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Image from page 1171 of “Post Office Edinburgh and Leith directory” (1846)
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Identifier: postofficeedinbu189394edin
Title: Post Office Edinburgh and Leith directory
Year: 1846 (1840s)
Authors: Edinburgh & Leith Post Office Directory Limited
Publisher: Edinburgh : Postmaster General
Contributing Library: National Library of Scotland
Digitizing Sponsor: National Library of Scotland

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ce and Knowledge of the Trade, enableA. O. to offer his Patrons Special Advantages in First-class Work, at Chargesdefying Competition Carpets and Washings sent for on receipt of post card. Distance no objection. SOMETHING NEW. KEEPING PACE WITH THE TIMES.SPECIAL ADVANTAGES OFFERED. Nettoyage a Sec. PARISIAN DRY CLEANING. Invaluable for Gentlemens andYouths Suits and Overcoats,Ladies Dresses, &c. No Shrinking, No Unmaking, No Alteration of Colour or Fit. ORRS SXEK7VW-KUINDRV. Washing by the most Approved Methods. No Cliemicals whatever used. Linenmade vrhite as snovy. Improved System of Dressing Shirts. Collars and Cuffsexquisitely Polished and Finished. Lace Curtains Cleaned in Beautiful Style. Uxtremecare taken of Woollen Underclothing. Blankets a Specialty. Excellent Work.Moderate Charges. Family \Vashings charged Low Price per loo Articles. DecidedAdvantages offered. Hotels, Schools, &c.. Contracted for at Low Rates. G. Lewis & Sous Inset, page ; ^S3 FINE ,TJ,, PRIMTINC

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♦ ♦ SOME PRESS OPINIONS ♦ ♦ Of the Typography of Craigmillar and its Environs.By Tom Speedy. 276 pp., Fcap 4to. Over SeventyFine Illustrations. Price 6/6. Printed and Published byGeorge Levvis & Son, Selkirk. In all respects, indeed, the work is a notable addition to a fascinating and fertile field of literature No better printed book has been issued from the press for many aday than this one from Selkirk, which would thus seem to befairly on its way to becoming as famous for its typography asit has long been for its souters. —Scotsman. An exceptionally beautiful volume in several respedts : theprinting is perfedtion, the engravings are good, the history iscurious, and the chapters on the fauna, flora, and geology ofthe distri6l, with which Queen Mary of Scotlands name is in-separably connetfled, are of enduring value,—Liverpool Mercury. Refledts great credit on Messrs Lewis,—Edinhirgh Evening Neivs. The publishers have done full justice to the volume, which ishandso

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How You Can Build-up Your Credit History

How You Can Develop Your Credit History

Back in the late 1950’s, a business named Fair Isaac came up with a way to designate a number to people that would reflect their credit worthiness which we realize these days since the credit score. It’s a three digit number that informs potential lenders if you’re a great credit risk or a bad credit danger. Your credit score helps make the difference between whether or not you could get a line of credit or that loan.

The credit rating is a snapshot of everything you’ve ever before done about the using credit along with your repayment history. Fair Isaac business (FICO) compiles all this information after which applies an intricate mathematical formula that calculates your credit score. The formula is certainly not community understanding and this is done aided by the true blessing of Federal Trade Commission.

Today, the common credit history across America is 720 if your credit history is above this you will end up considered credit worthy. This causes you having even more chance of being given credit or financing. However, there are many People in the us that don’t have these types of increased credit score and theirs will drop below 630. This can signify they could be refused credit or a loan arrangement, or they could need to pay far more increased credit terms.

today lenders frequently understand that things take place in life that can not be prevented. In the event the reasonable credit rating is due to extortionate health bills or life-altering events that reflect defectively on your credit history, you may well be able to talk with all of them and supply paperwork and still get approved. That’s why you need to monitor your credit file and connect notes to explain anything that reflects badly against you.

You may also need certainly to give consideration to that keepin constantly your credit history up to feasible should be an objective of yours. It is important to understand that this can feature spending your expenses when they’re due, not overspending, lacking some personal credit card debt, rather than investing like there isn’t any tomorrow utilizing credit. It’s also advisable to look at your credit history at least yearly to make sure there are not any blunders and that if there are any errors it will be possible to improve them to bring your scores down.

You can be one of many individuals who doesn’t just like the notion of organizations keeping monetary all about both you and your credit history decreasing to a three digit number. But, the just who rule the credit and economic world wish info on you to enable them to decide if you’re worth credit. If you are in the position to be trying to sign up for a home loan for a property or financing for a vehicle, then you will need a reasonably good credit rating this is certainly at the very least 675. You will need to start thinking about though that this is a figure to obtain to and spread your way to monetary credit history quality.

You should think about all of the different tips and safety measures you’ll want to just take that may help you develop your credit rating becoming 750 or even more, that you is looking to achieve over the the following year or so, in the event you desire to remove credit.

How to Strengthen Your Credit Score

Learn to Make Simple Fried Ice Cream! Click here:

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An invisible number controls your financial destiny. So until the revolution, you might as well learn how to raise your credit score.

Step 1: Order credit score
While you’re asking for your credit reports, order your credit score—the number that creditors use to decide if they will lend you money. Cost is about .

Step 2: Request credit report
Request a copy of your credit report from the three national credit bureaus—Experian, Equifax, and Transunion—by logging onto or by calling 1-877-322-8228. You are entitled to one free copy of each annually.

Order your credit score from Equifax: It is the only agency that provides the actual number—called the FICO score—used by lenders.

Step 3: Review credit reports
If your score is below 620, you are considered a poor risk. Carefully review your credit reports for any mistakes.

Step 4: Report errors
If you find mistakes, or if you think you are the victim of identity theft, immediately report the errors to the credit reporting agencies listing them with any evidence you have, like cancelled checks to show you paid a credit card bill on time.

Step 5: Pay down debt
Pay down as much debt as possible. It’s the fastest way to raise your credit score.

Get the balance on each credit card down to 30 percent of your credit limit. Exceeding that lowers your score.

Step 6: Keep credit lines low
Don’t apply for unnecessary lines of credit, like store accounts that offer merchandise discounts. Every time you fill out a credit application, your score can be lowered.

Do not close older accounts. Having a credit history is important, even if your payment past is spotty.

Step 7: Negotiate w/ creditors
Negotiate with creditors. Ask if there is any wiggle room regarding late fees and interest. Often, they will work with you to keep you as a customer.

Step 8: Stick to budget
Once your debt is cleared up, stay out of trouble by preparing a budget and sticking to it.

Did You Know?
In 2004, the average graduate student had six credit cards, with one in seven students owing more than ,000.
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S&P slices credit history on Noble Group

S&P slices credit history on Noble Group
SINGAPORE – Standard & Poor's Ratings providers features cut its lasting corporate credit score on Singapore-listed Noble Group to 'BB-' from 'BB+', with a bad outlook. "We downgraded Noble because of the business's volatile profits and high trade …
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The Facts About Triple-A Credit Scores
Exxon Mobile, the biggest publicly traded oil organization, is one of just three US businesses to stay AAA-rated. Last week, its score perspective by Moody's slipped from steady to bad. Something an outlook? Something a rating? What does the AAA symbolize?
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The Reinvestment Fund receives AA credit history from S&P

The Reinvestment Fund obtains AA credit history from S&P
The AA credit rating will facilitate new partnerships with investors—thereby equipping The Reinvestment Fund to build on its successes, pioneer valuable innovations in neighborhood development finance, and continue steadily to increase its effect through strategic …
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However strive to be achieved on credit rating reform
The 3 big credit rating agencys – traditional & Poor's, Moody's and Fitch – were criticised for failing continually to warn investors associated with the problems of purchasing the mortgage-backed securities which generated the economic crisis. Following the crisis, the majority of the …
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Weak growth leads Moody's to cut France's credit rating

Weak growth leads Moody's to cut France's credit rating
While noting that the rating still reflected an “extremely high” credit worthiness, the agency said that low growth, coupled with institutional and political constraints would make it challenging to achieve a “material reduction in the government's …
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Weekly Chart: A History of Credit Ratings in Latin America, 2000–2015
On September 9, Standard & Poor's (S&P) demoted Brazil—now officially in a recession—from having an investment-grade credit rating to a junk rating, a status it surpassed in 2008. About half of Latin America's 10 largest economies by GDP hold …
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Japan's credit rating cut as S&P deals blow to Abenomics' credibility
S&P said: "Japan's very weak fiscal attributes are an important weakness in its credit metrics." Japan's government debt now stands at about 250pc of GDP, and is on track to rise to 400pc by 2040. "Since fiscal 2008, the damage that the global …

S&P Upgrades Omega Healthcare Investors (OHI) Corp. Credit Rating to 'BBB
Standard & Poor's Ratings Services raised its corporate credit rating on Omega Healthcare Investors Inc. (NYSE: OHI) to 'BBB-' from 'BB+'. The outlook is stable. The issue-level rating on the company's senior unsecured notes is unchanged at 'BBB-'.

It Only Takes a Few Months to Restore Your Credit Rating – Here’s How

It Only Takes a Few Months to Restore Your Credit Rating – Here’s How

Four months is what good professional credit repair agencies need to restore a good rating. It all depends on their labor staff, though. The duration required for a repair process depends on how much negative information you intend to get rid of from your file. Some agencies are so adept at credit restoration that it may take them just three months for a bad file that will take another agency four to five months. But for you to begin a repair task, you need to draw up a plan of how you want to handle the process. Remember this is a task you can do on your own!

After you have obtained a copy of your file, you can map out the program of action. By this, I mean that you can decide if you want to share the repair task with a repair firm. In this case, you will decide on what in particular you want the agency to handle for you, and the accounts you want to handle for yourself. This way, you will be creating a balance between saving money and saving time.

Some consumers decide to take on the much simpler accounts and assign the challenging ones to the agency. This method is a cross between the self-repair and the agency services methods.

As long as you are diligent with the repair process on your part, and the agency which you are hiring to handle the other part is a reputable one, you should get the restoration effort concluded within a span of three to four months.

Limit future articles to either self-help or using the services of a repair firm. The reason for now is that once you are paying someone to handle the task for you, why would you still take part in the process. The fee is the same so let them handle it 100% OR you can handle it on your own.

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S&P cuts Brazil's credit rating to junk

S&P cuts Brazil's credit rating to junk
Standard & Poor's cut Brazil's prized investment grade credit rating to junk on Wednesday and warned that it could lower it again in the coming months, in a major blow to President Dilma Rousseff's government. S&P attributed the move, which surprised …
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Head of S&P credit rating agency quits
Neeraj Sahai, the former Citigroup banker poached to run Standard & Poor's credit rating agency, is leaving the company after less than two years. Mr Sahai's resignation was a surprise outcome of a management reshuffle and corporate restructuring at S …
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Credit Rating is Essential in Miami Condo Or Residences for Rent

Credit Rating is Essential in Miami Condo Or Residences for Rent

The Miami condo is very diverse market of real estate and provides a lot of different options for those fascinated about buying or renting a condo in Miami. Miami is a desired vacation spot for tourists due to town’s pristine and engaging beaches.  It’s a supreme local weather for relocation.

The seashore entrance condos are the most well-liked ones and consequently the most expensive ones to obtain. Simply by choosing a Miami condo a few blocks away from the beach it can save you large quantities of money.

In conventional house there are many thing you need to preserve like repaint, do the garden, shovel snow and even pay the repair.

Because of the connected affiliation charge, largely individuals are hesitating from buying apartment unit. You may have extra time to loosen up after an extended hour of labor within the office. Most Miami condo proprietor agrees dwelling in rental is value because the association price wills the one to pay for the upkeep and restore for them.

For investors, the thing that it’s best to consider earlier than investing in Miami condos is its financial health. You can do this by inquiring for their latest monetary statement and owner tenant-ration. You can also check the foundations and regulations of the condos and check whether you like them or not. All of those inquiring may also be very helpful not only for buyers but for anybody who is looking for a Miami rental as his or her home.

You possibly can see the location and different facilities of the condo. This will give concept how is it like living in a Miami condo. There are numerous advantages in dwelling in a Miami condo and with few disadvantages. The necessary factor is you benefit from the place you reside in. If you have not decided yet, you’ll be able to verify within the internet relating to in purchasing Miami condo.

In addition to being probably tough to discover a high quality Miami beachfront condominium for sale, you may also have a problem with the price. Many Miami condo developers and apartment homeowners know that they’ve a potential goldmine with a beachfront condo. That’s the reason beachfront condos could be thought-about relativity costly, particularly when compared to Florida condos which might be situated further inland.

Bad Credit Financing – To Reverse Your Fiscal Score

Bad Credit Loans – To Reverse Your Fiscal Score

It’s very necessary to have a good monetary standing to endure when you look at the present market. It is because the availability of facilities to bad scorers is lowering day-by-day. Consequently most of the bad scorers should make sure to enhance their status and gain equal value once the great scorers. This might be possible with the aid of bad credit loans. It’s simple to reverse your fiscal rating with all the help and assistance of the improvements.


The amount one could access within these types of financial assistances can fall within the specified selection of £1000 to £25000 for a permanent of 1 to decade. The borrowers tend to be free to utilize money each time they desire to and for any function of their option. They are able to repay the funds with leisure as a result of the longterm nature of the funds.


Using the support of these solutions the indegent scorers can restore their damaged status. This in turn enable them in future to have easy endorsement for advance with a decent a status. The quantities could be used for spending electric bills, happening a visit, remodeling the house, buying a automobile an such like. However, the borrowers need to pay a higher number of rate of interest combined with sanctioned amount at the end of the readiness day.


The candidate just who wants to avail of these services should satisfy particular requirements the following:

He ought to be about 18 years.
He should obtain citizenship in UK.
He needs a set job which offers him a typical monthly earnings of minimum £1000.
He should always have an energetic bank-account.


The borrowers can get usage of the funds simply by sitting home and using on the web through the internet. Your best option getting these facilities at cheaper interest rates is online.

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Asheville attains highest credit rating
ASHEVILLE – The City of Asheville has been awarded the highest credit rating for its general obligation bonds by Standard & Poor's, a New York-based company that analyzes creditworthiness. Standard & Poor's upgraded those bonds to AAA from AA+, city …
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A.M. Best Revises Issuer Credit Rating Outlook to Positive for National
OLDWICK, N.J.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–A.M. Best has revised the outlook for the issuer credit ratings (ICR) to positive from stable and affirmed the financial strength rating (FSR) of B++ (Good) and the issuer credit ratings of “bbb” of National General …
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Ten great credit score fables busted and just how you can easily improve your score

Ten great credit rating myths busted and exactly how you can easily enhance your rating
Knowledge amount is not element of a credit file, and it has no bearing on scores. Underneath the Equal Credit Opportunity Act, a creditor's scoring system cannot make use of battle, gender, marital standing, national source or religion as factors. Likewise, a credit …
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CMA CGM celebrates Q1 outcomes and credit score upgrade
The entire world's third biggest delivery business CMA CGM has actually released impressive first one-fourth results, just one week after credit history agency Moody's enhanced its credit score from B2 to B1. “Our decision to update CMA CGM's score reflects the business …
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Know your credit rating
Whenever used wisely, credit cards can be a powerful way to help manage your investing, but finding out how to make the most of all of them is key. The most considerations you could do is understand your credit rating, but unfortunately, not everybody realises how …
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How to Improve Your UK Credit Rating

How to Improve Your UK Credit Rating
If you want to have more money in the long-term, then getting a good credit rating will make all the difference. This feature shows you how to access your credit report, and check and improve your credit score. Most people have heard about credit …
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Venkaiah Naidu advocates credit rating system for urban bodies
“Credit rating does not happen in a single day. We have to motivate the people. We have to bring in the mindset of reforms. Then, credit rating can be given to towns. “Credit rating means what is the revenue of the town, what is the expenditure, what …
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AM Best Downgrades Issuer Credit Rating of ARI Mutual Insurance Company
OLDWICK, N.J., Oct 08, 2014 (BUSINESS WIRE) — A.M. Best has downgraded the issuer credit rating (ICR) to “bbb” from “bbb+” and affirmed the financial strength rating (FSR) of B++ (Good) of ARI Mutual Insurance Company (ARI) (headquartered in …
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Britain's credit rating safer under Labour, says S&P
Britain's triple-A credit rating would be safer under a Labour government than under the the Tories, according to one of the leading credit ratings agencies. Euro ncrj The biggest threat to Britain's credit rating was the risk of leaving the European …
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Martin Lewis: 20 things you must know to boost your credit score
No one in the UK has a universal credit rating or score, nor do credit blacklists exist. Each lender scores you differently and secretly. Rejection from one doesn't automatically mean rejection from all. Of course, many firms adopt similar approaches …


A limited good credit rating pictures I found:

credit rating
Image by Powerhouse Museum Collection
Format: Glass plate damaging.

Rights Info: No recognized restrictions about publication.

Repository: Tyrrell Photographic Collection, Powerhouse Museum

Part Of: Powerhouse Museum Collection

General information regarding the Powerhouse Museum Collection is accessible at

Persistent URL:

Acquisition credit line: Gift of Australian Consolidated Press beneath the Taxation Incentives for the Arts Scheme, 1985

STS-131 Discovery Launch
credit rating
Image by NASA about The Commons
Collection: STS-131 Gallery
Title: STS-131 Discovery Launch
Creator: NASA/Bill Ingalls

Description: Contrails are watched because employees leave the Launch Control Center following the release of the area shuttle Discovery as well as the begin of the STS-131 mission at NASA Kennedy Space Center inside Cape Canaveral, Fla. on Monday April 5, 2010. Discovery is carrying a multi-purpose logistics component filled with research racks for the laboratories aboard the station. The mission has 3 planned spacewalks, with function to include changing an ammonia tank assembly, retrieving a Japanese test within the station’s outdoor, plus flipping out a rate gyro assembly found on the station’s truss structure. Photo Credit: NASA/Bill Ingalls

Date: 04/05/2010
Identifier: 201004050003HQ.jpg


Visit for the many comprehensive compilation of NASA stills, movie plus movie, built inside partnership with Internet Archive.

Photograph of the wreck of the Boston plus Maine train #302
credit rating
Image by Smithsonian Institution
Date: November 13, 1954

Object number: A.2009-49

Medium: paper; photo-emulsion

Description: Wreckage of Boston & Maine train #302, the Red Wing, merely outside the Nashua, New Hampshire train station. The train had been traveling at a excellent rate of speed plus derailed about a curve entering the station. The locomotives derailed, hitting freight vehicles about an adjacent siding because they moved. A woman passenger was killed, plus 53 others injured inside the wreck. Among the injured was among the Railway Post Office clerks, that was pinned below tables plus furnishings inside the send auto. That vehicle, noticeable inside the center of the picture, landed about its roof. National Postal Museum, Curatorial Photographic Collection Photographer: Unknown

Place: United States of America
     New Hampshire

See more products in: National Postal Museum Collection

Credit line: National Postal Museum, Curatorial Photographic Collection

Photographer: Unknown

Persistent URL:

Repository:National Postal Museum

View more collections within the Smithsonian Institution.

Houston Bankruptcy Lawyers Improve Your Credit Rating

Houston Bankruptcy Lawyers Improve Your Credit Rating

Bankruptcy is synonymous with a curse that affects the life of an individual or organization in which the person or the employer is incapable to repay loans due to financial crisis. The bankruptcy is pronounced for those persons who don’t have funds sufficient to repay their debts and they have been going through a phase of losing precious properties and investments. But in the USA, the bankruptcy laws abide by the Bankruptcy Codes to help bankrupts get respite from asset foreclosure and to bring an end to their bad credit history. For this, they have to file for bankruptcy in the court of laws with the support of a legal practitioner. For instance, residents of Houston with bankrupts as their status can take legal consultation from Houston bankruptcy attorneys as they have comprehended federal laws and US Bankruptcy Codes thoroughly. Complete knowledge on federal laws and participation in diverse bankruptcy cases make Houston bankruptcy attorneys handy in their field, thereby enabling bankruptcy filing process easy and hassle-free.

Houston bankruptcy attorneys have shown their suzerainty in the legal industry by reducing liabilities and debts and enabling people to organize their assets and investments. Apart for their legal knowledge, they also act as financial advisors to debtors as well as creditors as they design payment plans and fix the paying amount in harmony with the approval of both debtors and creditors. There is no denying the fact that the Houston bankruptcy attorney is also responsible to determine the candidature of the petitioners that under which chapter they would be privileged to file for bankruptcy. They defend your cases with utmost sincerity and compel the court to give judgment to your favor and instruct the creditor to stay away from foreclosure till the duration of the repayment tenure.

Bankruptcy laws in the USA is highly complex and stringent and the bankruptcy contains over sixty different cases and disciplines and each discipline owns over hundred more sub-categories. To know each discipline and case, Houston bankruptcy lawyers must be well versed with the federal laws in order to give justice to their clients. So, hire a Houston bankruptcy lawyer and improve your credit rating within a fixed time.

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