Image from page 714 of “Annual report” (1869)

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Image from page 714 of “Annual report” (1869)
annual credit report
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Identifier: annualreport00ocea_0
Title: Annual report
Year: 1869 (1860s)
Authors: Ocean Grove Camp Meeting Association
Subjects: Methodist Episcopal Church
Publisher: [Ocean Grove, N.J.] : Ocean Grove Camp Meeting Association of the Methodist Episcopal Church
Contributing Library: New Jersey State Library
Digitizing Sponsor: LYRASIS Members and Sloan Foundation

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in the county or state. There are 118 arc lights, and they ran a total of 815 hours.135 new poles were erected. The commercial lights ran 1,081hours 45 minutes, and made 45,233 ampere hours. Lights werein Auditorium 44 nights, and ran 108 hours, averaging 860 lightsper night. Coal consumption for the past four years is as follows: Same period, 1894, – – ,500 1895, – – 4,700 1896, – – 2,000 1897, 2,200 Your committee have given much time, attention and careto the water and light systems and the constantly-recurring ques-tions incident to them, and are gratified to report that the plantsare in excellent condition and repair. The committee also desire at this time to express their sin-cere appreciation of the faithful and intelligent labors of ourchief-engineer, Mr. Turner, to our electrician, and both of theirassistants. You will observe, from the financial statement, that the totalreceipts for the year for water and electric light are ,404, and TWENTY ITY-EIGHTH ANNUM. REPORT. 63

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OCEA. N GROVE WATER-WORKS. 64 OCEAN GROVE, N. J. that the total expenses for both plants were ,,637 ; which,after crediting for street lighting ,250, Auditorium and publicbuildings ,000, and water for street sprinkling ,000, and allow-ing six per cent, interest on cost of both plants, we have a profitof 176/1000 of one per cent. This is getting profit down to finefigures ; but we must remember this class of street lighting wouldbe cheap at per lamp per year. This item would make thestreet lighting cost over ,000, while we have credited only,250. Observe also that over one hundred million gallons of waterare wasted per year. This loss charged at the rate of seven centsper thousand gallons would be ,000. This great waste is dueto defective plumbing, carelessness on the part of consumers, andthe absence of water meters. All of which is respectfully submitted by your committee foryour consideration and approval. T. J. Preston, A. H. De Haven, John E. Andrus. Licenses.â

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Image from page 14 of “Haverford College Athletic Annual and 1900 Class book” (1900)
annual credit report
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Identifier: haverfordcollege1900have
Title: Haverford College Athletic Annual and 1900 Class book
Year: 1900 (1900s)
Authors: Haverford College. Class of 1900
Subjects: Haverford College – Students – Yearbooks
Publisher: Haverford, Pa : Haverford College
Contributing Library: Haverford College Library, Quaker and Special Collections
Digitizing Sponsor: Lyrasis Members and Sloan Foundation

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Part I. ATHLETIC ANNUAL Edited bv James A. Babbitt. M.D.Part H. SENIOR CLASS BOOK Edited bv the Class of /goo

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N attempt was made in 1899 to makethe Athletic Annual more trulyindicative of general college life by theaddition of College and Class Depart-ments. This met with such approval thatwe have taken a step farther and assignedone half the space to the Senior Class tobe edited as a Senior Class Book in accord-ance with the custom of many of oursister institutions. This Department has been conducted bythe Class Committee entirely indepen-dently, and all credit or responsibility mustbe given to them alone. We trust our many friends and Alumniwill give this yearly report, now publishedfor the seventh time, the same cordialgreeting as in former years, and considerany failures of the present year as pre-paratory efforts for a strong athletic future. The editor would express his appreciationof the work of the Class of 1900 in prepa-ration of their department, and also renderthanks to Mr. Chase for photographicassistance. J. A. B. HaverfordCollegeJune I, igoo

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Image from web page 182 of “yearly report” (1902)

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Image from web page 182 of “yearly report” (1902)
annual credit report
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Identifier: annualreport891901021newy
Title: Annual report
Year: 1902 (1900s)
Authors: New York (Condition). Forest, Fish and Game Commission
Topics: Forests and forestry Fisheries Game and game-birds
Publisher: [Albany, N.Y. : The Commission]
Adding Library: Smithsonian Libraries
Digitizing Sponsor: Biodiversity History Library

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10,000 Lake Trout fry 49,000 Lake Trout fingerlings 1,000 Rainbow Trout fry 12,000 Pike-Perch . . . . ; 300,000 Shad 1,250,000 Smelt 5,160,000 Tomcods 34,700,000 Whitefish 250,000 Total 42,361,800 DELAWARE HATCHERY. Brook Trout fry 95,000 Brook Trout fingerlings 45,500 Brook Trout yearlings 39,000 Brown Trout fry 100,000 Brown Trout fingerlings 72,000 Total 35^,5°° FULTON CHAIN HATCHERY. Brook Trout fry 260,000 Grayling Trout fry 180,000 Rainbow Trout fry 20,000 Frostfish 2,795,000 complete 3,255,000 ONEIDA HATCHERY. Pike-Perch 60,280,000 Whitefish 10,366,000 Complete 70,646,000 WOODLAND, FISH AND GAME COMMISSION.PLEASANT VALLEY HATCHERY. Brook Trout fry 145,000 Brook Trout fingerlings 98,000 Brook Trout yearlings 9,000 Brown Trout fry 165,000 Brown Trout fingerlings 81,000 Brown Trout yearlings . 30,500 Lake Trout fingerlings 47,000 Lake Trout yearlings 48,500 Rainbow Trout fingerlings 32,000 Rainbow Trout yearlings 14,500 Total ……. ..:..:.. . 670,500 Grand total production 140,981,055 153

Text Appearing After-image:
Report of tfye Cfyief Game Protector 1903 To tl)e Forest, Pisl) and (iame Commission: GENTLEMEN.— According to your directions We hereby publish areport associated with company of my division for year ending on Septem-ber 30, 1903. It shows the job carried out by the power of protectors inthe bringing of activities, the actual quantity of recoveries in fines and charges, and thetime offered in prison by several people; the number and value of nets and otherdevices for taking of fish which, while used in violation of law, wereseized and ruined; extent gotten the purchase of the timber confiscatedfrom trespassers who had been lumbering on State land, plus the purchase of oldabandoned buildings, and a listing of the licensed nets operated bycommercial anglers, aided by the costs obtained; the amount and value of the fishcaught during the year, along with other matters of great interest. Much credit flow from the Legislature for valuable amendments, passed at thelast session, which secu

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Image from web page 37 of “The Kindergarten magazine” (1891)
annual credit file
Image by online Archive Book Images
Identifier: kindergartenmaga10chic
Title: The Kindergarten magazine
Year: 1891 (1890s)
Subjects: Kindergarten
Publisher: [Chicago, Ill. : Kindergarten Magazine Co.]
Adding Library: National-Louis University Library, Archives and Specialized Choices
Digitizing Sponsor: CARLI: Consortium of Academic and Research Libraries in Illinois

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al headquartersduring their particular stay.The Froebel Unionentertained all visit-ing kindergartners ata reception on theevening of Wednes-day, July 7, with MissCaroline T. Havenand Dr. Hailmann asthe leading guests ofthe evening. Mem-bers associated with the WomansClub of the Milwau-kee KindergartenAssociation and ofthe Womans SchoolAlliance assisted atthis reception. Mu-sic had been furnished both for programs of preschool de-partment, as well as the kinder-symphony deserves special men-tion, which was conducted by Miss Kippenberger, theFroebel Union as a body participating in it. MISS MARY C. MCCULLOCH, OF ST. LOUIS, spoke in her own normal impressive way about Idealsto be recognized by the Kindergarten Supervisor, and asa fitting effect skip McCulloch was unanimouslyelected, on suggestion of nomination committee,to act as the kindergarten division president for thecoming 12 months. Skip Caroline T. Haven deserves great credit for havingmade the Kindergarten Department of this N. E. A. success-

Text Appearing After Image:
Skip SARAH C. BROOKS. THE KINDERGARTNERS MEET AT MILWAUKEE. 25 ful. We would recommend this lady practical solution to thefuture officers with this division, particularly the giving outof the advance announcement for the system as very early asthe month of April. Toward the close associated with the sessions associated with the kindergartenmeetings at Milwaukee, a few days ended up being specialized in the in-terests regarding the Global Kindergarten Union. The sec-ond yearly report had been look over by the secretary, and copieswere afterward distributed to those current. This reportwill be provided for all limbs ahead of the start of the reg-ular conferences of those businesses. It absolutely was the intention to have abstracts of a number of impor-tant reports of St. Louis conference read at Milwaukee,and these have been duly ready; but owing to the extremeheat plus the lateness of the hour it had been deemed advisable toomit all of them from program. The entire reports of most thepapers will be given, and copies is supposed to be delivered free tomembers of this union. T THE

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Airline credit cards no yearly cost

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I’ll explain to you several things you ought to search for if you have a card with no yearly feebecause it’s only because it means it is a card for you plus trip.

Begin to see the point system: “The chart has actually a number, if that’s the case, the way the level of free air kilometers? Its worth every penny in the event that you spend a buck? For instance, spent a dollar while get a point , or spend a dollar and acquire 6 points? The more you spend, more switching back.

You will find blackout dates? AI hate the vacation card benefit is the fact that the expiry date or blackout times. In case your card is one of all of them, too! You will see that whenever pay a visit to gather it meets the things are forfeited and won’t be manufactured delighted by a camper, trust in me.

You can always rewarded? Some cards provide you with compensated in particular airlines, although some permit the card anywhere. The question is, islimited resources, to an airline, or you use the card to get an advantage for every single buy? Naturally its too-good to be dedicated to one airline, but can have an interesting card incentive all levels.

There are a lot of money? Naturally, the card with no yearly charge, but no monthly charges or concealed costs? Sometimes credit card issuers, such as for example a-game your ideas for the mindset ofmany people who like to submit an application for a card. The example would be to ensure that you have actually read the application for at least 3 times to make sure that all linked prices. You desire a card who has no taxes after all. In the event that you choose for a card with no interest, will undoubtedly be happy considering that the costs are much more!

Eventually, you wish to see the application. Make certain you know very well what you do, simply becauseno annual fee no, this doesn’t mean it is a great card. And ‘how to get a life. You can easily spend $ 1 for a toothbrush, but it’s good? Occasionally an annual cost is great, but often perhaps not. All this depends on the card. Just do it, do your homework and you ought to discover a travel card for you

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