, Ransom, Bouverie and Co. Messrs. N. M. Rothschild and Sons. BRANCHES IN CHILI.VALPARAISO,… … … … … Manager—Edmund IAnson. IQUIQUE, … … … … … „ R. Simpson Shaw. PISAGUA, … … … … … „ George Fowler. Cable Transfers, Drafts, and Letters of Credit granted on Chili. The purchase and purchase of Funds undei-Itaken; in addition the bill of Dividends, the negotiation and collection of Bills of Exchange, Coupons, and DrawnBonds, also Banking business. Present Accounts exposed and Deposits gotten for fixed durations, onterms which might be ascertained on application. 176 ADVERTISEMENTS. Insure against all Accidents. ESTABLISHED ^^HTinsurance c°I^^^ 18 82

Text Appearing After-image:
CAPITAL, £100,000. administrators. president Andebw J. Kiekpatrick, Esq., Vendor, Glasgow Deputy-Chairman Wm. Greig, Esq., Wholesale Chemist, Glasgow Dugald MDougall, Esq., Steamship Owner,;Greenock, John G. MKendrick, Esq., M.D., LL.D., F.R.S., Professor of Institutes of Medicine,University of Glasgow.Donald MPhee, Esq., Fort-William. R. W. THOMPSON, General Management and Secretary W. K. Dick, Esq., Vendor Glasgow, EICHD. W. HUIE, F.B.I. Scot., Besident Secretary. GENERAL ACCIDENT INSURANCE.—Policies granted addressing Accidents of aUkinds, including Railway Accidents. Premiums paid off 10 percent, after 5 years. TotalAbstainers insured at reduced rates. Transfers effected without reduction to guaranteed. PLATE CLASS INSURANCE.—Moderate premiums. Prompt replacements. Esti-mates given no-cost. BUSINESSES LIABILITY INSURANCE.—Employers, by insuring, tend to be freed frompayment of problems for their employees beneath the Act of 1880, as they are in addition relieved of alllegal along with other costs that may he incur

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Corean beauty

Take a look at these correct credit photos:

Corean beauty
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Image by Cornell University Library
Range: Willard Dickerman Directly and Early U.S.-Korea Diplomatic Relations, Cornell University Library

Title: Corean beauty

Date: ca. 1904

Spot: Asia: Southern Korea

Type: Postcards/Ephemera

Information: a new ‘kisaeng’ (singing girl) entirely Korean old-fashioned dress. She has a normal wedded ladies’ hairstyle (jjok), to create chignon with a hairpin (the ‘pinyo’). Korean ‘kisaeng’, or performing women, decked out for performing and dancing. A ‘Kisaeng’s’ social position had been among the least expensive into the standard Korean class system. Their daughters also became ‘kisaeng’ and their sons became slaves. The art of enjoyable associated with the ‘kisaeng’ is analogous towards Japanese geisha. These professional entertainers had been experienced when you look at the arts of poetry, songs, dance, also types of personal or imaginative diversion. eIn the early 1900s, ‘kisaeng’ did their particular hair up in a ‘chignon’ and put on shorter jackets (about 7-8 inches) than ordinary women – The skirts were cut with a full slit at the back and were fixed off to the right side, while upper-class ladies’ skirt were fixed left.e Supply: Kwon, O-chang. Inmurhwaro ponun Choson sidae uri ot, 1998, p. 140.

Inscription/Marks: Pencilled inscription on verso of image: ‘Corean beauty’

Identifier: 1260.74.12.06

Persistent URI:

There are no known U.S. copyright constraints on this image. The digital file is possessed because of the Cornell University Library which is which makes it freely available using the demand that, when possible, the Library be paid as its supply.

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Image from web page 26 of “Goldfish varieties and exotic aquarium fishes; a total guide to aquaria and associated topics” (1917)
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Image by Internet Archive Book Images
Identifier: goldfishvarietie00inne
Title: Goldfish types and tropical tank fishes; an entire help guide to aquaria and associated subjects
Year: 1917 (1910s)
Writers: Innes, William T. (William Thornton), 1874-1969
Subjects: Aquariums Goldfish
Publisher: Philadelphia, Innes
Contributing Library: Harvard University, Museum of Comparative Zoology, Ernst Mayr Library
Digitizing Sponsor: Harvard University, Museum of Comparative Zoology, Ernst Mayr Library

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Text Appearing Before Image:
Fii.. 7. Prizewixnixg Scai.ei.kss Tklkscoi-k (jdi.ih ism(Reduced onc-quartcrl Tliis fish won the Diploma of Honor in 1907 as tlie l)cst fisli (anyclass) possessed. Altliougii no special attention ended up being paid to l)roadtails atthis time, there have been quite a numher of these, tliis l)eing a specimen.

Text Appearing After Image:
Fjg. 8. Prizewinning Veiltail Moor (Reduced one-third) this can be considered to be among finest black colored goldfishes ever before bred. The quick,deep human body, the sail-like dorsal fin, the big, clear-eyes, the broad streaming tails, thevelvety black shade combined with good outlines and magnificence make this remarkable seafood apattern which we possibly may hope to equal but barely to surpass. Part Two Goldfish types 20 GOLDFISH TYPES A^D THE GOLDFISH There are two root-stocks that the goldfishes of to-day haveoriginated. Both are members of the carp family. The European gold-fish, Carassius carassius, never already been developed into any of the fancyforms except by crossing with cultivated types of the Asiatic stock, Ca-rassius anratus. The Orientals, principally those of Korea, China andJapan needs to be provided credit for first establishing, by discerning breeding,the goldfish as an ornamental pet and for the amazing lengths towhich obtained gone in repairing elegant breeds. With this even more is sai

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Best Credit Repair Services Based On Customer Reviews

Best Credit Repair Services Based On Customer Reviews
Let's be honest, it can be really hard to figure out whether a credit repair service is going to scam you or not. Many credit repair services aren't exactly forthcoming about predatory practices. Online reviews can help, but a lot of times those …
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How to identify and fix a bad credit score
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5 Do's and 4 Don'ts to Repair Your Credit
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Playing The Good Samaritan: Fixing Credit and other Real Estate Related Problem

Playing The Good Samaritan: Fixing Credit and other Real Estate Related Problem

Life means a thousand and one interactions per day. With the way life could be conducted, it isn’t surprising how people can manage to live even a single day in life without the much needed help from others. Admit it or not, our lives are full of challenges that one day or the next day, you would need the help or the expertise of another person to fill the gap between your problem and the potential solution to your problem. Today, all over the world, we are faced with different challenges. At times, these challenges are too big that the even the government’s effort can only do much.

If you happen to have heard the story of the “Good Samaritan” this is a good example of unexpected help during the most unexpected time from the most unexpected people. In Canada, it is a common thing to experience day to day problems caused by the recent economic crisis. With the global economic financial economic crisis in the midst of the rest of the Canadians, it is undeniable that people would appreciate the presence of a modern day “Good Samaritan”. With people left in the dark after massive job cuts, and after a depressed economy; more are in need of help in a day to day basis. Some have experienced help with the aid of the government by changing careers and getting back to school to be trained for another occupation. But if you happen to be a person who is in his fifties with a few years left before deciding to call it quits and retire, does this situation help at all? At times, the solutions of the government couldn’t get all issues covered missing a point or two here and there.

For this reason, with a number of people asking “fix my credit”, “buy my home” or “lease my home” ; there are now companies in Alberta that specializes in different kinds of services that are meant to help the average everyday Canadian. At times, if you happen to have a bad credit given the bad economy; these are things that make up a bad combination. But with the help of the people specializing in credit repair and even dealing with real estate related problems; you can now have a better life with their helping hand. This way, anywhere you may be, you can now find a home buyer in Alberta and even a lessor that would nod to an agreement of rent to own in Edmonton or any other area in Alberta.

These things are still possible nowadays despite the presence of a worldwide ruckus in the affairs of economics. With the help of the companies that specialize to anything related to helping their fellow Canadians; the future is now becoming to look clearer. Thankfully, the companies in Alberta that are specializing in this field could make it possible for people to make it through the crisis without much government intervention. Without someone playing the role of “The Good Samaritan” we could be seeing a long rocky road ahead. But instead, with the presence of a helping hand, everything now is becoming better for each company, individual or family.

Credit Report Issues and How You Can Fix Them to Increase Your Score

Credit Report Issues and How You Can Fix Them to Increase Your Score

There are several issues that could damage your rating and at the same time be obstacles to your accessibility to loans. These could come in form of bankruptcies, collection accounts, missed or late payments, repossessions, foreclosures, charge-offs, or even a misspelled name or mistaken address. Yes, they do have the potential to damage your score, and this is not good considering that it will deny you the best of chances when it comes to getting funds that are needed at crucial moments.

What you should do in instances such as this is to begin a restoration of your credit file. This is sort of a make-over for your report. Remember that it is the information that the credit bureaus get from creditors that they enter into your file. As a result, you should make sure that you have a recent copy of your report from the website annualcreditreport dot com, where you will get a three-fold document: Experian, Transunion, and Equifax.

Understand that a report containing errors will reduce your chances of getting good loans and impressive interest rates from financial institutions. This is one reason why you do not want to neglect or ignore your file, and even more when you plan to get a loan in the near future. Get a marker or highlighter and highlight the negative items on your report that needs to be fixed. When this is done, you will begin a process known as disputing with the bureaus. This will involve writing dispute letters to the reporting agency that has the erroneous or negative info listed in your file.

Bureaus have a maximum of 30 days to start and begin their investigation from the moment they get your letter. This ensures that your file is catered for, and if not done within the 30-day period they should delete the stated account in your file.

Another means which you can resolve issues on your file is to solicit the services of a restoration agency. Obtaining a DIY restoration kit will teach you how to handle it yourself.

How to Repair Bad Credit in 20 Days using Simple Letter that Works! Get clean credit letter today. Breaking News: How to Clean your Credit in 20 days using Simple Letter that Works! fast cred…
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Belalie Bore

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Belalie Bore
fix credit
Image by Powerhouse Museum Collection
Format: Glass plate damaging.

Rights Info: No acknowledged restrictions about publication.

Repository: Tyrrell Photographic Collection, Powerhouse Museum

Part Of: Powerhouse Museum Collection

General information on the Powerhouse Museum Collection is accessible at

Persistent URL:

Acquisition credit line: Gift of Australian Consolidated Press below the Taxation Incentives for the Arts Scheme, 1985

fix credit
Image by Smithsonian Institution
Artist: William H. Johnson, born Florence, SC 1901-died Central Islip, NY 1970

Type: Graphic Arts-Print

Date: ca. 1940-1941

Topic: Architecture\vehicle\automobile
     Figure female\full size
     State of being\other\accident

Object number: 1971.128

Medium: serigraph about paper

Credit Line: Smithsonian American Art Museum, Gift of Mrs. Douglas E. Younger

Persistent URL:

Repository:Smithsonian American Art Museum

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Portrait of a articulated skeleton about a bentwood chair
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Image by Powerhouse Museum Collection
Format: Glass plate bad.

Rights Info: No recognized restrictions about publication.

Part Of: Powerhouse Museum Collection

General information on the Powerhouse Museum Collection is accessible at

Persistent URL:

Acquisition credit line: Gift of the Estate of Raymond W Phillips, 2008