Image from page 104 of “Harper’s New Monthly Magazine Volume 104 December 1901 to May 1902” (1902)

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Image from page 104 of “Harper’s New Monthly Magazine Volume 104 December 1901 to May 1902” (1902)
Image by Internet Archive Book Images
Identifier: harpersnew0104various
Title: Harper’s New Monthly Magazine Volume 104 December 1901 to May 1902
Year: 1902 (1900s)
Authors: various
Publisher: New York: Harper & Brothers Publishers
Contributing Library: Brigham Young University-Idaho, David O. McKay Library
Digitizing Sponsor: Brigham Young University-Idaho

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onder-ing what theyhad to do onearth. A fewstarved dogs,short of ear andtail, are dozingon the pave-ment, and a manin shoes is no-ticed by hisheavier footfall,the majority pa-cing along withghostly noiseless-ness. It is therattling, shabbyequipage, afterall, that is thespasmodic dis-turber of thisunique dream-world; it breaksin on the peaceof a whole neigh-borhood likestage – thunder,tears along anddisappears like acyclone, markingits track with thewrecks of brokensleep and shat-tered dreams.Presently an ele-gant turnout brings in sight a lady dressed in the latestParisian fashion, at the side of a gentle-man in faultless attire. This is varied bya beggar or two, whose pitiful appearancemore than his appeal moves you to lookfor your coppers. The eye lights on abasket filled with those Azorean orangesof which so much is heard; you pick outa few of the Hesperian apples; the boynames three hundred rets as the price,arid you drop the fruit in astonishment.At the hotel a stunning sensation

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A St. Michafi. Farmfr and his Wifk comes at the sound of the amount to bepaid for the accommodation. For two ina room, three thousand rets a day. Hea-vens! with a letter of credit of a shorttwo thousand, in the pocket, you startto compute how many hours you couldstand it in the Fortunate Islands be-fore landing in bankruptcy. The result isa revelation. Having fathomed the valueof the rei, you stand revealed to yourselfas a multi-millionaire. Two thousanddollars exceed three million re is. 88 HARPEKS MONTHLY MAGAZINE. The general impression made by theAzores is that a piece of the enchanted,slumbering Orient has by a miracle beentransplanted to be disenchanted in thisunclassic quarter of the world. At everyturn the Semitic type faces you in castsof countenances either Moorish or strong-ly Jewish. For once you behold Rome,Jerusalem, and Mecca kneeling in millen-nial harmony before the cross. How thiscame to pass need hardly be told. Spainand Portugal have too long intermingledwith the S

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Image from page 10 of “Hudson & Manhattan tunnels : uniting New York and New Jersey in picture and story.” (1908)
Image by Internet Archive Book Images
Identifier: hudsonmanhattant00durs
Title: Hudson & Manhattan tunnels : uniting New York and New Jersey in picture and story.
Year: 1908 (1900s)
Authors: Durst, Seymour B., 1913-, former owner. NNC
Subjects: Port Authority Trans-Hudson Corporation Hudson and Manhattan Railroad Company Tunnels
Publisher: New York : American Photograph Co.
Contributing Library: Columbia University Libraries
Digitizing Sponsor: The Durst Organization

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iver from ^.ortlandt street, New Yorkto Jersey City, thence connecting with the terminals of the Pennsylvania, Erie andDelaware, Lackawanna and Western railroads, from whence there extend under theHudson two other tunnels to Christopher street, New York, thence to and up, Sixthavenue as far as Thirty-third street)—will for years, if not for ages, stand asthe greatest engineering feat undertaken by man. Haskins 1874 Tunnel. The idea of tunneling under the Hudson river had its con-ception in the fertile brain of Colonel D. C. Haskins, an English civil engineer of consid-erable note and ability, in 1874, and he set about organizing a company to finance andbore the tunnel, and after arduous labor, and much persuasion succeeded in interestingabout two millions of dollars of New York capital in his undertaking. He began workin 1878, and had constructed one thousand, two hundred fifty feet of tunnel, when acave-in of the roof sheathing, in 1880, drowned twenty-one men in the air-locks. The

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And await the arrival of our train which is to whirl us through the tunnel. money having been all expended, and further financial aid being lacking, the companywas forced to abandon the enterprise in that year. A New Company. Colonel Haskins, having failed in his attempt to interest addi-tional American capital in his enterprise went to England, where he succeeded inobtaining about two millions of dollars of English money, and a new company wasorganized to take over the franchise, and other assets of the old company. ColonelHaskins in resuming his self-imposed task of uniting New Jersey and Manhattan Islandby an sub-aqueous route had in mind the establishment of a mammoth terminal stationon a site in close proximity to Washington Square, where railroad trains from everysection of the country could discharge passengers and freight. In 1890 the new company, after pushing the tube one thousand, eight hundred feetfurther along toward New York, fell into bankruptcy, and work was again stop

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Image from page 388 of “Wild Spain … records of sport with rifle, rod, and gun, natural history and exploration” (1893)
Image by Internet Archive Book Images
Identifier: wildspainrecords00chaprich
Title: Wild Spain … records of sport with rifle, rod, and gun, natural history and exploration
Year: 1893 (1890s)
Authors: Chapman, Abel, 1851-1929 Buck, Walter John
Subjects: Hunting — Spain Game and game-birds — Spain
Publisher: London, Gurney and Jackson
Contributing Library: University of California Libraries
Digitizing Sponsor: MSN

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^ as a Spanish sheep andvoracious as a hyena, would simply put him out of themarket, and eventually land him in bankruptcy. ButSpain cares nothing for modern ideas, and disdains toput herself about in the universal race for wealth. Thereis dignity in her attitude, but there is at least a suspicion

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LAMMERGEYER—A FIRST IMPRESSION. of lassitude. Wliere Nature is prodigal, man becomesproportionately apathetic. Here her gifts more thansuftice for simple tastes and day-to-day requirements, andthe rural Andaluz seeks no more. In agriculture, stock-raising, and other pastoral pursuits,the rudiments of modern system—drainage, irrigation,and the like—are ignored. In the burning heats ofsummer, when every green thing is scorched to death, thecattle die l)}- hundreds from thirst and want of pasturage; 296 WILD SPAIN. in winter, when plains are flooded, and valleys water-logged, the death-rate from cold, want, and disease ishardly less heavy than that of summer. Small wonderthe great bare-necked scavengers of Natm*e increase andflomish. Passing, beneath the twin crags of Las Dos Hermanas,we struck the course of the Majaceite, whose rushingstream, embowered amidst magnificent oleanders, lookedmore like trout than anything we had then seen in thesesierras. Among the mountain streams abo

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Please note that these images are extracted from scanned page images that may have been digitally enhanced for readability – coloration and appearance of these illustrations may not perfectly resemble the original work.

4 top reasons why you should hire the best bankruptcy lawyers in Queens

4 top reasons why you should hire the best bankruptcy lawyers in Queens

Bankruptcy is one of the worst things that could happen to an individual. However, it is also one of the best ways to get out of debts. At times, debts become just too many for you to handle and you just cannot be able to pay them back. There are several methods that you can employ to pay off the debts like debt consolidation loans, debt settlement and so forth. However, these might not really work out for your case. In a case of huge debts and very little income, filing for bankruptcy is the best way to go. To file for this bankruptcy, you should get in touch with a legal practitioner to help you out.

Must you really get one?

So you are probably wondering to yourself, “I have a problem with money and you are telling me to get a lawyer who will force me to get into farther financial trouble?” This is not the case at all. Bankruptcy is a very complicated activity and you can get awesome bankruptcy lawyers in Queens to help out with the issues. There are steps that you must take to file for bankruptcy. There are things that you are entitled to when you are declared bankrupt. Seeking the counsel of a professional legal practitioner is the best way to know exactly what you stand to gain or lose from this process.

Secondly, there might be court proceedings and legal negotiations for you to handle. These can put a lot of pressure on you but with a lawyer at hand, you should not worry about such a thing. It allows you the opportunity to concentrate on how you are going to get back on your feet, financially. The stress that comes with bankruptcy will be greatly reduced when you have a great bankruptcy attorney in Queens backing you up.

Why get the lawyer

It is therefore evident that there are so many things that you stand to benefit when you have a lawyer backing you up. There even more reasons why you should get those lawyers on your side. They include:

1. Choosing the right bankruptcy chapter filing

As aforementioned, bankruptcy is a very complicated process. Depending on the particulars of your case, the bankruptcy filing that is best for your case will require an experienced attorney to explain the personal chapter filing that is most appropriate as well as legal for you. There is the chapter 7 bankruptcy and chapter 13. The difference between the two is very complicated even with all the internet articles concerning them.

2. Stop harassment from creditors

The bank is sending you notices, the insurance companies are always updating you on your latest defaults and there is the mortgage company that just cannot seem to understand that you are broke. You can stop the harassing creditors from harassing you. The creditor will stop calling and sending you letters once you have hired an attorney. Failure to stop these calls is a violation of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

3. Avoid filing mistakes

People make very many mistakes when they are filing for bankruptcy. This leads to their case being dismissed. They might also run the risk of not being able to file for any kind of bankruptcy. Even if you get the chance to do the filing again, it is a time consuming and costly affair. To avoid any issues of harming your case or spending more money that you wish to, you can avoid these mistakes by getting in touch with a reliable bankruptcy attorney in Queens.

4. Protection against the uncertainties of bankruptcy

Another major benefit of getting in touch with the best bankruptcy lawyers in Queens is that you get maximum protection for the uncertainties of bankruptcy. What rights are you entitled to? Can you keep your leased car? Can you continue staying in that mortgaged home? All these are important rights that you must consider.

Lake Mary fuel organization files for part 11 personal bankruptcy

Lake Mary fuel business data for section 11 bankruptcy
Bunkers Global, which trades and provides fuel for ships at ocean, cited virtually forty dollars million in debts. Led by CEO and founder John Canal, the organization uses about 20 people in Lake Mary and about 40 total. Scott Shuker, the company's bankruptcy …
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Baha Mar files Reorganization plan in bankruptcy judge
The troubled creator behind the Bahamas' most committed project – the $ 3.5bn Baha Mar mega resort (pictured) – today launched that its affiliated organizations have recorded a Chapter 11 Arrange of Reorganization using Bankruptcy Court in Delaware, United States Of America.
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Milwaukee Catholic Archdiocese files personal bankruptcy settlement
The archdiocese submitted for part 11 personal bankruptcy security in 2011 to address its intercourse punishment lawsuit liabilities. The personal bankruptcy program is scheduled for analysis in November, and church officials tend to be "hopeful this really is authorized by the judge," archdiocese …
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The Bankruptcy of Puerto Rican Capitalism
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Chicago Bankruptcy Help

Chicago Bankruptcy Assistance
Chicagoland Bankruptcy lawyers, a valid option

The other day I was having a discussion with a friend whom operates his very own business if the topic of personal bankruptcy came up. It absolutely was a legitimate issue of his. Its unsurprising seeing that the way the economy is floundering these days. He was worried about the consequences bankruptcy would have on their life. But a very important factor the two of us agreed on was the necessity of getting a great bankruptcy lawyer. I mean why don’t you? One of the greatest blunders one can make just isn’t hiring an attorney to address complex legal issues. Being aware of your legal rights can protect you against complete monetary spoil and feasible losing all possessions.

Everybody knows that bankruptcy just isn’t anything to men and women anticipate. I am aware the term bankrupt appears bad and induced concern, but thats only because may very well not be looking at it the proper way. Bankruptcy is obviously the appropriate relief that one pursue when exposed to complete reduction. It’s the means a legally negotiating the debt. Its designed for their particular health and defense against bill enthusiasts and costs collector harassment. Regrettably many individuals men and women avoid bankruptcy with regards to could be their finest option for future economic safety. Chandraiah law practice understands the problems you may have and respects your dignity within difficult process.
As a Chicago Bankruptcy Attorney they can allow you to comprehend the law and make the procedure as painless that you can.

Dont drive to downtown Chicago and spend $ 30 for parking at a company for which you wont see a genuine lawyer. Dont sit-in a waiting space with a large number of other individuals simply to sit back with an paralegal. Arrive at Chicago Bankruptcy Assist. At Chicago Bankruptcy allow you to can talk directly using the creator, Sam Chandraiah. He’ll own consult one to realize your circumstances and provide a reputable, helpful recommendation.

So you see that you dont must feel the personal bankruptcy alone. Chicago Bankruptcy assist will help you into the Chicagoland location with personal bankruptcy. The Chicagoland personal bankruptcy lawyers focus on bankruptcy consequently they are inexpensive also. Actually i might strongly recommend visiting their website to see that a Chicagoland personal bankruptcy solicitors is things you need. Ignore wont replace the situation. In fact in is only going to eliminate the options. Just take minutes with Chandraiah Law Firm and understand your rights and options. You’re going to be happy which you did.

Bankruptcy Lawyer Washington

Bankruptcy Lawyer Washington
By submitting a list or schedule of your exempt property in yourBankruptcy Lawyer washington
proceedings you can protect certain elements of your personal property. That way you can keep it from the hands of creditors seeking to redeem it for value. The fear of bankruptcy, a fear that most financially responsible people experience, shouldn’t be a crippling factor in financial decisions anymore. We can all survive filing bankruptcy and with a little luck and the right bankruptcy lawyers, nobody will have to give up everything.

When filing for Bankruptcy Lawyer washington in order to obtain financial relief in the form of a fresh start that will eliminate debt, one must provide a list of personal effects and property. This is generally passed on to creditors who can use such information to repossess or lien debtor properties. Since bankruptcy is supposed to help debtors out in the long run, states provide lists of what types of personal property and equity is exempt from collection or transfer of ownership. Ideally, these laws maintain a bankruptcy system that guarantees creditors won’t take things of little or no economic value and cause debtors undue hardships or suffering. Certain property equity, which is the difference between it’s market value and that of any claims held against it, may be qualified to remain out of the clutches of creditors.

Different states have varying standards. In Bankruptcy Lawyer Washington exemptions can protect up to $ 40,000, $ 2,700, and $ 5,000 of the equity of a homestead, household goods, or a vehicle. Life insurance and retirement plan bankruptcy exemptions can guard these types of monthly payments from creditors, or protect existing life insurance plans that apply to a debtor or their next-of-kin. Exemptions also apply to savings, bonds, pensions or anything in a qualified retirement plan.

In addition to these and a number of other broad categories, Bankruptcy Lawyer Washington that will protect up to $ 2,000 equity in various property not covered by other exemptions. The state of Indiana’s laws protect primary residence equity up to a value of $ 7,500 and $ 15,000 if a spouse shares the owner title for the property with the debtor. Similarly, $ 4,000 equity in other real estate besides primary residences can be guarded from creditors and up to $ 8,000 is safe if a spouse co-owns the real estate. Intangible property, such as money in bank accounts, as well as from tax refunds and other sources, can only be guarded in amounts up to $ 100, but as with many other states, retirement plan payments are 100% safe.

Different bankruptcy exemptions exist in different states. Seemingly similar exemptions may not have the same amount of value from one locale to another. This can be very confusing to a debtor. However, every qualified bankruptcy attorney makes it their business to know exactly what property they can save for you, depending on the rules of the state in which you reside.

Bankruptcy allows everyone to start again and begin fresh financially but it’s easier said than done. Changes in bankruptcy law have made it harder to file. Without going into the gory, political details, what this means is that if you’re under financial pressure and considering bankruptcy you should consult with a professional. Just like you go to the doctor when you break a leg you should consult with someone who knows the ins-and-outs of financial law.

Bankruptcy is a life event and one that will clean out your financial closet but you should not go it alone. In 2005, a new bankruptcy law was enacted. This law made it much more complicated for debtors to file bankruptcy. With careful planning, however, and a good lawyer, it can be done. A good attorney knows the ins and outs of this new law so you’ll get great results. When looking for a bankruptcy attorney and before you hire one, make sure that he or she has the capacity and expertise to win your case.

The news of the past months on the increase in bankruptcy, over 20% from the calendar year last year, merits mention for Texas residents. The bad news is bankruptcies are on the rise. While bankruptcies and foreclosures have affected the lives of all of us in some way, in Texas, perhaps surprisingly, bankruptcies and foreclosures are much less common than in states such as California and Florida.

Of course, California has the most bankruptcies because of its population, but the number of foreclosures is quite high. While in Texas the rates of foreclosure are 1 in 800, California and Florida are being hit by 1 in 200 and 1 in about 170 respectively. (In other words, 1 person in 200 who owns a home in California is foreclosed on, while only 1 person 800 who owns a Texas home loses it to foreclosure.) Because of the danger of foreclosure, and the dangers of waiting too long, lawyers are more in demand.

Unfortunately the demand for lawyers is creating a climate for mistakes to be made. Too often Texas residents and citizens nationwide make the mistake of going with a referred lawyer, the friend of a friend, the cheap lawyer, or the lawyer who promises you the world. What should in fact be looked at is experience.

Latest Bankruptcy News

Revel Atlantic City Files for Bankruptcy Again
Revel Atlantic City Casino files for bankruptcy again. This will be the casino's second time filing for bankruptcy protection. The $ 2.4 billion hotel opened just two years ago and has now filed for protection from creditors in court. The owner has …
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Bay St. Louis pipe mill files for bankruptcy, plans sale
In court papers, it said it plans to sell itself for $ 100 million to another pipe maker, Jindal SAW Ltd. The company wants to have a bankruptcy auction in August, and with court approval, Jindal or a higher bidder could own the company by the end of …



The minimum thing any established individual would like to arise to him or herself is to end up having nothing, because inside zero at all.  With the aftershock within the worldwide recession, a great deal of businesses ended up closing, plus hundreds of thousands of employees from all over the globe lost their jobs.  It’s not surprising that many of they ended up declaring Bankruptcy.

Again, everybody certainly doesn’t like to declare which they are absolutely bankrupt.  Bankruptcy is a state inside that the individual doesn’t have any asset anymore—money or any property.  The real measuring of bankruptcy is whenever a individual has a great deal of financing which weren’t settled.  When a individual couldn’t pay for all his financing, what arises is the fact that the lending organization sequesters everything which the debtor has from his cash savings to all his qualities.  The worse case will be whenever the debtor has absolutely provided all his funds plus qualities, yet he or she nevertheless has a remaining loan to be paid.  That signifies the debtor is absolutely inside a full state of bankruptcy, plus which there is not a different method to recover nevertheless to take into account a sponsor or benefactor.  Avoiding being bankrupt is simple when the debtor just knows how to manage their financing.  Having many financing is regarded as the principal root causes of Bankruptcy, plus if you need to be spared from this quite embarrassing financial state, then you need to revisit all a financing plus do the required company very to the finances thus which we won’t end up getting bankrupt.  What we only need to do is to have a credit repair thus to result in the mandatory changes to the credits which we have thus which we won’t pay for unwanted expenses.

Aside from being familiar with the financing which we have, avoiding Bankruptcy begins within the value of controlling yourself from incurring more financing inside the future.  If you can stop oneself from getting more individual financing or from utilizing the credit card more usually, then we won’t undoubtedly receive bankrupt.